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Friday, March 5, 2021

It's A New Year -- 2021 Gotta Be Better!!!

AJ in Wyoming Winter


Goodbye to 2020! 2021 has got to be a better year. Someone new is in the White House who is trying to catch up and correct all the failings of "the other guy" who knew nothing about governing. I'm sure I'm not alone in feeling like I was unmoored in an oarless rowboat. 2021 has got to be a better year! 

Winter has been pretty tough in a number of ways. Cold, wet, sometimes snowy...relentlessly trying to make isolation seem like a prison sentence. But a few days of sunshine with 50 degree temps makes Spring finally seem
inevitable. I've placed a tarp over my raised bed to help melt the icy snow and eventually warm the earth enough that I may plant lettuce and broccoli. (Thinking ahead!)

With all the wet snow we had here, the snowblower didn't always do its job without intervention. I guess I never learned when my mom scolded me about touching the stove top.

Because on one occasion my snow blower bit me. That was followed by a trip to the emergency room and ended with fifteen stitches and a broken fingertip bone. Yes...ouch!!! 

It's amazing how important the middle finger of a left hand of a right handed person really is.

I'll just point out --grooming a TT. At first I thought I would have to cut everyone down. There are three girls I haven't been able to show all last year because of the Covid situation. All kept in show coat. A new pup learning all about grooming on a table and a finished dog I was planning to Special. I thought maybe I should hit on my friends...plead my case for grooming help. 

Eventually I resigned myself to cope with the situation my dumb-ass self put myself in and learn how to groom without my left hand. Not as easy as one might think. 

And without dog shows to attend (and the very few local shows opening with limited entry requirements and closing  before you even get a chance to key in the info), I am happy to receive emails, cards, with and without notes and sometimes videos from all the TT friends and especially the TT family. Like the photo Susan posted of Miss Monroe's bro, AJ, that opened up this edition. Winters in Wyoming are snowy!

This cute one Christine sent me of the last pup who left, Miss Ditto. She's all grown up now looking different than her wee self...but still as appealing and impish.

Dennis watch,

You can see it's very stressful recovering from a bath.

Christine and Ditto

I've received lots of photos as Ditto has grown in a beautiful young lady. This is one of my favorites. It captures her essence.


I welcome all the up-dates...the birthday wishes as well as the funny stories. It certainly made 2020 much easier to get through. Sharing their milestones with me...whether happy or sad, makes me feel part of their lives. I appreciate it.

Snowy had a birthday.


Snowy's 6th birthday --he shared with his mom, KDEE --2020!





Dear Dennis,

It’s been a long time since we checked in with you about our Tinley. We’re looking forward to his sixth birthday party next month. He is the love of our life, the center of our attention, our best friend and companion, and a family comedian who keeps us laughing constantly every moment. A large presence indeed! 


We have come to agree as a family that Tinley --and we-- would love to have a little sister or brother. They sure are enough toys here for five or six friends! 


What do you think? Could you add us to your list? 


I attached some recent pics of him getting caught opening one of his Christmas presents early. 


Hope all is reasonably well. Looking forward to a healthy or new year. 








Hi Dennis,

Panda will be 11 years young on Valentine’s Day. He loves living in Maine with the occasional foray to Massachusetts and Vermont to visit his “fan club”. 


A loyal hiker, reliable off leash and our dearest companion, Panda is always on the lookout for voles in the snow drifts and especially for “Mr. Fox”.



Thanks for bringing him into our lives. 


Judy and Bob




Hi Dennis,

Hope you are well. Our TT, Lucy, was part of the Valentine’s Day 2010 litter. She’s doing really well --although she doesn’t appreciate being disturbed during naptime. She essentially grew up with our son who will turn 23 soon. He’s been home this year due to Covid which made Lucy very happy. 


Take care, 








Ziggy has been enjoying a wonderful life with us in Scottsdale, Arizona and on Martha’s Vineyard despite the pandemic. He really enjoys his longer walks now having Dick and me home every day and not traveling to visit grandchildren! Did you know that I’ve seen Ziggy’s photo in Pinterest! It’s a photo I sent you when Ziggy was one year old. I hope all is well for you and your puppies! 










Hi Sue and Dennis,

I am very sad to inform you that Sophie passed away on Sunday at the very ripe old age of 16 ½! Recent photo from August. She had her quirks, but she was a wonderful dog for all those years and I thank you both for bringing her into my life. Right now the hole left in my heart is too raw to let another dog in, but I know that there will be a time when I am ready. Because I have done well with Tibetans, I figured I’d see if there was a new batch of puppies on the horizon or if you knew of a young dog that is looking for a home?





