Monday, May 5, 2008

Spring 2008

Photos and tales of TTs are always welcome.

Lots has happened since the last News and Reviews, but unfortunately not all of what was planned on reporting. Never got to the TTCA National Specialty in Syracuse and was bummed out about that. Doggie sitter had an issue and couldn’t find back-up in short notice. So no more about that. But congrats to all the winners . . . a missed you all to my friends.

Most recently Linda Hargis reports that her Jack is now Champion Jack. That’s CH Kiara HalfBlackJack InMemoryOf. And a gorgeous boy he is! Congratulations Linda and Jack . . . . See, we picked the right one!

And in Minnesota Cheryl Zahradka endeavored to complete a breeding with frozen semen with her lovely Flame. It was Flame’s second breeding. The first time I have done a breeding using the frozen semen, so it has been a learning experience for us all. Lamleh line bred Asland (see him in dogs used for breeding) has many vials of frozen stuff stored up for future use. Cheryl decided she wanted to use him; it was done and the fruits of the experience were 8 lovely brindle TT pups – 4 girls and 4 boys. What an achievement!

One of these pups came to live in the Northeast, so I will get to meet him. I was happy to unite Cheryl with owner Ken. Merle, now Sunshine, arrived at Logan airport courtesy of a friendly Afgan breeder and was united with Ken there. And it has been a great match.

From Cheryl’s first litter out of Flame, Blaze earned his second major and needs only 2 more points to complete his championship. That’s more great news from the mid-west.

And at home, none too soon, Miss Thing earned her last points to earn her AKC championship. Just in time to match up with Tag to produce their little brood of TT babies.

Not only did Miss Thing earn her championship but she earned ROM status for both her mom, Kiara M’Heart B’Longs To Daddy and pops, Asland, CH Tsering Shampsang Mingma.

It’s great getting updates from members of the Kiara TT family. Not all TTs are meant for the show ring or for parenting. Most of them go off to be what they were truly bred for: companionship.


Hope you are doing well.

We wanted to give you an update on Ali--she's doing great, is much loved, and may be the sweetest dog I've ever met. She certainly has claimed the number one spot in the kids' affection.

Kind Regards, and thanks again for trusting that we would be good parents.

Charles, Cam, Kate, and Evan


Here is a very recent photo of Baudelaire. We saw his picture and our first message to you when we got home with him on your website. We were both happy to see him up in lights.


Sunny would love to be included on your website. Let me know as soon as you
add the picture.

He has been a real hit at the store. Even more so during the three mornings
I take him with me to the gym. Everyone is especially taken back by his
markings and then they just fall in love with his face especially the eyes.

Will be taking him down to visit with Kate's dogs next week. Looking at most
likely early May before I get down to Danvers.


And Java came to visit. Her sister Lucy was staying at the hotel while her folks were vacationing . . . so Java got to play with her sister and other family members.

As a parting shot of a #1 companion/show dog from Mike McLoughlin. It’s his Lucy! Looking gorgeous and well coiffed at 10 years old!