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Monday, June 20, 2022

Spring has Sprung 2022


And Spring has come. Beautiful weather with enough precipitation to produce an abundance of spring blooms in the flower gardens...
and a bountiful crop of lettuce, kale, broccoli, spinach, and zucchini in the veggie patch...and it has been truly appreciated.  Pretty soon green beans, tomatoes and egg plant will  add to the daily menu. It's not only nice to be able to eat out of a garden...but cost effective!

As the first days of summer approach, the heat will intensify as the sun grows stronger, and what's already green and healthy will just burst forth...even the weeds.

Travis exhibiting Bunty

It was fun to attend the Bay Colony Tibetan Terrier Club annual Specialty. I did not have anything to exhibit this year unfortunately...but I was happy to be helping hands. There was a beautiful entry and it was a beautiful day. 


There is a new Kiara champion TT! Miss Monroe joins the illustrious group in the Hall of Fame: now Champion Kiara Zin-Pa's Surprise Surprise.

So happy to hear and read about the happenings in so many of the Kiara TT family. Always enjoy celebrating the simplest or most important moments with you. Thank you for including me. How they're loved and how they love you is so apparent...and not all of the stories and photos follow...


Hi Dennis,

Happy summer! Kia and Koji sitting poolside (photo attached). They are the best boys. 






Hi Dennis,

I hope all is well. Just wanted to give you an update on Stella. She is now 20 weeks and already 15 pounds. We are going to puppy training and she can sit, down, waitt, and has improved I’m not jumping and nipping. Still working on house training, but I would say she is about 80% trained. She is great and I am happy we decided to get another Tibetan from you. 


Thank you. 




Stella wanting to go outside. 

Me letting her out. 

Forgetting irrigation system is on! 






Hi Dennis,

Jojo update. I would say he’s living the good life. He’s a very good boy, very affectionate. He understands a great deal but likes to choose whether to follow commands or not. He thinks it’s a clever game. Sometimes it’s funny, sometimes not so much. But I have every faith in him. There is a kennel in the kitchen for his timeouts, and he can now just climb out of it –like a monkey. His athleticism is lovely and he is very handsome! Now 16 pounds. Luv luv luv him! 







Hi Dennis,

Brandy is doing great! She has adjusted so nicely to our family. We love her so much! Sorry we haven’t been better about sending photos. I tried to send some photos/videos in the past but they were too big. Also, opinions seem to vary greatly on weight when female should be spayed. We were hoping to get your opinion based on your experience with Brandy’s mom and others in this particular breed and when they typically come into their first heat.


Thanks for breeding such wonderful dogs! 


Nick and Eve



Hi Dennis,

Please disregard -- I am Tucker’s wife! (We were coming at you in all directions.) Sydney is doing super -- what a smarty pants she is! 






Hi Dennis,

I assume that was the case. Also checking in on pups! LMK how things are going in the puppy department!







That's awesome, Dennis. 

Winston is getting very excited for his potential brother! Just out of curiosity if things are good to go when will the puppies be ready? Keep us posted! 


Happy Memorial Day weekend,




10 years ago my ex and I bought my dog Boomer from you. He’s the most amazing dog that I have ever owned. And, at this point in his life, he needs a friend, Are you still breeding and selling pups? If you are, I’d be interested in talking to you about it. We live on a farm near Hudson Mass and it’s an ideal life for Tibetan Terrier.


Thanks in advance, 




Hi Dennis,


Shiloh is getting so big, over 12 pounds. He’s very sweet, but very nippy and mischievous! He still hasn’t quite mastered his potty training, but he’s getting there. I hope his biting ends sometime soon, or I’ll have to get new clothes! Also, do you have any photos of his mother and father? I would love to see what they look like. I hope you are doing well. 





Thank you for the pictures, Dennis they are both beautiful it’s amazing that their colors produce a puppy with the Shiloh’s colors. He has some brown highlights, too. 








Happy nine month birthday to our Abbot Rabbit.

Sarah & Ketra




Milo is one years old today. We just got back from our annual camping trip during which he loved playing in the rain and the mud. Two baths later...he's mostly clean :)

I have had several people ask where we got him and have given them your info. 


Quick question…are there any local TT groups or events! Abby often asks if Milo should meet other TTs.


For this year we are hoping to do some agility training, although he seems to be entering his teenager phase. Some days it seems like he has forgotten everything. 


Hope you and yours are doing well along with Q-tip and Jessica. 





Happy first birthday to Roadie! He was not very happy about wearing the party hat! There was a lot of cheese used in making these photos!





Happy fifth birthday to our beautiful girl Jai Alai! We love you so much, and you complete our little family! Day one of you of having you…to this morning! thank you to Dennis of Kiara Tibetan Terriers for trusting us with this amazing pup. 


Bob & Grace






Moxie is seven today! Her cat, Lil, also was born on June 1…but she died three months before her 19th birthday.


 With sadness I share the news about 

The McLoughlin's Sugar 

who found her way over the Rainbow Bridge. 

I am always grateful to know 

how they were loved...

right to to the time 

you have to say goodbye. 


