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Friday, November 25, 2022

2022 Holiday News & Reviews


Summer ends and fall begins...and in no time at's the Holiday Season! And still --mid-November-- it's not feeling like a 
traditional transition to winter. Still have a tomato trying to ripen on a wizened vine.

Wishing everyone 
the merriest...the happiest
...the peacefullest Holiday Season...
and the happiest New Year!

Open the card!

There is some exciting show news to report. Abbott earned his last point and is now Champion Abbott! However, he has always been a champion in the hearts of his owners Sarah and Ketra and Travis. 

New Champion Terpsichorean Fire And Brimstone of Kiara 

And watching an up-coming star in the making: Mike McLoughlin's Ozzy, aka: Kiara Let's Set The World On Fire At Lukilu. He is growing into a handsome TT adolescent.  

Just watch him do the traditional TT romp with cousin Cookie and Derby. TTs are fast!

And his sis, Pink, here at home is growing up beautifully as well.

Just as much TT play happens here: Pink and Chicklette playing in the living room. Tug-a-war is always a fun and constant activity. 

All are a credit to their parents. Saved up frozen semen was used for the two breedings. Planning for a future breedings is important. Pink and Ozzy's dad is Bodhi (CH Kiara Bodhi) and Chicklette's dad is JJ (CH Khyber's Heart Break Kid). Good to be able to reach into the past and bring all those exceptional TT qualities of past generations into the present one. 

So happy to hear and read about the happenings in so many Kiara TT families. Always enjoy celebrating the simplest or most important moments with you. Grateful that you include me. How they are loved and how they love you is so apparent. I try to include everything I receive...hopefully I have not omitted anything. 

Erin keeps me updated with photos of Chicklette's sis, Myrtle, and big bro Winston.

 Just beautiful photos! 

And love the adornment of Halloween Costuming. Jill has a chore in keeping Roadie dressed up. But such a cutie! 




Hi Dennis, 


I hope you are well. Here is our Tibetan monk at the dog park Halloween party. Sydney is doing great, gets lots of woods time, and its such a joy! Shes smart as can be and has a good little sense of humor as well. Shes a happy girl (despite the costume!) 





Hi Dennis ,


I hope you are well. Stella is now nine months old. She loves playing fetch and digging in our yard, (LOL) and eating. She has mastered sit and stay. We are working on recall and loose leash walking. She helps me babysit the grandkids twice a week. We all love her! Thank you.





A year ago today was Abbott’s “gotcha” day (many thanks to Dennis for your nurturing of this baby boy). He has been a joy and love to raise, with a mischievous soul who thinks every command is negotiable. He has learned to travel well to shows with his buddy and breeder, Travis. (One more point to championship)! He also traveled 4,400 miles to Missouri and back. In between, we have taken him everywhere we can to give him broad exposure, entertainment, socialization and fun! We love you, Abbot-rabbit. You’re a great addition to the family.


 Sarah and Ketra



Hello Dennis, 


Bob and I would like to get another Tibetan. We are willing to wait for a pup if you think that would be best. We have a great set up for another pup in Maine as well as in Bedford where we are now spending more time in the winter…easier walking, not so dark etc. 


We welcome your thoughts and advice and hope that you can find for us another wonderful Panda! 


Many thanks, 


Judy and Bob 


PS: After Panda passed away, we got 40+ cards and notes from friends, family members and neighbors. Panda had quite the fan club…except for the wild turkeys in Maine who he regularly treed in no time flat! The rest of the local wildlife, was apparently not of any interest to him.




Hi Dennis, 


Thanks for reaching out. This is very exciting news. I am still very much interested. Please keep me posted. 


We had our first major snow this past weekend and the dogs are loving it. We took them snowshoeing on the ski mountain today. Ranger and AJ had a ball. Scoot is slowing down and took the morning off and joined us for a walk in the bike path in the afternoon. Here are some fun snow pics. 