It has been an exceptional beginning of 2021...with too many "oh my!" moments already. I'm looking forward to more calm and hopefully to one of my girls deciding to come into's been a long lonely winter, especially without puppies. Until then, I'll enjoy a cup of hot cocoa with marshmallows or a glass of wine.

More later...






Friday, November 27, 2020

Happy Holidays 2020!


I reviewed the past "Happy Holidays" editions of the News & Reviews looking for inspiration...or maybe because I was just looking for "happier" holiday remarks. With all that has happened this year it's hard to be celebratory. Not seeing much of family and friends...but I guess happy that covid hasn't touched my life in any harmful way. So I just couldn't repost remarks from previous years; instead just trying my best to look forward to a better year.  And not making too much of this one.

There have been a couple dog shows, believe it or not! Bolt was shown at the Albany Kennel Club weekend and completed his AKC championship. It is a win I will never forget the "when" as judge and handler are masked! So CH Kiara Lightning Does Strike Twice makes it into the Kiara Hall of Fame.

At home newest addition, Miss Monroe, is growing up quite nicely. She is a real athlete. Playing with a Norfolk Terrier in an agility set up, she easily glides up and over jumps. Amazing me!

I tried to capture a single motion from that vid. Not exceptionally clear. But it captures the form and grace TTs have.

Getting news from the TT family always is appreciated.  Just hearing how everyone is doing...young or old...always makes my day. So many celebrated birthdays! Making me grateful for the love these little furry TTs get. 




Hi Dennis,

I wanted to reach out and let you know how our sweet Daisy is doing. She still has her puppy energy and is about 16 pounds. Potty training went well, she still does a little inside if she is super excited to see anyone. Who can blame her with the limited interactions this year?! She loves chasing birds and squirrels in the backyard, hiking and is an avid digger. She is a adored by us all and she is wonderful with the children. She has never shown any signs of aggression at all. We think she is very intelligent and is getting more snuggly as she gets older. The trainer said she is an ideal family dog who aims to please and loves to learn. Not to mention that she is the cutest dog imaginable! We are so very grateful to you for her!


We hope your health is good. 


Warm regards, 





My heart could not be fuller as she is the sweetest and quirkiest being I have ever loved 


Happy Holidays








Lulu is for today and she’s so excited! 


Mary Beth


Apparently we have become the type of people who have a doggy birthday party, with a homemade doggy cake and all. Our little Rocco is two and we are so happy he’s a part of our pack. Thank you so much. Rocco has been a wonderful addition to our family.





Happy sixth birthday to my boy chance today. He joined our family for years ago. Thanks to Dennis for thinking of us when she answers first home did not work out and to Camille for her great advice and settling him in alongside an older rescue boy. 








Happy 12th birthday Mallomar!! Best puppy ever!!!!







Happy birthday to our fur baby Miles Davis. Seven years ago, he forever stole our hearts! 


Patricia and Tim


Happy seventh birthday to Lark! (And to her littermate Miles Davis too!) 






Seeing them...when the time comes... to the Rainbow Bridge is our hardest, most painful obligation. I have brought them into the world...a wee 6-8 inch newbie, squirming in the palm of my hand bringing that smile to my lips. Life is so precious. But each one of them grows and leaves to make a wonderful life elsewhere. So someone else sees them to the Rainbow Bridge, but I am there with them. And eternally grateful for the life they offered each one.



Our wonderful dog, Baudelaire, died this morning of congestive heart failure. He was with us for 13 years. 


He  was a wonderful dog. I have always appreciated that we got him from you. He was so good and kind and smart and sensitive. 





Pat Sutton called and told me about Zack's passing. He was one of the pups from a co-operative breeding Pat and I did with her Josh and my Sophie. Zack, CH Khyber's That's My Boy, was the proud dad to several litters from the Khyber Kennel. He was 17 and a quarter years old when he passed. This is a photo Pat sent me many years ago while Zack was being exhibited.


And although there haven't been any newbies born here at Kiara since the last N&R, Ditto, the little singleton photographed with her soon to be new person, Christine, in the last N&R left for her new home just before Thanksgiving.  Left photograph when Christine came to say...yes, this is my new precious girl. Right photograph the day Christine took her home.

Ditto filled my days with puppy joy and antics for the twelve weeks she was here. And yes...I get I miss her. But it's been wonderful to see the videos Christine has shared with me. She is so loved in her new home.

Since 2008 I have prepared a YouTube video of photos I have received from all the wonderful TT families who have made a loving home for a Kiara Tibetan Terrier. I saved them all, scan the holiday cards, and try to include most of them. This year is no exception. I hope you take a moment to view the YouTube video to help celebrate the Holiday Season and this exceptional breed.

Wishing everyone 
the merriest...the happiest
...the peacefullest Holiday Season...
and the happiest New Year!

