Monday, November 18, 2013

Tibetan Terrier Kiara Holiday Tidings 2013

A new holiday season is once again upon us: a time to reflect on all the joyous events the past year has brought us and smile at the future for what possibilities wait in store. 

It has been a great year of good fortune and spirited joyfulness here at Kiara. I highly recommend early retirement. Especially if you have other ambitions. Working --more or less-- full time with my TTs has brought me the completion of several goals this it has in the past few years. I look forward to an assessment of what next year's goals should be. And I'll hope for the best.

There have been a few --very few-- shows recently as all the show-goals were accomplished. But it's never too early to start on the new ones. Waiting ring side to enter are Mike and Marie McLoughlin's beautiful Bea and Cookie.  Little Vienna was also present at this show.

Marie Mcloughlin with Bea and Mike with Cookie

When I sent the above photo of 6 month old Vienna, Kiara Tempset, to her Dad's owner, Karen, she was astounded.

Hi Dennis,
OMG!!! Vienna is beautiful. First weekend out winning a major, 
that's great!

Thought I'd show off a picture of my grandson with Reuben at our party last month...
He just started some obed. classes. He was barking at everyone the first 10 min, but was super the last 50... He's a spoiled farm dog that needs to get out there more! I wanted to ask you about showing lil Reuben... He's beautiful but not been to any conformation classes. He's such a lovely mover too...any ideas on shows coming up that I should enter with him? or we could  meet and  YOU can show him! You have the touch for sure!
We had our first snow last night...3" or so...winter like....brrrrr
Envy you on your trip to Mexico!
Karen & Reuben

Older bro Bodie with younger bro Reuben

The successful litter of Loui-zzz (CH Kiara Give Me A Kiss To Build A Dream On) to Cuervo (CH Kiara Black Medallion) all made great transitions to their new homes. It's good to hear about their first days whether by phone or emails with photos!


I meant to send you an email yesterday but my life has been filled with puppy.  Toby is the brightest, cutest, smartest puppy ever.  Well maybe that is a bit over the top but he is pretty spectacular.  Worked on the leash on Sunday.  Went into his crate and slept through the night with one short whimper Sunday and repeated that on Monday and Tuesday.  Loves his walks and is crazy about leaves.  Two little accidents in the house, but yesterday and today going right to his spot outdoors to do his business.  Went to the vet yesterday and got his shot and a microchip without a whimper.

Turns out getting a picture is hard on my phone.  This is the best one so far but I am going to break out the real camera and will send you more later.

Thanks for our boy.                Mike

Hey Dennis
Vinnie is awesome!  He loves the car so we take him everywhere.  We just strap his crate in the back seat and go.

Housetraining is always a challenge but accidents have been minimal.  He already plays fetch and that always wears him out.  He is still on 3 meals a day.  Vet suggested we stay there if our schedule allows. Sue works 1-5 so it does work and 2 little girls in the neighborhood take him out after school and run his legs off in the backyard.  He loves his crate and sleeps from 10pm to 630am! I am waiting for him to wake up any minute.  We received his registration papers in the mail, thank you. 
Hope all is well with you.

Dennis, Vinnie was out cold after helping rake leaves.

Hi Dennis, the puppy and Brock have arrived safe. We love him!  He is so adorable and absolutely what this home needed.  Yonti isn't exactly pleased but know he will warm up to him once he realizes he is staying :)  Thank you for the pictures.  They are both gorgeous!   Here are a couple of pics.  He did excellent on the flight and played a bit when he got here but is exhausted now. He is a happy little guy tonight.  He cuddles with me and then Brock :)   We had snow last night so he has been introduced to that.  Lot's of new things going on for the baby so he is tired.  I love his markings.  Can you send a pic of his mom and not sure if you would have a picture of the dad?  We are just curious about them. I don't even want to go to bed because I want to hold him all night :)   Thank you again for letting us have him.  He is so very much loved.   Thanks much.

Now looking forward to see the newest members of the Kiara Family grow into their own. 

By studying the qualities of their mom, Passion, and their dad, Bodhi, I am only expecting the very best. They certainly will keep me busy during the holiday season and will bring many smiles while photographing them under the Christmas tree, amongst strings of lights, around Christmas decorations, sticking out of get the picture .

CH Kiara All Fired Up
CH Kiara Bodhi

And it's always good to hear from those owners whose TTs are a bit older.  Love hearing how they are doing and totally appreciate the love showered upon them. And on occasion I get to see them. 