A sweet memory of a sweet girl...

More later...

Tuesday, March 15, 2022

Is it Spring yet?




                                       Is it Spring yet? 




                                          Is it Spring yet? 

As the temps vacillate between 70 degrees and 10 here...we bounce between snow storms and melt downs. Even today, we're going to have a dose of both. 

But there are signs Spring is about bust through the Winter malaise that has stalked here for too long. Perhaps with the "spring ahead" that's happening tonight, it will herald springtime's advance. There are signs of it everywhere in the garden. The Narcissus and tulip bulbs have started to shoot up (the coming snow won't interfere with them.) The rose bushes have also started to show buds. Even some other shrubs!

The last graduates from puppydom here have gone off their new loving homes.

Nothing makes a breeder happier than knowing those little ones have become happy additions to their new loving families. It is comforting to know how the transitions are working out. And of course love getting photos and videos. 




Hi Dennis,

Shilo is adjusting nicely. He is a very good boy. But does he have a lot of energy! He doesn’t really like the playpen we have. I think he thinks it’s his place to pee and poop sometimes, and he cries and wants to get out. I’ve attached a picture of him from yesterday. He’s a little monkey! 






Ferris with new sister Bea


A problem at the vets today! Bea was in the clinic for an unusually long time. The reason was, she had to go around to every staff member to entertain them and get loving. They asked if I would sign a form to allow them to take pictures with her. She loves everyone! And visa versa!! 

Here's a video of Bea playing with big brother Ferris.







Look at this one - fitting right in with friends and neighbors! Pippa (easy to spot) and Louis are getting on very well.  Olly came for a visit and not a bother between the three dogs. 


Louis had his vet appointment and all is well. Thank you!!! 




Jojo is so sweet and playful. Watch him zoom about!

It was nice having that exclusive time with him while I waited to cross the border. I just love his funny personality. Here he is imitating a Tibetan snow dog.


Thank you. I will keep you up-dated.





Hi Dennis!

Brandy is such a bundle of joy! The kids even made the trek home this weekend to meet her. She is adapting really well and loving her new family and home! All went well at the vets. Please see the photos below. 




Nick and Eve

And of course I am always thrilled to hear how everyone else is doing. Celebrating their lives with you, their birthdays and other milestones, always makes me smile. Thank you for including me.





Hello Dennis,

Panda, Bob and I are now at the apartment at Bedford Mass. Maine is pretty dark and chilly now and  hunting season is not our favorite time of year. Consequently we have migrated south to our apartment. 


I am happy to report that Panda, now 11 ¾, is thriving and ruling the roost. Twice daily we go for walks to the local parks and preserves…it is good for us all. He is so well trained off leash that it makes our walks pure pleasure. 


Thankfully we have now found a wonderful local groomer so he is looking much spiffier after a walk at Foss Farm! 


With all the best wishes to you and yours for a peaceful and safe new year. 


Judy, Bob and Panda






That's great news, Dennis.

I just talked to my partner and we are in. Does this make us first pick up the litter? I’m very excited. Six months from now…June…might be just right… 


This is Winston and his best friend Harper. They commute to daycare together. Is that the Muppet show or what? 






Hi Dennis,

Hope you are well and staying healthy (this drastic virus won’t let up it seems). Leo had a very successful neuter but he is definitely not a fan of the cone. A few more days and he will be free of it. He’s such a good boy and so smart! Up to 18.6 pounds now. Hope all is well on your end! 







Maya is all fluffed out by her older brother! He takes a lot of pride in it and it is relaxing for him. It’s so true that all dogs are therapy dogs! 










Zayde turns 4 tomorrow! Thank you. 








Yofie Moo sings happy birthday to Noah and then gives him a kiss. Happy birthday to my wonderful, sweet boy who is such a cool young man now. I love you more than words can say!


This beautiful little girl makes me so happy. It is her birthday. She is 3. I love you Yofie Moo! 




Hi Dennis,

I'm Charlie’s aunt Karen. I live with Bob and Cheryl. I’m Cheryl sister. I was on your website and saw that you mentioned Tsarina, Charlie sister. Charlie has a wonderful personality. He loves all dogs, loves people and truly is a “good time Charlie!” His eyes sparkle; he loves to run and play. He’s the love of my life! Thank you, Dennis, 


His mom Lucy was a beautiful girl. Charlie has her mannerisms. Charlie’s puppy trainer is named Lucy, and he visits her every time he can. So the name Lucy makes his eyes sparkle! If you have a picture of Tsarina could you send it to me? Thanks again. 


Charlie sends you a big lick and a big Woof! 



There is no show news. Haven't been to any. But as the weather gets better, there will be opportunities. In April the crew will return to the rings.

Travis has been busy getting two of the Doris kids ready for some spring/summer shows. Both Bunty and Abbott are beauties. He will have fun and make their debuts exciting for their owners.



Looking forward to Spring! With longer days and higher temperatures, more can be done out doors. The doggies are enjoying sun bathing this morning as we are experiencing a warmer day on the weather seesaw. Enjoy it when we can!

More later...