Sunday, February 24, 2013

New Year: Winter 2013

It was a wonderful Holiday Season. Very grateful to all for the many greeting that came in the mail, on the phone, or through the internet --complete with photos and stories of TTs and their human companions. Sharing is a very satisfying, warming expression. It helped make the perfect Christmas.

And since the Holiday Season, I have received more photos, stories, and up-dates. Love to get these so keep connected and keep them coming.

Dear Dennis,

I hope you are well! Felix is doing very well and is enjoying this snowy season very much. I practically have to pick him up and carry him inside because he can't get enough of the white stuff.

In the next message I am sending some snowy photos of Felix, some from the recent 35" we got here in New Haven. Thank you again for allowing us to take him home, he is the highlight of every day and we love him to pieces.


Hi Dennis,

I just wanted to send you this picture. Ranger is fitting in so well with our family, especially with Jackson and Scoot!! Hope all is well with you. 



Here is a shot of Ali, resting after a very happy combination Birthday and Valentines party.

Hope you are doing well.

Charles, Cam, Kate, Evan, and Ali!

Happy Valentine's Day from Panda Stephan!

Rosie's little family of six all found exceptional, loving homes. Tessie (alias June) went all the way to Sweden to live out her life with momma Rosie's breeder, Anki Slevin of the Nivels Kennel. We have heard many stories and have received many photos of her enjoying her new home. This is one of my favorite of Tessie in the Swedish snowy landscape.

Tessie didn't travel alone. Co-breeder, Elizabeth Valovic, had the incredible opportunity to travel with her and enjoy a week long experience of Swedish hospitality. She stayed with Anki, but got to meet and visit many TT breeders in Sweden, and has come home with a long list of new friends. I'm green with envy; perhaps the next time.... And while Elizabeth was there, she had to opportunity to fulfill a buck-list item (though she's way too young to even be contemplating them) and exhibited TTs --including little Tessie-- at a European show. It was a Tibetan Breeds extravaganza.  Tessie took a 2nd in her class out of many bitch puppies --but the judge loved her, wanting to put her up first, but because Tessie was favoring a rear leg earned from learning a lesson the previous day from Nivels' in-house, top-bitch, the judge explained that she could not honor her with a championship certificate.

The Judge's mandatory critique: "4 months old, very pretty, well balanced head, well balanced in body, lovely shape, excellent topline, would prefer a little more angulation in front. She moves well in front and holds a lovely shape but she is moving a little lame behind which is a shame as I like her a lot!"

Makes one wonder how different our very subjective judging technique here in the States would be if judges had to orally report in the ring about their findings and placements as they have to do in Sweden.

Tessie's sister, Lucy (Kiara L Dharma's Doll), remained here at Kiara. She is growing up nicely and will fulfill dreams here. Elizabeth and I are very grateful to Jim and Dee Aher (Dad, Samye's owner) and Catherine Shearer (Samye's breeder) for helping this breeding happen.

Dee and Catherine --and Alice Smith-- joined us for a puppy day when the litter was 10 weeks old. It was an informative, enjoyable experience. Six little ones racing about, stacked repeatedly on the table, photoed and played with, made for our own little in-house, TT exhibition. What fun!

And there is a little show news. Jim and Debbie Griffith report a win on little Miss KDee, Ring Brook KDee. Entered in the puppy class for her first shows in Florida, Miss KDee earned praise and even got her first point. Debbie sent a little video of KDee in the ring. Watch her strut her stuff.

 After many years absent from the Westminster KC show ring, I decided to return. Mostly because the venue had been changed. The day-time judging was to be conducted at the Piers --a more spacious, brighter, cooler, less-crowded location than Madison Square Garden had offered exhibitors and dogs. It was the first time I left the experience wanting to return again --and not vowing "never-again" until I could once again forget the experience. So, if I have something show, I already plan to enter next year.

Passion, CH Kiara All Fired Up, was my companion. She is newly "championed" and young for the experience, but exhibited well in a class filled with older, very seasoned, many-hornered TTs with their exhibitors. Included in that honored list was cousin Rosie, CH Lukilu Everything's Coming Up Roses At Kiara, with her very capable, loving breeder-owner Mike McLoughlin. Rosie and Passion had fun while helping many breed enthusiasts and the constant stream of dog-loving spectators enjoy touching, patting, and photographing them. They did it with a TT smile and the wonderful temperament Kiara TTs have become known for.

Mike and Rosie got special attention from the New York City area press for being a local exhibitor. At one point, camera lights were flashing at the couple so much it was like being at a red carpet event in Hollywood! A lovely piece was placed in the Stamford newspaper.

Matthew McDermott (of McDermott Photos took several candid shots of Mike and Rosie in the benching area for NYC newspapers. Again, lights flashing catching everyone's attention. "I'm ready for my close-up, Mr. McDermott."

Mike reports that the TT stork made a visit to the McLoughlins. The lovely Miss Sugar has a new bundle of brindle and white joy. She (as it is a little girl) gets to enjoy all of the milk, all of the love licks --and clean-up licks, and all of the mother watchfulness...not only from Mom Sugar but from the whole family.

Here at home we're also preparing to usher in a new litter. It is a repeat breeding between Rain, CH Kiara Pitter Patter, and Karen & Charlie's Deli, CH Namaste Adeste Fidelis. For those who have shown an interest in this fortuitous breeding is a reminder of the first breeding: a wonderful YouTube video Karen made while deciding on which little one she and Charlie wanted to bring home to Vermont. The new pups will certainly resemble their older siblings.

Momma Rain and the first litter.

Winter finally arrives in the Kiara dog yard. 

We're weathering the winter well. TTs love the richness their DNA has imprinted on them from their roof-of-the-world, Tibetan experience. Burrowing through over-the-head snow, muzzles and paws snow laden, their joy is well evident.

Looking at all the photos of TTs --some from the recent past and others from years gone by-- on Facebook by the many TT owners and breeders have made me feel a bit nostalgic.  It has made me look back in my own archives of photos and share some of the beauties that helped produce the Kiara TTs walking about today. Think I may take the opportunity in the next few News & Reviews to post a few from the Kiara History.  Here are three worth taking a look at:
CH Kiara Great Balls of Fire
CH Tsering Shampsang Mingma
CH Kiara Ain't Misbehavin'

More later.