Friday, January 27, 2017

Happiest New Year

Before January slips by, I just wanted to express my gratitude to all who have sent in well wishes, cards, greetings, and photos to help me enjoy my holiday season. It's been an impressive January here weather wise. Almost spring like! So I haven't been locked in because of blizzards and ice making me attend to this "thank you".

Little Mally has a few snow flakes on her to help remind me that it is winter!

Nothing much to report. No show news or stock news (up-coming litters) to report. The little ones that were here before Christmas have all left and many sending in some kind of progress report and some with photos. I'm always impressed on how much love is showered on these little ones. I cannot be more impressed and more grateful of that love. 


Masha has settled into her new home with her new family and is very happy.  We are very pleased with her. Attached is a photo.


Irene & Thomas

Dear Dennis, Holiday greetings to you and yours. I am happy to report that Panda, now six, is thriving in Mid Coast Maine. There have been occasional road trips to Boston and Vermont. Vermont is preferable to the city. Every day he brings us joy and happiness. May the New Year bring you peace, Judy , Bob, and Panda Stephan 

Hi Dennis,

I have been meaning to send you some pictures of Deets for the last few weeks, but clearly lack of sleep has affected my memory! Your Christmas card was the perfect reminder.

Deets is an absolute sweetheart...and smart as a whip! He started puppy kindergarten just a week after we brought him home, and despite being the youngest in class - by several weeks - he's been at the top of his class since his first day. (Until last week when he fell in love with Milly, the Mexican street dog who, until that class, had been too shy to play or pay him any attention!)

I also get stopped on the streets every day by people who just can't get over how adorable he is! "He looks just like a teddy bear" is the big one I get. And he does!

So thank you again!

Happy Holidays,

Hi Dennis! Wanted to wish you a merry Christmas and let you know that Randi is doing great!!! She is so smart she know sits, shake, lay down and roll over. And comes when she wants to! (That ones a work in progress!) thank you again for the opportunity to have this love bug in our lives!!

Have a merry Christmas and a happy new year!


Hi Dennis,

Thanks for your card and for the link and video. We enjoyed them all!

Maddie is a joy and settling in very well, I think. She’s now officially Kiara Dolley Madison All Fired Up. We hope you approve. She demonstrates the fired-up part fairly often! She is doing well on the house-training and now asking to go out, but we have a nest of rooms and aren’t giving her the freedom to just go off-leash yet. She’s slept through the night a couple of times now so we hope that becomes more of a regular thing. We enjoy introducing her and the breed to many people who haven’t met a TT before. She’s getting lots of exposure to other dogs and puppies and to as many experiences as we can manage in this weather. Puppy training and play dates will be a frequent part of her life for a while.

Merry Christmas to you and a Happy 2017!

Linda and Al and Maddie

Hi Dennis,

Ralphie is doing great and has made himself
right at home! The two dogs cuddle at night. Thank you so much. He is perfect!
Lisa Grainger

Hi Dennis-

Thought I’d give a quick New Year update that Nimbus has grown into just such a fine young doggy! He’s super-social, more than anything loves playing with other dogs in our local park. We took him on an eighteen day road trip in August when he was six months old, and he was a perfect traveling companion, taking long hours in the car in stride, and then ready for all sorts of adventures in nature and with crowds of people. I’m attaching a few photos of him in play/gladiator mode with some of his friends in our park.

Thanks so much for this amazing little guy!

Steve and Alicia

Hello Dennis,

Charlie is thriving and getting bigger so quickly. I adore this very perceptive puppy!  

I am thinking to delay neutering him until he is at least 9 months old, and wanted to get your thoughts on this. I have read from several sources that TTs mature late and waiting to neuter/spay until they are at least 9 months old is wise, for their bone development and overall health. 

Could you let me know your thoughts on this topic? 

Thank you for the sweetest puppy ever! 

Photos to follow, soon.

Best wishes for the New Year, 

Dad and his grand-dog...such love!

Mary Beth

Hi Dennis,

Thought you might enjoy a photo of Baxter getting ready to enjoy an evening in the hotel in Manhattan.....


Chance has been with us for 3 months (he is 2 years old) and now seems comfortable enough to flaunt the TT male pin-up pose...


And a lovely parting shot of Ava and Ozzie.

More later...