Friday, November 27, 2020

Happy Holidays 2020!


I reviewed the past "Happy Holidays" editions of the News & Reviews looking for inspiration...or maybe because I was just looking for "happier" holiday remarks. With all that has happened this year it's hard to be celebratory. Not seeing much of family and friends...but I guess happy that covid hasn't touched my life in any harmful way. So I just couldn't repost remarks from previous years; instead just trying my best to look forward to a better year.  And not making too much of this one.

There have been a couple dog shows, believe it or not! Bolt was shown at the Albany Kennel Club weekend and completed his AKC championship. It is a win I will never forget the "when" as judge and handler are masked! So CH Kiara Lightning Does Strike Twice makes it into the Kiara Hall of Fame.

At home newest addition, Miss Monroe, is growing up quite nicely. She is a real athlete. Playing with a Norfolk Terrier in an agility set up, she easily glides up and over jumps. Amazing me!

I tried to capture a single motion from that vid. Not exceptionally clear. But it captures the form and grace TTs have.

Getting news from the TT family always is appreciated.  Just hearing how everyone is doing...young or old...always makes my day. So many celebrated birthdays! Making me grateful for the love these little furry TTs get. 




Hi Dennis,

I wanted to reach out and let you know how our sweet Daisy is doing. She still has her puppy energy and is about 16 pounds. Potty training went well, she still does a little inside if she is super excited to see anyone. Who can blame her with the limited interactions this year?! She loves chasing birds and squirrels in the backyard, hiking and is an avid digger. She is a adored by us all and she is wonderful with the children. She has never shown any signs of aggression at all. We think she is very intelligent and is getting more snuggly as she gets older. The trainer said she is an ideal family dog who aims to please and loves to learn. Not to mention that she is the cutest dog imaginable! We are so very grateful to you for her!


We hope your health is good. 


Warm regards, 





My heart could not be fuller as she is the sweetest and quirkiest being I have ever loved 


Happy Holidays








Lulu is for today and she’s so excited! 


Mary Beth


Apparently we have become the type of people who have a doggy birthday party, with a homemade doggy cake and all. Our little Rocco is two and we are so happy he’s a part of our pack. Thank you so much. Rocco has been a wonderful addition to our family.





Happy sixth birthday to my boy chance today. He joined our family for years ago. Thanks to Dennis for thinking of us when she answers first home did not work out and to Camille for her great advice and settling him in alongside an older rescue boy. 








Happy 12th birthday Mallomar!! Best puppy ever!!!!







Happy birthday to our fur baby Miles Davis. Seven years ago, he forever stole our hearts! 


Patricia and Tim


Happy seventh birthday to Lark! (And to her littermate Miles Davis too!) 






Seeing them...when the time comes... to the Rainbow Bridge is our hardest, most painful obligation. I have brought them into the world...a wee 6-8 inch newbie, squirming in the palm of my hand bringing that smile to my lips. Life is so precious. But each one of them grows and leaves to make a wonderful life elsewhere. So someone else sees them to the Rainbow Bridge, but I am there with them. And eternally grateful for the life they offered each one.



Our wonderful dog, Baudelaire, died this morning of congestive heart failure. He was with us for 13 years. 


He  was a wonderful dog. I have always appreciated that we got him from you. He was so good and kind and smart and sensitive. 





Pat Sutton called and told me about Zack's passing. He was one of the pups from a co-operative breeding Pat and I did with her Josh and my Sophie. Zack, CH Khyber's That's My Boy, was the proud dad to several litters from the Khyber Kennel. He was 17 and a quarter years old when he passed. This is a photo Pat sent me many years ago while Zack was being exhibited.


And although there haven't been any newbies born here at Kiara since the last N&R, Ditto, the little singleton photographed with her soon to be new person, Christine, in the last N&R left for her new home just before Thanksgiving.  Left photograph when Christine came to say...yes, this is my new precious girl. Right photograph the day Christine took her home.

Ditto filled my days with puppy joy and antics for the twelve weeks she was here. And yes...I get I miss her. But it's been wonderful to see the videos Christine has shared with me. She is so loved in her new home.

Since 2008 I have prepared a YouTube video of photos I have received from all the wonderful TT families who have made a loving home for a Kiara Tibetan Terrier. I saved them all, scan the holiday cards, and try to include most of them. This year is no exception. I hope you take a moment to view the YouTube video to help celebrate the Holiday Season and this exceptional breed.

Wishing everyone 
the merriest...the happiest
...the peacefullest Holiday Season...
and the happiest New Year!

Open the card!

More later...

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