Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Spring at Kiara

Spring has finally arrived here in Massachusetts!  The last of the ice sheets have melted leaving the dog yard completely accessible. And in the garden, the hidden treasures --the little green heads of crocus, tulips, and daffodils-- are now popping up.  And hopefully any further "wintery" events will melt quickly.

Lou sent this great photo of Vinnie. It's hard not to use it for some advertisement. Love that face!

I visited Gamien TTs on my way home from wintery Westminster.
Traveled the curvy, snowbound roads of western Connecticut and Massachusetts to see Cooper's, CH Kiara Ewok Among Us, first litter. I was very impressed with the consistency and quality in the 9 little ones. Thanks Carol Adams for having me by.

Cooper's kids

It has been wonderful hearing from the folks who added companion TTs to their families. All the pups from the Bodhi x Passion litter have made great strides in their new homes. It's comforting hearing about their progress.


We spent most of yesterday settling in! He's pretty wired and ready for action today.... Trying to introduce his crate slowly... He's not having any of it... Wants to be held!!! Thank you again. Our house is a home again.
Miles thinks he found a friend!!! We wake up at night and just stare at him... He's so beautiful.. Have I mentioned he's feisty and a good eater. Staying on the eating schedule but he keeps growing.. Over one pound in two weeks. Crazy!! Thinking about taking him to Austin. Cleared on JetBlue... Just need to work shots out with vet. Tim knew I'd be too sad without him. Love to you my friend! Patricia

Hi Dennis,

I'm very bad about photos but will try for a few tomorrow.  Pema is doing great, getting through the night, peeing outside or on the paper (mostly...), has had her third shots and a full exam. A huge hit at the vet's office.  It's one of the real pleasures of the breed - everyone loves them!

Thanks a lot,
Pema & her dad, Bodhi

Hi Dennis,

I am writing to check in and let you know that Tashi (we changed her name from Ketu) is doing well.  The first two days were a little tough.  She was scared and did not eat much.  She had some trouble sleeping through the night.  Molly (my Keeshond) stopped eating breakfast.

Yesterday was a turning point.  Molly and Tashi are getting along well...they play constantly and then sleep, then play ,then sleep.  Tashi prefers sleeping on laps.  Tashi is very smart...she is almost completely potty trained assuming I take her out often and has already learned "sit".  She also walks quite well on a leash.  She is very cute and I am glad the dogs are getting along well.  Tashi is also already going up and down stairs...our house is 4 levels.

I have attached a picture of Molly and Tashi from this morning while I was making breakfast...Molly is teaching Tashi the most important lesson in life...how to beg :)

I will keep you posted on Tashi's progress and send photos.  We learned one of your dogs, Ani, who is about 3, lives 2 blocks away.  

Also, I wanted to tell you when Tashi dreams she wags her tail!  How cute is that?

Best Regards,


Little Jezzel and Lola are in love!  And because of Jezzel, Lola has quieted down.  Loves romping- mothing- hugging and rolling with little Jezzel.  But Jezzel is giving her the run for her treats.

Too much fun.  Although Lola still has her hissy barking fits.  It's getting better!

Lola does not like her picture taken. Soon as the flash goes off, she heads to another room and shy's away.  Waits till the coast is clear.  To funny.  Caught her lying on the bathroom floor- get the message!!! To funny!
Every time I try and get them together never fails! But here's Jezzel with her alligator. 
Alice -stay warm!

Hi Dennis,

Kailash is the joy of my life!  He is soooo impish and funny.  I've allowed him to sleep on my bed so I can deliver him to the outside if he needs to pee.  This morning he tunneled under the bedclothes and then appeared as if to say "when is breakfast served?"  He always brings a stick in from his outside ventures.  The puppy pads are gone but I haven't returned the rugs.  He has the run of the house and is perfectly happy being crated.  The only downside is that I'm wearing my old clothes as I've not been able to divert his tugging on my clothes.

I hope you've survived our snowy winter...and Westminster ???

Be well.


Hi Dennis,
Lark is doing very well. She and Ming have had a few very nice play sessions. Jeff still has his reservations but I think he is playing it smart - pretend to be a grumpy old codger and gain respect while she is still littler than he is!  Lark loves the snow and is enjoying the fenced yard. She has done all of her business out there today. 

Two of these little fur balls are making it into print.

Miles made pet of the week in the Bedford Minuteman! He's almost 18 pounds... Tripled since we brought him home a little over .. I think.. 10 weeks ago! He is so gorgeous and everyone says so. .. Any experience with TTs in commercials? Doing great in puppy kindergarten.. Although today...he was even challenging "sit". Oy! Love our baby.. Thank you for helping us make our house a home again! Cheers!
Patricia and Tim


All Creatures Great & Small is New York's leading animal agency, providing professionally trained and handled animals. I sent photos of Jezzel yesterday to the agency.  They called this morning and they are INTERSTED in shooting JEZZEL.  They say she has lots of opportunities!  Beautiful markings!

Big Daddy Dennis thank you for having such beautiful puppies.

Frank & Alice

And it is always a joy to hear about them once they grow up.

Hi Dennis,

Ruben continues to make us smile. He's loving the Vermont winter. Hope you're staying warm...or heading to Mexico!
Karen and gang

Hi Dennis,

Panda is going great and loving the Maine winters.

He is OK with the big city noises when we are in Boston, but off leash in Maine is hard to beat.

He is such a fun loving companion. Niki, his lab older brother recently turned 12 and is also doing well, if a bit creaky.

Attached is a photo and silly video of Panda in his new boots.

Hope all is well with you and yours,

Judy and Bob 

Missing Willie so! Came upon this photo of him that Harriet had taken when we lived in Concord and Willie was all of  two years old. Such a handsome fella!
Had to share!

Hi Dennis...
Hope you're doing well.  Thought you'd enjoy this photo of Ridley.  He absolutely loves the snow.  He is almost 28 pounds!!!  We are all madly in love with him. 

Be well...

Thought you'd enjoy this one... I have called my grandfather (who is turning 94) "Puppy" since I could talk.  Just took this yesterday.
Happy Snow Day!
: )

Hi Dennis,

Om continues to be the sweetest of Tibetans...we love her for so many things...her temperament, her size,
her loyalty, her inner and outer beauty, and most of all ... because she is our Om! You bred the most perfect TT for us ... once again, thanks and a Happy New year!
I wanted to show you the silly side of Om.
Lisa & Bob

And there's always some good show news. Miss Cookie, aka Lukilu's Life Is But A Dream At Kiara, earned a few more points toward her AKC championship. A credit to her Dad, Cuervo, CH Kiara Black Medallion and her Mom, Sugar, Lukilu's Sweetest Think By Kiara, she's a real beauty! Here Cookie's photographed with her expert owner/handler Mike McLoughlin at her recent show win.

Lastly, I celebrate the breed and my breeding best in the whelping box. Miss Rain, CH Kiara Pitter Patter mothered a beautiful litter. Proud Dad is handsome Mr. Bodhi, CH Kiara Bodhi.

More later.