Open the card!

More later...

Thursday, September 17, 2020

A Seemingly Long Covid-affected Summer

I started off the last issue with..."We are living in troubling times," and not much has changed. Unfortunately. But we are resilient as humans...adjust, adapt, strive to do the best we can to make it through all the trials and tribulations we face each new day. 

Some happenings certainly made

my days rewarding. Having a litter of pups filled my life with experiences and helped with the more solitary life many of us have been been living. Many conversations filled hours as I

needed to follow the AKC protocol for placing pups. That meant that no one saw their new pups until the day they came to take them home. And everyone was wonderful and compliant. The weather on pick-up days fortunately was all the transactions 
were conducted outside as recommended by the AKC guidelines. Each pup was placed in the playpen so that it could be picked up. The one thing I learned...the pups weren't accustomed to seeing anyone with masks on. Lesson learned. See how everyone picked up their new bundles of puppy love.


My gardens --flower and veggie-- were well attended to this year. In fact, I dug up and replanted a whole section of the "color border" and next year it won't look so sparse.

I found a way to keep the bunnies from eating my lettuce early in the season. See me on the left...well my old shorts and tee waving enough in the breeze. But there is always a varmint! I fought relentlessly with the chipmunks as they wanted to take a bite of every red tomato...and I am afraid to say, they won. 

They didn't get every one, but the usual bumper tomato crop I share with friends and family never happened. I had enough for an occasional tomato and mozzarella plate.

And a new pup came to live here. I've wanted to do this breeding for a couple years. Susan Meluzin's Winnie was bred to my Henry, CH Kiara Here I Am Zin-Pa, and the resulting litter had five girls in it. 

Eventually little Miss Monroe made me aware that she was the one! 

We all met in the McLoughlin's front yard (social distance visiting with masks on) and Miss Monroe, Kiara Zin-Pa's Surprise Surprise, came home with me. She has filled my 
end-of-summer days with her antics and is learning how to be a show dog. Well...we'll see...

Unfortunately...there have been no shows to go to! The couple that I planned to enter were cancelled at the last minute. Here's hoping that the Albany/Troy shows (show and go format) happen. 

And I have had the best summer receiving notes, letters, emails, photos, and videos of many in the TT family. Keeping and sharing them's always so much fun pulling it all together. Enjoying how much these furry wonders are's heart-warming. And it has been a pleasure to be the recipient of so much. I can only thank everyone for sharing.

I love these videos. Doesn't matter the age...a baby or an older TT, they all are entertaining. Here are two...Ferris and Daisy responding in kind to the love being showered on them. Thank you Donna and Jean for sharing.

Here is a traditional Memorial Day picture. Father Cooper and daughter Doris. Semi-clean…fun woods walk just prior to photo shoot. Jane

Such a nice cool day for a walk! But that face! 



Zayde says hi. Within the last few months Zayde has become a cuddler. Thank you again for letting her into our lives. 

She is well and hope you are too. 


Hi Dennis, 

Time sure flies -- Nimbus is a little over four years old now, and doing great. He’s super smart and almost unbelievably sweet; if he’s representative of the breed, we are never going to want anything but TTs! He loves to travel with us, and is perfect in a car, even on really long road trips. It’s looking like there will be much less travel this year with the pandemic, and he’s adapted well to only being walked late at night when the sidewalks are mostly empty, and the rest of the outdoor time being in our little backyard. Nimbus’s best friend Lucy, a Wheaten Terrier six months older than he is, has been staying with us for the past couple months while her owner is sheltering in Israel. She’s very sweet but not half as intelligent as Nimbus, and we can see how he takes care of her in lots of little ways. They’ll roughhouse and pretend fight, and the next thing you know we’ll find ourselves stunned, by how Nimbus will perform little acts of kindness towards his friend.

Seeing how much he loves having a companion around like that (even when we’re here almost always, even without a pandemic) we might end up wanting another TT  from you.

I’m attaching a few pics, of Nimbus, and Nimbus and Lucy together. 

And maybe we’re like you right now, happy to tend to our little garden in the slowly warming weather, all in the company of extraordinarily sweet four-legged friends. 

Steve and Alicia…and Nimbus

Hi Dennis! 

Hope you are doing well! It has been a while since I sent you an update on Doc, but I wanted to let you know that he is doing great! I have attached a few recent photos of him and he is as adorable as ever. He was dressed up with nowhere to go on St. Patrick’s Day and Easter, but at least he was a good sport about it. We also had him model a face mask. That one he wasn’t overly thrilled with! 