Hi, Dennis,Thanks for the Friend E-Mail!  Hope all is well with you up there!Max is doing great....he is a true joy to Ed and me.  He can do some commands, although I still have problems with "heel".  He just wants to go his own way and make his own path, taking me along for the ride!One question- do you have any suggestions for shampoo and conditioners for him?  We are trying some different ones that the vet gave us....don't have the bottle here but will check on the name when he gets groomed next week. I finally got Max to hold still long enough for a picture! He has 'antennas' (or pigtails!) to hold his hair out of his eyes until it grows long enough to go back naturally. Momma's little Alien!Take care and stay warm.Jan

Dennis - Riley had his third birthday this week and we celebrated with his favorite elk antler and hugs. He's great. Will send a picture sometime soon for your end-of-year video.
Riley the cat!!! I hope this doesn't count as animal abuse, but Riley tends to be good natured as my kids make him part of the fun in our house!

I had him with me this weekend at a ballgame and somebody there loved him so much that she was interested in learning more from you. I shared your web site URL. Though I don't know her name, you shouldn't be surprised if somebody from Bethesda / Potomac / Rockville, MD gets in touch with you.

I hope you're doing well.


I had the privilege of a visit from Cyrus and his owners Nina and Dave. Cyrus was born here ten years ago from Socrates and Madam. Nina and Dave had kept him in beautiful condition --including full show coat-- throughout his life. It was good to hear what exceptional qualities he possesses --demonstrated toward people, other dogs and critters. I especially felt grateful to have him loved so!  He gaited into the backyard as if he had always been here and engaged with some old members of his family and one of the newest.

On a table for me
Investigating the dog yard
With Vienna in tow

Goodness had to say hello

Sometimes the news isn't as sweet. But knowing when a member of an older generation passes over the rainbow bridge --having lived a wonderful life-- is worth celebrating. Willie was loved a lot --not only by Paul and Kathleen-- but by his TT family.

With a very sad heart I have to say my beloved dog Willie passed away early this evening. He was in such distress I decided I had to let him go. Paul had hope to see him, but we decided I couldn't let him suffer another minute to wait his return, This condition called "old dog syndrome," came on so suddenly yesterday evening, and now he is gone. I have been so lucky to have known him from the very moment he was born --his full cycle of life (15+yrs.), and I was so thankful that he knew I was there with him as he passed on to his next journey. I told him his mom, Katie, was waiting for him. (Which really was meant to give me some peace of mind!)
Paul has been away for over two weeks, and now Willie is not here. The TTs probably are wondering what is going on. Well, maybe they know more than I think. This morning Jack wouldn't come back in. He kept sniffing the yard looking for Willie.
Sorry - we are all just so sad and at this moment I just need to share.

Continuing to share photos of TTs of past generations has brought us to a family.  The last installments captured 3 of the handsome males and 3 beautiful females.  Here is a family: a mom, Bubble (CH Kiara Absolutely Fabulous), and a dad, Socrates (CH Kiara Me And My Happy Feet). The combination proved exciting as pups. Out of the pairing came two very influential children: handsome Vegas (CH Kiara Deja's Hit The Jackpot) and beautiful sister Flame (CH Kiara Flame of Rue Ch'ere).



Since 2008 I have prepared a video of photos I have received from all the wonderful TT families who have made a loving home for a Kiara Tibetan Terrier. I save them all, scan the holiday cards, and try include most of them. This year is no exception. I hope you take a moment to view the YouTube video to help celebrate the Holiday Season and this exceptional breed.

I wish everyone a joyous holiday season...busy as it may that is filled with contentment, purpose, and celebration. And then after, a Happy New Year to all.

More later.

Monday, September 30, 2013

Late Summer/Early Fall

Over the past few months many events have occurred. First, it was fun to attend the Tibetan Terrier National Specialty held in Greensboro, North Carolina. I was given the opportunity to judge as the “breeder-judge” the Invitational Evening of Champions. It was an exceptional experience for me as I put on the very first one in 1999. I was proud that the event has lasted the test of time and has become one of the highlight events of our TT Specialty agenda.

All the beautiful Tibetans invited were exceptional –all 5’s to me. My judge peers, Marge Calltharp, AKC breed judge, Christian Manelopoulos, professional handler judge, and I came very close to agreeing, I’m sure, about those TT exhibits that excelled in the breed characteristics we were entrusted to evaluate to find the winner amongst all the winners.