Have a wonderful Thanksgiving. 






Since 2008 I have prepared a YouTube video of photos I have received from all the wonderful TT families who have made a loving home for a Kiara Tibetan Terrier. (That's fourteen years of Kiara TT history!) I saved them all, scan the holiday cards, and try to include most of them. This year is no exception. I hope you take a moment to view the YouTube video to help celebrate the Holiday Season and this exceptional breed.

*  * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


 With sadness I share the news about 

John & Suzanne's Gunner


Michele & Lindsay's Mallomar 

each who found their ways over 

the Rainbow Bridge. 

I am always grateful to know 

how they were loved...

right to to the time 

you have to say goodbye. 


Dear Dennis, 


I am sorry to tell you last Thursday my heart was broken when Gunner passed away. It was from an organ aneurysm. He passed away while riding in John’s truck on my way to the hospital.  I felt helpless…and now I am missing him so much.  


Thank you so much for allowing us to have this very special little boy in our lives. God bless you and all of the TTs that you have given away. 


Best wishes,


John and Suzanne






Thank you for choosing us. Mally was the most wonderful and amazing pup. My heart hurts but we were so lucky to have her. Her memory will live on forever. 


…Mallomar (Mally) You taught us to love unconditionally, laugh uncontrollably, dissipate anger quickly. You made our unit a family. You watched over the neighborhood from your perch in the window on the kitchen table. To know you was to love you. Run free sweet girl. Gone but never forgotten.





 More later...

Friday, September 23, 2022

Summer Gone...Fall's Here 2022



Summer ends and fall begins without much difference in the warm, dry conditions here in eastern New England. Leaves have already started to fall off the trees...but they are green depleted of any moisture. There are a few spots where color shows but even those leaves are prematurely wizened. Because of the severe drought, a strict water ban has been enforced. Much of the flower gardens have long been dried up; but retaining kitchen and bathroom water and using the largest puppy pools to collect whatever rain water falls, I have been able to treat the few annuals with required moisture to

continue blooming. Zinnias and Mexican sunflowers offer the only brightness in the border. 

And the veggie patch enjoyed most of the available water. Still have blooms on the zucchini plants ...
hopefully there's a bee or two out there helping them pollinate.

And a tomato or two trying hard to ripen to redness.

The TTs have enjoyed the very hot summer days. I'm always amazed how they love to sun bathe. Whether coated or shaved, they will lay out enjoying the warmth. And there were many days in the high 90s!

Abbott earning his 2nd major.

Travis has been busy showing Abbott and Bunty. Abbot is now one point away from being awarded his AKC championship. Way to go Team Travis!

And here, there are two new awarded champions: new CH Kiara Dream Ticket and new CH Kiara Smooch. These kids were on a roll before the pandemic and unfortunately were put on a back burner because of the couple growing up during the pandemic. Their owner is very happy and I am very grateful to her that I got to achieve my goal. 

Dream Ticket also brought a different award when he earned his AKC championship. He made his momma, Lucy, (CH Kiara L Dharma's Doll), a Registered of Merit dam. It is a laurel offered from the Tibetan Terrier Club of America. Lucy now joins the other Kiara mothers on that list. No little milestone! 


Many years of bringing little ones into the lives of others, it's always fun to hear about how they meet-up out there in the world by happenstance. There are planned meet-up we have up here and they're always fun, but when it happens on the streets of Boston...




Hi Dennis,


 I had a booth to sell my art today in Boston and I brought Yofie Moo with me. OMG she got so much attention! Literally three separate people asked me for her breeder’s info…so you might get some calls from people looking to get on your list. Also we met several families that have dogs from you, including this dog who is named Lula. They were very cute together. 



And Debbie was only one notification...also heard from Lula's Dad...also with photos. Always happy to hear of these encounters. I tell them...the Kiara family has grown over the past 35+ years. 



