Friday, May 12, 2017

Spring 2017 Has Arrived

Spring has arrived here in the Northeast. I've been busy keeping everyone up...with either hair groomings or hair cuts. But more to my liking this time of year: planting stuff! I have put in some early cool loving lettuces and broccoli and planted bush bean seeds...and as the nurseries have them outside (and hoping that frosts stay away) I've filled up the pots with flowers. Hopefully we're safe!

Love celebrating oldsters birthdays. This one is especially sweet: she made it to celebrate her 13th birthday, but passed thereafter. Loved showing this little girl for Paul and Kathleen Kelley. Willow made her mark in so many ways. Willow is great-grandma to the week-old little ones nettled under their mom in my kitchen right now.


CH Kiara My Heart's On Fire

Hey Dennis,

At 13
This is Miss Willow:
At 3 weeks
CH Kiara My Heart's on Fire,
Thirteen years old today, February the 4th!
Remember well the night she was born!
Happy that you were the midwife!


More up-dates come from many others. Love when TTs excel in a variety of ways. Having good temperaments is one of my many goals...and I guess that helps when they achieve more admirable expectations. Doris and Doc are two such TTs I can be extremely proud of. Congratulations and keep up all your good work!

Doris and I passed our Intermountain Therapy Animals evaluation today. I am so proud of this sweet Tibetan Terrier. I believe that Doris's personality is perfect for therapy work. She is a confident, happy little girl who likes people. She excells at cuddling. I look forward to introducing her to the world. Thank you Dennis J Gunsher for breeding loving companion dogs, Travis Brock and Miles Everett for being terrific puppy raisers and Tails of Joy for assisting me in the process.


Hello Dennis,

Brian and I picked up Linus just before Christmas this year and we have been falling in love ever since! He loves the snow-- see the attached photos.

    Justine and Brian

Hi Dennis,

I have been meaning to send you an update on Doc for a while! 

Near the end of 2016 Doc completed Therapy Dog training and has been going on visits. The attached photo was at a local college that was having a finals de-stress event. I am amazed at how quickly Doc took to this kind of work. He knows exactly what to do - even getting up and greeting each new person as they entered the group. He loves being the center of attention!
Doc has also been coming to work with me at the National Brain Tumor Society a couple days a week. It's great to have a dog in the office! He is there for all of my co-workers when they need a few minutes to get away from it all and play with or pet him. Occasionally he tries to take a job! See the photo of him sitting at my desk working on the jerseys for the Boston Brain Tumor Ride.

We love holiday celebrations, so Doc made sure that he had his St. Patrick's Day hat this past weekend!

Hope all is well with you!

Jill Higgins & Doc

Everyday we are surprised by how good this dog is! Doc has the best personality (he does have his quirks!) of any dog we've ever had.

He is a star at my office. We have one woman who doesn't like dogs and is in LOVE with him. Her kids have wanted a dog for years and she's always said no, but after meeting Doc she's reconsidering. My boss’s boss will come over, scoop Doc up and take him to meetings with her. She wants to trade in her yellow lab for Doc! 

We have put a lot of time and effort into training him (he starts obedience and agility this weekend after taking the winter off), but are still awed by what an amazing personality was bred into this dog!




Wanted to show you a few pictures from Tashi's 1st Birthday.  We had cake hats and of course lots of presents for our boy.  I have more pictures and will send them on.  We really thank you for giving us the chance to have this precious boy in our lives.  He makes even tough days turn into good ones.  We love him more than anyone will ever know. Thank you again for your advice and most of all our 1st TT!
Amy, Denny & Victor

A few months after Kathleen sent me Willow's 13th birthday announcement, she, Paul, and TT son Jack had to say good-bye as she passed over the Rainbow Bridge. Willow's loss will be felt for a while as her home feels empty without her.

Miss watching TV with my little girl. It's already been two weeks without her. 
Jack is still sad as well--hoping every time I come back home from doing errands that I have Willow with me.

Oh well —for a happier thought— enjoy Spring and Happy Easter! —Kathleen
Sharing two photos--one of Willow watching "Outlander" (oops don't know how to correct position) and the other taken not too long ago.

Love this photo I received from MaryBeth with her Lulu.

Closing with something that always makes me happy to be a Tibetan Terrier breeder: a mom with her new babes! And Willow can be proud that these little ones are part of the legacy she has left us.

More later . . .