Our top choice was GCH CH Arkeden N Kiskades Havin A Ball, Bocce, bred by Jackie and Thomas Faust. In my mind’s eye he certainly excelled in all things “Tibetan Terrier” we were required to evaluate. In addition to all of the pieces being so well integrated in such a super dog, he was classically groomed and beautifully presented. I was so honored to assist in presenting his owners Sally Birgl and Jackie Faust with the winning ribbon.

At that Specialty I had to opportunity to watch one of the TTs I bred compete and get top honors in the Rally Events. That was Mr. Cooper, CH Kiara Ewok Among Us.  I love the folks who can do these exceptional endeavors with my TTs. I am ver grateful. Cooper’s owner Jane wrote:


This picture of Cooper is so adorable. I had to send one to you. Perhaps you have a “Wall of Fame” for all your kids.

Today he passed his evaluation for Pet Therapy so we can visit the elderly and the sick and hopefully bring them some comfort and happiness.

Don and I enjoy him so much –we talk about him all the time. Travis loves him too.

Thanks again, Jane

Here at home we have a new champion: CH Kiara A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes. Or Q to us around the house. His road to his championship included four major pointed shows: a great record for this handsome, sweet TT male. This fortuitous happening makes his Mom, Dream (Sweet-Dreams Are Made Of This), an ROM –a register of merit mom.

First time out of the gate at the tender age of 6 months, Vienna, Kiara Tempest, earned her first points: a 3 point major! A very unexpected win for my little girl. At the same show her cousin, Cookie, Mike McLoughlin’s Lukilu Life Is But A Dream At Kiara, came in reserve. The little girls had the day. Making the weekend even memorable, Vienna went reserve the next day to a 4 point major winner.

Winning that four pointer was Mike McLoughlin’s Bea, Lukilu Little Song Of Mine. Bea now has earned her two majors. She has a few points to go toward her AKC championship.

And a few weeks ago his 6 month old Cookie was exhibited at the Greenwich Kennel Club B Match. It became a memorable event when the little girl went Best In Match! Congratulations.

Love receiving news and photos from everyone. Keeps me up with the Kiara family out there.

Hi Dennis, Hope you are doing well! Here's a picture I took of Maggie today after she was professionally groomed for the first time (only the hair around her eyes was cut). She has been doing great and is such a sweetheart! We love her to pieces. She is very healthy and weighed 14.5 lbs at the vet last week. I don't think she's going to be big. Thursday she is getting spayed. I'm dreading it for her:( How is her sister doing? Does she look like Maggie? I hope all is going well on your end and I will be in touch! Best, Megan

Shelley sent some photos of Zara (Andrea of Andrea and her apple) from days when she romped about the back yard before going to her new loving home.

Here is our boy Felix after a good romp in the yard. We just adore him and he's loving his new home in Brookline.


Hi Dennis,
Hope this note finds you well.  Do you believe that Tashi turned three today?  She is a joy in our lives and is still the princess of the neighborhood.  No matter where we go people are always asking questions about her and we have been told more than once how beautiful she is.  On a recent visit to Martha's Vineyard, we had at least 30 people stop us. Forwarding a recent picture.  
Bob and Linda

Hi Dennis - hard to believe Miss Thing is a great grandmother! She has such an enthusiastic, bouncy, youthful personality. Even her vet was in disbelief at her age a few months ago when I asked him to do the senior panel as part of her check up. She is wonderful with Jeffie and my mom - both of whom are a bit fragile these days.  She loves to go bed in the big bed with Jeff and me and loves to go for walks both on and off leash. We really enjoy having her as part of our family – Laura

Thank you all for making such loving homes for these TTs. Laura wrote about Miss Thing as she has great-great grandchildren here. Mother Loui-zzz and Dad Cuervo produced a beautiful new litter of pups.

Once again, looking at all the photos of TTs --some from the recent past and others from years gone by-- in my own archives of photos, I’m sharing some more of the beauties that helped produce the Kiara TTs walking about today.  Last time I captured 3 of the boys. Here are three more worth taking a look at --3 of the girls:

CH Kiara Poor Butterfly
CH Kiara Ou-La_La

CH Kiara's Wicket Dinah-Might

More later.

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The 2013 Hot Sizzling Summer

Summer has certainly treated us in the Northeast with more 90 degree+ days than Atlanta, GA has felt so far this year. And even though…some brave TTs love to lay out in the sun. Tibet must be quite a place! Hot, hot, hot, then bitter cold.