Hi Dennis, 


Mona and I were at a Boston Art Festival with Lula today and we met three year old Yofie! She’s a very sweet TT. How are Lula and Sophie related? Same mother? Same father? 



As much as I love seeing the adoration in their eyes as they look up at their human companions, I can't help using my breeder eyes and seeing that lovely curve in the lower jaw --such an admirable TT trait.  

Thanking everyone for including me in the milestones they share. Whether it's a birthday or just an up-date, I enjoy hearing how every pup grows up and how every adult fits in and is loved. Relish seeing the photos and occasional videos. Please keep me informed.




Happy first birthday, Abbott. You’re a very sweet, lovable, funny boy with fangs! Seven more points to a haircut, bud! We love you! 


Sarah & Ketra




Hi Dennis, 


I never knew how much love I had for a dog until Leo came into our lives. He is thriving! He is such a wonderful pup. Thank you for bringing him into our lives!!! He’s truly made the most incredible impact on each of us. Thank you!!!! 


Hope you are well and enjoying the summer/fall weather. Maddie will be delighted to make it into your news we follow your website and newsletter closely! 




PS…here is Maddie (eight years old) training Leo.








An update for you, Dennis. 


Jojo Is nine months old now. He is maturing into a lovely fellow. At the beginning of the summer, I felt he was a pubescent guy. Now he’s like a high school graduate. It happened so fast. 


You can see he’s fit and strong. It’s amazing how he runs, jumps, and tumbles. Thank you for producing such perfection!






Hi Dennis, 


Just a quick note, and a couple of recent pictures. Shilo is turning out to be a very sweet boy. He lost his teeth, and isn’t as nippy now. Those razor teeth really hurt! His new teeth are beautiful. He’s very active, and very athletic. He’s pretty well housetrained as well. He has a loud bark and it sounds just like Tristan’s. I’m not sure what his weight is, but he’s going for a check up in August. He loves everyone, and pees with excitement when people come to the door! 


I’ll send more pictures as he grows. 


Take care, 





Hi Dennis,

Brandi is doing great! This photo was taken in Harold Parker State Forest where we go on regular hikes. 

Hope all is well with you!

Nick & Eve



Hi Dennis, 


I hope you are having a great summer I am on the East Coast right now “enjoying this heat wave”! I am ready to get back to the mountains. 


I wanted to check in and see if you had any sort of timeline for puppies with Miss Monroe. We are not in a rush just curious. 


For fun, here are some pics of the pack. Scoot, black is 11. Ranger golden, is 10 and  AJ white is 2. 


Hope to hear from you soon. All the best. 








Winston is a website model! He’s so very photogenic! 








Here’s Beatrice and her mom! 





 With sadness I share the news about 

Judy & Bob's Panda 

who found his way over the Rainbow Bridge. 

I am always grateful to know 

how they were loved...

right to to the time 

you have to say goodbye. 



Today we said goodbye to Panda. Panda was almost 12 ½.  In the last couple weeks he was increasingly uncomfortable. We had him on pain meds etc. but he wouldn’t eat. A sure sign that something was not right. 


Saying goodbye to such a loyal companion was certainly a wrenching decision. He was the light of our lives and went everywhere with us. How lucky we were to have such a great sidekick. 


Lucky, too, to have Kathy and Seth with us in Maine, with John's support, helped us make this decision. Our vet was simply wonderful. We have been with her since she opened her practice… since we moved to Maine almost 12 years ago. 

With great memories of a great dog, 


Judy & Bob



The end is alway bitter-sweet. Celebrating their lives...remembering how they made your lives you loved them, is only part, the hardest part, of having a constant, life-long companion. 

There were pups here this summer, and it lightens the heart to know how they start out. 

Erin and Garett waited for a new addition to their family for a while...Myrtle finally came their way to join them and big brother, Winston.   


Hi Dennis, 


We know where she’s sleeping tonight. No shortage of love. 


Erin & Garrett

More later...