Friday, November 19, 2010

Photos and Tales of TTs are always welcome.

Well it’s time for Holiday Tidings once again! Where does the time go?

Sometimes an unexpected event brings you lots of joy. And we had one of those events here this past summer. Little Moly-B (Kiara Fire Down Below) grew up (again this happens so fast) out in Michigan with her family. She and Spyder (Metshag Jokhang) made us a brood of little ones to enjoy . . . and ponder. The Glascos brought the whole family back East for me to see. And what a wonderful visit it was! They all played a frolicked in the back yard. And I couldn’t resist their “Oprah”. She is now part of the family and was renamed “Passion” with the title Kiara All Fired Up. She’s the little Christmas surprise above in the red wreath. At home as you see.

Here’s the whole family.

Mike McLoughlin and Rosie have been strutting their stuff out there. And they haven’t been doing too badly. Here’s a great photo of a win at the Ox Ridge KC Show this past September. She’s taken a few more reserves to major wins as well. You go, Rosie!

Big sister Rosie has wee little half sisters and brothers here at Kiara. Rosie’s Dad, Deli, CH Namaste Adeste Fidelis, helped produce a fine family of little ones with Mom, Rain, CH Kiara Pitter Patter. Her first time at it . . . she a real natural.

They are growing up nicely and hopefully will mature to be as beautiful a big sis, Rosie.

And what fun it is on puppy evaluation day. Sometimes it's hard to find the one (or two) that are as good as big sis Rosie. But I never tire of looking at the little ones and checking out all their wonderful attributes. Whether it’s a gorgeous top-line, an exceptional tail-set, a lustrous shiny coat or just the sweetest disposition…they all have gifts to bring. And never will they let you short change them...because each one is a stand-out in his own way. Karen and Charlie (Daddy Deli’s owners) came down for the event. After all, they had something special to consider…a new member to their family. Yes, Deli is going to have to share them with one of his kids.

Having all the little ones run around a while gets the eyes tuned in to what’s-it-all-about. Pretty soon the comments are easy as each pup makes something special of himself. First decisions are made and a few leave the arena – it’s always easier to “exclude”. Once it’s down to two, the choice becomes harder. Especially since the differences are usually indescribable. You look harder . . . and harder . . . until something one of them has or does makes a difference. And a choice is made!

Puddin’, Kiara You Light Up My Life, has been out there as well on the show circuit. He’s shy a few points to complete his AKC championship.

Hopefully he will finish this year and join his full brother Bodhi, CH Kiara Bodhi, and half-sister Iris, CH Kiara Victoria’s Secret, in the Kiara winners’ circle for 2010. Oh…can’t forget to add in distant cousin Lucinder, CH Kiara Angel Baby, ‘cause she made it into that winners’ circle as well in September.

I always look forward to getting up-dated. Jolanta sends a picture of Miss Misha from Canada while sending a note of interest in acquiring a little TT friend for her.

And it’s nice to hear how the little ones grow up into the fine TTs they’re meant to be.

Hello Dennis,
We hope all is well with you and the other TTs. We check your website regularly for updates. Gunner is amazing! He's so happy and has quite the sense of humor. Nothing bothers him except having to stay home once and a while. He loves car rides, the neighborhood kids and dogs, running around the yard, and playing keep away (often with my stuffed animals). He grabs something, runs around the first floor, flies up the stairs, and comes flying back down again. He is also a tumbler. He catches the ball/frisbee and does a somersault afterwards. We are thinking about training him for agility. Gunner got to go to my graduation because it was outside and he was the hit of the show. He just had a checkup with the Vet. Everything is fine and he now weighs 25 lbs!! We cannot believe how fast he is growing. Every time someone sees him they always comment on how big (and beautiful) he is. Here are a couple of pictures for you. Please let his Mom and Dad know they have a wonderful little boy.

Best wishes,
John, Suzanne, & Gunner

And then the new ones: always wanting to know how the transition is to their new homes. Grateful that everyone takes the time to keep me posted with notes and/or pictures.

Hey Dennis,
Our pup's name is Bella. She acclimated really well to the house. She jumped all over our golden, Simba, chasing his tail and crawling on his head at one point. Simba is just taking it in stride. Sasha, who has been the queen of the roost, barked and made it clear that she wasn't really interesting but Bella's not giving up. They were all asleep on our kitchen floor last night and it was pretty sweet. I will send you pictures soon - I was too busy getting everyone settled.

Dennis -- We can't thank you enough for bringing Ziggy into our lives! He is the most darling, adorable, lovable, frisky, smart puppy we have ever seen! After we left your home, we spent the afternoon at our daughter, Kelly's house where Ziggy met the family. He was very quiet and calm and sat in either Temperance's lap (the 2 yr old twin) or our daughter, Heather's lap. Heather took the train up from NYC yesterday morning just to meet Ziggy and she wasn't disappointed. We all love his markings and coloring but we especially love his great disposition and energy. When he met Morgan last night, Ziggy was so excited he started running around our house -- Morgan seemed very pleased to meet Ziggy, and they have been getting to know each other all day today. Our only problem is that Ziggy isn't eating very much but he's only been with us for 24 hours and I'm working hard to make sure he eats. We're off to Arizona tomorrow so I must finish packing. Thanks again, Dennis, for giving Ziggy to us! -- Best, Debbie

And then when they finally got to their final destination:

We all made it to Arizona yesterday. Although we had a three hour delay in Dallas, Ziggy was a hero. And Morgan made it through. Ziggy is loving his new home and adoring Morgan. He is absolutely full of it and he tears around. He is the cutest thing … we are having so much fun with him. I will send photos soon. Just wanted you to know that we made it home. Thanks Dennis.


So keep those stories, up-dates, and pictures coming in. I do enjoy hearing how everyone is doing.

We want to wish everyone a wonderful holiday. Please visit our 2010 Holiday YouTube movie.

More later.