Even in the sizzling day, dog shows go on. Mike McLoughlin exhibited his Bee to the purple ribbon in hot, oppressive, outdoor conditions. Cooling off the winner was important. Coming along for exposure were up-and-coming Cookie, Lukilu’s Life Is But A Dream At Kiara, and her mom, Sugar.

And here at Kiara, after the fun Bay Colony Tibetan Terrier Club Specialty weekend, we ventured to the Maine show weekends –where it was also quite warm-- to complete the AKC championship for Loui-zz.

It's always a special day when a little one and a new companion family are matched up. And that great feeling you get from watching the process come with all human smiles and puppy kisses. Zara (aka Andrea of Andrea and her apple) has become the joyous new addition to the Halloren family. This special little girl will endear herself to the whole family...even the two shitzoons their parents own.

Faith & Ridley

Faith Lowell and I co-bred a litter out of her Ginger, CH Namaste Danc'N Backward 'N Heels, and my Mr. Naldo, CH Kiara Hollywood Bad Boy. There were four pups. One little girl has come here: Madonna, Namaste’s Causin’ A Commotion At Kiara.

A special boy from that litter went to the Pollack Family. After waiting for a few months to get a little boy TT, little Ridley made their boys dream come true. Ridley’s unexpected arrival was heart-warming to be able to share.

Love it when little ones get to express their happiness –but even more endearing is seeing us oldsters melt away into a lump of puppy-loving. Granddad with Ridley makes me smile. Stacy wrote: 

"My 93-year-old grandfather. I thought he would never be able to get up off the floor! I think they will be very good friends."

Many notes and emails have come in about the little ones and the older ones. Some with photos others with connected stories. I am so appreciate of the many who make such wonderful, loving homes for Kiara TTs.

Karen and Charlie got to add another Deli kid to their lives.

Dennis, we've named the pup....
Reuben.....get it? Omg...Reuben's more than amazing!
Not what you expected!? Hahaaaa
So sweet, smart, easy....
Off to the vet for the second shot maƱana. They will be in love too!
Deli is so loving towards the kid and Bodi is....ummmm...adjusting!

Felix has grown up --an older bro to little Reuben.

Here is a post-bath photo from yesterday. What a hairy monster! His face is growing out from the bichon-chop a groomer did to him this winter. The video is a couple weeks old.

Loving him every day!


Up-dates on Reuben's sisters also came in: they have made good transitions to their new companion homes.

Hi Dennis,
Hope you are well! Just wanted to let you know Maggie is doing great! We are having so much fun with her. I hired a dog trainer and she has been very helpful. Maggie is so smart. It's obvious you did such a nice job with her when she was with you!
I'm taking her to the vet for a wellness check on Tues. I'm hoping they will have some advice for me on how to get her to eat more. She still isn't eating a ton.
Hope you like the picture!
All the best,

Hello Dennis... Sadie has adjusted well... Thank you. Ali

Getting special news from the more mature set is always appreciated. Cooper has made quite a unique contribution to his loving owners.

Cooper was on cover of Section B of Hartford Courant.  My mother will be sending you full article it is about therapy dog program she is taking with him.

I knew you would like this.  I will be taking him out for his Grand this summer.  Also plan to have him at nationals. I take him to class with Rose Chandless in Taunton MA if you want to practice.


Two wonderful gentle TTs have crossed over the rainbow bridge. Their owners have sent in sweet obituaries helping to commemorate their lives. Although their contributions were totally different, these two gentlemen exemplify the kind of nature their TT family brings to their companion families and the worlds they graced with the many friends they made along the way.  

Hi Dennis, Monty passed away yesterday morning. He was such a sweet dog. That truly is the best word to describe him. He brought us so much JOY! He joined our family at the perfect time. He grew up with my kids who are now 19 and 18. He received so much attention from the flow of constant teenagers going through this place. He brought a smile to anyone's face that he met. Sue and I took him for a 3 mile walk every night and he had so many friends, canine and human. You could trust him around the smallest of children and the oldest of adults. He will be missed in this house and far beyond its walls. Lou

Just wanted to let you all know that our sweet noble Deli has passed away this evening. He's been slowly fading over these last few weeks, and at his age, it's not totally unexpected. But what is very amazing and cool is that he sired another litter of pups this past March and we now have 'Reuben' to help carry on his spirit to hang out with brother Bodie.
Living life to the very end, he went on walks and seemed 'one of the family' to the very end.
Charlie and I loved his independence, his love of life and his food, and his unique character.
We will miss him dearly....
Karen & Charlie
Bodie & Reuben too

More later