Since he had his sixth birthday last month, we’ve been talking about the best time to add another puppy to our family. Our thoughts are that we’d love to get him a puppy friend next spring. I know that’s a while off, but we do like to plan ahead. We’re hoping you’ll be planning a litter then. We love Doc soooo much, we wouldn’t want to get a new pup from anyone else! Any thoughts? 

Enjoy the nice weather this weekend! 

Jill, Jackie, and Doc

And there were lots of birthday celebrations reported. All the ages were represented! So wonderful to know how these furry Kiara's are loved.

Happy first birthday to our Nora!! Thank you, Travis and Dennis, for such an amazing pup! 


My KDEE is eight today. You can see the love we have for each other.



Today is a very special day…we honor Sir Cooper Brock-Everett. He is 11. We will have our major celebration, doing all the things he enjoys, when it is cooler. 

His accolades are lengthy. Champion show dog, father and grandfather of many, Therapy Dog Excellent, Rally Advanced Excellent, and CGC. And the dog that changed our lives. The dog that is allowed on all the furniture. All vacations are planned around what he likes to do. If he wants to be outside, we are outside in all kinds of weather. His barking is accepted with a laugh. 

Thank you, breeder, Dennis Gunsher, and owners, Travis and Miles. 


Oldest of the lot are littermates from my last Asland breeding. A very Happy B'Day to Mr. Baudelaire (loving living in Vermont!) and sis Sugar (with the McLoughlins and her beautiful family-sis's).


Today is Baudelaire’s 13th birthday. 


We’re celebrating my sweet Sugar’s 13th birthday!!! Can’t believe all these years have passed. Hoping for many more. 

Mike and Marie

(That is Sugar laying down on the left, daughter Cookie in the middle, and cousin Bea on the right.)

Happy fifth birthday to our Luna! Thank you, Dennis and Jane, for such a lovely pup! 


Maya is turning one today, we love her so much! As my kids say, “highest quality puppy”! She truly is the center of attention in our house in these days of staying mostly inside. Thank you, Dennis.


Hi Dennis, 

I hope you’re doing well. We are doing OK here. We took Maya on her first vacation to Cape Cod and it was a lot of fun to have her there. 

She is finally having her surgery. We waited until after her first season which happened in February. Going to the vet tomorrow for pre-op, and surgery is next week.

I wanted to ask you about food. We had her on you Eucanuba small breed (puppy), and then added a bit of Purina Pro Plan. We are getting to the end of the puppy food bags and need to buy new ones. I guess I need to move her to an adult food. What do you give your dogs? 

By the way, my son Lucas is really interested in another puppy (he’s the one in the red shorts), he even has a name, Nina. You might get a call from him one of these days, do not take him seriously… In all honesty, we are so in love with Maya, but if it were not so much work and I was not thinking of starting a new job, I would consider it. She is the best family member, we love her so much! Thank you! 


Seeing them to their golden years...means saying goodbye. Thank you for sharing these passing-over-the-rainbow-bridge eulogies. It's a whole life of stories and memories. I am grateful you have given them loving homes...and see them to a peaceful end. 

Hi Dennis, 

It’s been quite a while since I’ve been in touch, although I follow you on Facebook and so see both your wonderful Tibetan pictures and your equally appreciated anti-Trump posts. What a strange world we are in now between Trump and Covid.

 I was lucky enough to be on the receiving end of 14 years of unconditional love from Cooper, my beloved Tibetan I got from you in 2006. She was born on April 3 that year. I said goodbye to her at the end of June after a year of fighting very hard through lymphoma. She was, in my humble opinion, just a perfect dog. And so, I am eternally grateful to you for bringing her into this world. I thought you might enjoy this photo of Cooper from a few years ago in her favorite spot in my garden. It’s perfect. My heart is broken now, but I may very well want to get another Tibetan – not yet, but I can see that my life may not be complete without another Cooper; and I can’t imagine having anything other than a Tibetan. I’m interested in whether you are continuing to breed, and whether this virus has made you change your life. I’d love to hear what you’re thinking, I just can’t imagine getting a dog from anyone other than you. 

Hope your summer is going well. 

All the best, 


Goodbye to Jackson  (Jackie girl) the queen of our pack. You are a tough girl right up to the very last minute. We love you and will miss you. Have fun with Coopy and Oscar! 



Bringing a wee one into someone else's life is always special to me. Especially when they have already lived with and loved  another Kiara pup. So happy that Christine (who lived with and loved Cooper) was ready to share herself with a new being. She has come to visit her new girl...possibly named "Ditto". It is another match made in heaven.


Puppies are full of wonder. Hours filled with training, trips outside, finding play dates, visits to the vet, supplying them with all the toys and treasures they need, and a myriad of so many tasks. Just to get that endearing look from them. But then...they give us a lifetime of adoration and their companionship.

So ending with more adorable puppy photos.

More later...