Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The 2013 Hot Sizzling Summer

Summer has certainly treated us in the Northeast with more 90 degree+ days than Atlanta, GA has felt so far this year. And even though…some brave TTs love to lay out in the sun. Tibet must be quite a place! Hot, hot, hot, then bitter cold.

Even in the sizzling day, dog shows go on. Mike McLoughlin exhibited his Bee to the purple ribbon in hot, oppressive, outdoor conditions. Cooling off the winner was important. Coming along for exposure were up-and-coming Cookie, Lukilu’s Life Is But A Dream At Kiara, and her mom, Sugar.

And here at Kiara, after the fun Bay Colony Tibetan Terrier Club Specialty weekend, we ventured to the Maine show weekends –where it was also quite warm-- to complete the AKC championship for Loui-zz.

It's always a special day when a little one and a new companion family are matched up. And that great feeling you get from watching the process come with all human smiles and puppy kisses. Zara (aka Andrea of Andrea and her apple) has become the joyous new addition to the Halloren family. This special little girl will endear herself to the whole family...even the two shitzoons their parents own.

Faith & Ridley

Faith Lowell and I co-bred a litter out of her Ginger, CH Namaste Danc'N Backward 'N Heels, and my Mr. Naldo, CH Kiara Hollywood Bad Boy. There were four pups. One little girl has come here: Madonna, Namaste’s Causin’ A Commotion At Kiara.

A special boy from that litter went to the Pollack Family. After waiting for a few months to get a little boy TT, little Ridley made their boys dream come true. Ridley’s unexpected arrival was heart-warming to be able to share.

Love it when little ones get to express their happiness –but even more endearing is seeing us oldsters melt away into a lump of puppy-loving. Granddad with Ridley makes me smile. Stacy wrote: 

"My 93-year-old grandfather. I thought he would never be able to get up off the floor! I think they will be very good friends."

Many notes and emails have come in about the little ones and the older ones. Some with photos others with connected stories. I am so appreciate of the many who make such wonderful, loving homes for Kiara TTs.

Karen and Charlie got to add another Deli kid to their lives.

Dennis, we've named the pup....
Reuben.....get it? Omg...Reuben's more than amazing!
Not what you expected!? Hahaaaa
So sweet, smart, easy....
Off to the vet for the second shot maƱana. They will be in love too!
Deli is so loving towards the kid and Bodi is....ummmm...adjusting!

Felix has grown up --an older bro to little Reuben.

Here is a post-bath photo from yesterday. What a hairy monster! His face is growing out from the bichon-chop a groomer did to him this winter. The video is a couple weeks old.

Loving him every day!


Up-dates on Reuben's sisters also came in: they have made good transitions to their new companion homes.

Hi Dennis,
Hope you are well! Just wanted to let you know Maggie is doing great! We are having so much fun with her. I hired a dog trainer and she has been very helpful. Maggie is so smart. It's obvious you did such a nice job with her when she was with you!
I'm taking her to the vet for a wellness check on Tues. I'm hoping they will have some advice for me on how to get her to eat more. She still isn't eating a ton.
Hope you like the picture!
All the best,

Hello Dennis... Sadie has adjusted well... Thank you. Ali

Getting special news from the more mature set is always appreciated. Cooper has made quite a unique contribution to his loving owners.

Cooper was on cover of Section B of Hartford Courant.  My mother will be sending you full article it is about therapy dog program she is taking with him.

I knew you would like this.  I will be taking him out for his Grand this summer.  Also plan to have him at nationals. I take him to class with Rose Chandless in Taunton MA if you want to practice.


Two wonderful gentle TTs have crossed over the rainbow bridge. Their owners have sent in sweet obituaries helping to commemorate their lives. Although their contributions were totally different, these two gentlemen exemplify the kind of nature their TT family brings to their companion families and the worlds they graced with the many friends they made along the way.  

Hi Dennis, Monty passed away yesterday morning. He was such a sweet dog. That truly is the best word to describe him. He brought us so much JOY! He joined our family at the perfect time. He grew up with my kids who are now 19 and 18. He received so much attention from the flow of constant teenagers going through this place. He brought a smile to anyone's face that he met. Sue and I took him for a 3 mile walk every night and he had so many friends, canine and human. You could trust him around the smallest of children and the oldest of adults. He will be missed in this house and far beyond its walls. Lou

Just wanted to let you all know that our sweet noble Deli has passed away this evening. He's been slowly fading over these last few weeks, and at his age, it's not totally unexpected. But what is very amazing and cool is that he sired another litter of pups this past March and we now have 'Reuben' to help carry on his spirit to hang out with brother Bodie.
Living life to the very end, he went on walks and seemed 'one of the family' to the very end.
Charlie and I loved his independence, his love of life and his food, and his unique character.
We will miss him dearly....
Karen & Charlie
Bodie & Reuben too

More later