Thursday, July 14, 2011

Well as summer heats up, it’s time to bring it all up to date. July 4th gives a little reprieve from dog shows, and household and gardening chores, and Mexican adventures. I can sit and reflect and report.

Above is a lovely photo of Sugar. Mike keeps her looking beautiful like her at-home TT sisters, Sadie, Rosie, and Bee.

And here little Naldo has been growing up. He's our little golden boy. Spirited, sweet, and handsome, Naldo is maturing nicely. Pictures show it all.

There are little ones to see. At six weeks old, they are fascinating to watch as they tentatively take their first adventurous steps into the outdoor world. The three are Miss Dream’s last footprint on the breeding program. One of the little guys is staying. (Who? Who? Who?) Still a toss up. They are also the first of Mister Bodhi’s kids to come into being. Great hope that Mom and Dad’s attempt brings goodness and joy.

And coming home has allowed time to visit old friends. This past week I had a wonderful visit with my friend Sandi and her two TTs Mini-Claire (alias: Jewel) and Kasha (alias: Kidd). Both TTs were parents at one time and are the grandparents to my Yogi (CH Kiara Harlem Night of Zin-Pa). Old, yes, but doing well in their 14th year on this earth. Sandi loves them dearly and those bonds are strong. They greeted me at the door…never a TT born here forgets the hands and voice that helped bring them into this world. But leave Sandi!!! It is always so comforting to know how much they love their owners. I know by the end of the visit Mini-Claire became scarce: she wasn’t interested in leaving her home to have any more puppies!


It’s always “the best” to hear from TTs and their owners out there. Thank you all for your comments, notes, up-dates, and praise. Here are but a few . . .

Hey Dennis,
Well Kooper is about 16 weeks now and is a complete joy. He is smart, fun, loves people and is a total goof. We love him. He has his last series of shots next week and I'm guessing he'll be over 12 pounds. It's amazing how fast he grows. He comes to work with me every day and couldn't be better behaved. He greets our clients when they come in at the top of the hour, plays for a few minutes and then goes quietly to his crate until the next hour. The first thing everyone does when they walk in the door is turn and look for him. I've had three people seriously ask where I got him so when you are planning another litter let me know and I'll send you some names. These pictures were taken today. He's a handsome boy.
Jeff and Cheryl

She is doing great! Here is a pic as of today. She's healthy, fun, and happy. Sorry for the delay in the pics.
Ill send one with her and the kids soon I promise.
Hope you are well!

Here she is on cape cod Memorial weekend with Elliot. She is so gentle with him!
Thank God she loves the car!

Hi, Dennis~

Nice to speak with you today.

I appreciate your sharing your thoughts on cutting Lucy's hair. I still haven't decided. I love the look of the breed and don't mind regular grooming at all. The thought of giving her a quick bath in the summer is very enticing, though!

She received many, many comments that she was the absolute cutest puppy people had ever seen. She still gets tons of compliments on her beauty.

Anyway, attached are some photos of our beautiful baby. Not only do I feel like she's my fourth child, my daughter says our family feels complete now. We're all smitten, and everyone who meets her falls in love with her, too. She's such a peach! You've really done an amazing job you said when we got her, she's perfect in every way.

All my best,

Dear Dennis,
Bob and I are continuing to talk about getting another Tibetan Terrier. Panda is doing great and is now about 14 months. When on patrol, he is "the very model of a modern major general"! Nik, our lab, is 9 and a bit stiff but cheerful. Certainly he would be an excellent older brother and Panda,too, we trust.

Are you planning another litter and when do you think the puppies would be born?

Dennis, we are back on Martha's Vineyard. We lost Morgan in Feb but Ziggy is great and loving a grassy yard! Ziggy stops traffic because he is so gorgeous and fun.
Have a great summer. Debbie

Hi Dennis. I just wanted to drop you a note and thank you again for Smores. She is a wonderful little puppy. We couldn't ask for better. Attached are a few recent pictures. Mary

Great hearing from you!

And there is always some show news.

Here at home Little Passion made her debut. She’s earned a few points in competition: one Best of Breed. She’s just beginning and needs to learn the finer points of presentation…but we’ll get there!

Lastly, a little memorial for my Bubble. This past week she crossed over the rainbow bridge, leaving while peacefully sleeping next to her owner’s lounger late at night in front of the tv. Not until he woke in the wee hours of the morning to go to bed did he realize Bubble had passed.

She lived here most of her life until she went to a cousin’s to be a companion to an elderly gentleman. She will be greatly missed…her sweet nature, always giving in her presence, will leave a huge hole in their lives.

While here at Kiara, Bubble had a great show career (check it out in her profile in the “In The Spotlight” section of the website). She was also the most exceptional mom! Her kids, grandkids, even great-grandkids are an attest to her importance here – and in other TT lines. We will miss you Bubble.

More later…