Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Not a whole lot to report…but because of the holiday season passing, a lot of up-dates on Kiara TTs out there. And I love to get the news and the pictures. So sharing them is a pleasure.


But first there was an opportunity to visit at the Eastern Dog Club show weekend in December. Travis and Miles brought Cooper (Kiara Ewok Among Us) and Mike and Marie were present with their lovelies, Rosie and Bee (Lukilu Everything's Coming Up Roses At Kiara and Lukilu Little Song Of Mine). It was fun to catch up and share a little of holiday spirit. BEE


It was good visiting with Cooper,Miles, and Travis. And it isn't Christmas unless I get to see Mike and Marie!

Up-dates and good-wishes came in from new Kiara TT companions, who just left with their little ones, and from those who have been paired up with the best companions they have ever known!

Hello Dennis,
We hope you and all of the TTs had a wonderful holiday season and have a happy and healthy new year. We love the Youtube holiday video. Life is busy here especially with an inquisitive active puppy. I wanted to forward a couple of new pictures of Gunner. For Halloween he dressed up like a prisoner. He was a real trouper and kept his costume on while we handed out candy to the children. Gunner is a celebrity around here. Everyone falls in love with him and he is quite the charmer. Gunner loved opening his presents and is very good at tearing paper (even my papers for school!). He's 35lbs of a lean mean puppy machine and he loves the snow!! It is hard to believe his first birthday is fast approaching. He is such a joy and blessing. Gunner sends wags to his "Mommy" and "Daddy" :)

Take care and best wishes,

John, Suzanne & Gunner

Dear Dennis,

Here are some snaps of Panda. It was VERY HOT when he joined Niki for a 'meet and greet" kid session this summer... A "two second shot" before much welcoming air conditioning. Panda was wonderful with the kids. He has every good reason to be proud of himself and his older brother. Speaking of Niki, he has his ups and downs health wise, but is an exemplar older brother. As you so wisely said "monkey see, monkey do".

We all hiked in Maine and Vermont this summer... the best. For Halloween, Panda went as the "Masked Panda Man". He is a good eater at 35 pounds but according to Dr. Stuart at our local animal hospital, "he is just right". His coat is lovely and not too burdensome for us ......... and most particularly for Panda... we'll see.

Congratulations on the recent arrival of "Passion". She is a dreamboat. Panda would love a buddy some day if it fits.

With all best wishes for the holiday season and a peaceful world in the New Year.


Dennis - all good here. Riley is getting lots of love and attention. He saw the vet this morning and though I wasn't there, it sounds as if he is healthy (not surprised). He didn't pee from the time we left your house until he wet our bed last night!

He's sort of getting used to the crate and spending lots of time on our laps. Starting to play more and is universally seen as cute! I'll send you pictures of our experience at the airport, which will make you smile.

Thanks for everything and I'll keep you in pictures in the coming weeks.


Hi! Hope you both had a great Thanksgiving. Thought you might like to see a picture from this summer--the whole crew. Enzo is actually a LOT more orange than you can see in this shot, but he's beautiful here nevertheless. And Dennis, Tuli and Socks are their usual mischievous selves...doing great.

Hi Dennis,
We've been meaning to writer sooner…to let you know we are so in love with little Bodi! He's so smart, fun and even Deli is kind of liking him! What a great dog he is!!
Most of the time, Bodi is relentless in playing with Deli, who 90% of the time allows him to pull on his ears, whiskers, and land on him like a puddle! Then a bit of grrrr'ing when he's fed up. Doesn't seem to faze Bodi...
He's grown like a weed and now almost 11 pounds at 3 months old. I sent away to the AKC for his registration with the name Kiara Divine Revelation. But we'll just call him Bodi!
Hope all is well and your travels to Mexico are still happening.
I'll try to be better with updates and send photos...
Karen & Charlie
Deli and Bodi

dennis.....just want to say happy new year and tell you how much we are enjoying reilly....she has been just fabulous and so adorable.....of course the normal "puppy nipping" chewing jumping etc. but we are diligently working on all of that.....oh and our trip home with her was perfect....i must say i was relieved when you said she would not have to stop on 95!

we were in vermont for three weeks after christmas so she had plenty of snow experience (as well as people and little ones) which only prepared her for the 18-20 inches we received here last night.......absolutely amazing but we plowed right through early this morning.....snow up to my knees and she took care of everything…i just dressed for it and actually like being out in the snow and cold...she is so wonderful in the snow and loves to dig her nose in and jump through it........i tried to keep her out for quite awhile
yesterday and we even did a little "old lady running" on my part" as she is very agile and quick........she enjoyed it and slept soundly most of the afternoon....

the crate has been sensational........first night a little bit (not long at all) of crying and not a peep since in fact i have had to walk through kitchen when she is in crate and if it is not when i plan to feed her or have her out i don't act social at all and she stays quietly.......i come down when i am ready anywhere from 6:30 - 8:00 and she is wonderful and we get right out.........spend lots of time throwing toys around kitchen/familyroom both here and in vermont and she retreives really fast and we count that as some of her exercise too....

hope your trip to mexico was good and i know that my wonderful friend lynn is eagerly awaiting word on the arrival of your next litter.....she is my friend who visited susan’s dogs with me and will provide a fabulous home for one of your dogs ....and they will have fun together......a friend who is away for a couple of months has given me permission to bring reilly over to her totally fenced in yard so will be a great place for dogs to run...

oh also we really appreciate all of the literature you provided when we picked her up........ and one last question....she has lots of toys she enjoys and i try to alternate them so she does not have everything around her but the little orange squeaky ball (i believe has a smiley face on it) you sent home with us is by far --i would say-- the top toy of the of course being the doting mom i am always crawling under furniture to find is just great and i have looked in various pet stores and never seen anything quite like it.....would love to have more information and anyplace i might be able to find you think that is possible......

anyway best to you and just wanted to tell you how crazy we are about reilly!!!!!!!

Dennis -- I'm still learning to attach photos to my e-mails so I hope you get the 2 cute photos of Ziggy! He is growing up so quickly -- he's now 5 months old, beginning his obedience training, getting along really well with Morgan (who just turned 16), loving the dog park at our club, playing and socializing with lots of Goldens, Wheatons, Havanese, Golden Doodles, Labs -- and Ziggy isn't afraid of any of the dogs! Dick and I are so glad that Ziggy joined our family, especially with Morgan slowing down. We love his personality and his intelligence, and he is truly a gorgeous Tibetan -- he stops traffic when we go for walks because he is so handsome and has such a wonderful prancing walk. Thank you so much for raising such wonderful Tibetans. We'll bring him for a visit when we return to the Vineyard in late May. Right now we're enjoying 68 degrees and sunshine, and I know you've had a rough winter with lots of snow. Thank goodness Tibetans love the snow! Talk to you soon.

Hi Dennis. I just wanted to drop you a note and thank you again for Smores. She is a wonderful little puppy. We couldn't ask for better. Attached are a few recent pictures.

And finally, Sue placed an ad in the Westminister catalog that was exceptional and should be reprinted. Enjoy the beautiful photo (a Lightning little daughter: Fergie) in the best kind of TT poses: candid.

More later.