Monday, July 12, 2010

Welcome little Miss Passion...aka: Kiara All Fired Up. Passion has come to Danvers from Michigan...out of a Kiara Mom, Kiara Fire Down Below, and a MeTshag Dad, MeTshag Jokhang. An exceptional little girl -- well, not so little -- she carries beautiful bone and substance. As you can see, she has a beautful outline with nice angles. She hails from proud lines in the TT history books. Her Grandma Willow, CH Kiara My Heart's On Fire, and Her Grandpa Yogi, CH Kiara Harlem Night of Zin-Pa, are very proud of their contribution.

The most encouraging news – the very best news – is the genetic findings of two debilitating Tibetan Terrier disorders. The genetic markers have been discovered for Lens Luxation (an eye disorder) and CCL/NCL (a neurological issue). And because they found these genetic markers, researchers have developed tests for them. This takes the questions out of breeding: essentially now there should never be another case of LL or CCL/NCL. This is fanatic news for the breed.

The recent litters born are all clear of developing either of these disorders – as the parents and/or pups have been genetically tested. At home here at Kiara, Dream had a litter of pups. They have all gone to their new homes. And I always look forward to knowing how these new loving companions are fitting in.

Dennis – Brandi is doing great. Here are some pictures.


Hi Dennis,
Attached are some photos of Lucy (in the Sky with Diamonds). She's doing great. We've been having lots of fun working on some basic commands, playing and just hanging around. Everyone has been excited to meet her.
Mike R

News Flash: Lucy has become pet of the week. Check it out:CLICK TO SEE LUCY!

Just wanted to update you on Gunner. He loves his backyard where he runs, and chases leaves, bugs, sticks, and tennis balls and enjoys rides in the car. He weighs 13lbs now and is growing by the minute it seems! We have been to the Vet and he said that Gunner is doing great. He is know learning how to sit and come. He is about 50% on those. Here is a current picture of our big boy. Thank you again for the beautiful pup.

Take care.

Suzanne, John, & Gunner

Hi Dennis.

We made it home and Kailash did great. She sat quietly and seemingly contentedly the whole way home. When we got home she crawled into her crate and fell asleep. She's been resting quietly since. Thought you might want to see a few pix.

She's very sweet and we're very happy with her -- in case you couldn't tell.

Thanks for all your help. I'm sure we'll be in touch with a question or two about something or other.

Take care.



Thank you for the AKC papers. Panda is doing just great. He's healthy as can be, enjoying his older brother Niki (8 years old last month with great patience) and eating well. We have been carefully socializing him with man and beast and he is quite the attraction on our walks around town. He loved the australian shepherds and their game of chase, was rather fascinated by the cats and had no idea what to make of the mallard who came to the bird feeder! He sure is smart. Next week we start puppy kindergarten and I think he is going to love it. His gardening skills are being carefully monitored.

Hope all is well with you and yours,


Hi Dennis: Here is the photo of the litter born June 9th, 2010. 2 males and 4 females. Thanks again to you and Tag (CH Kiara Absolut) with Molly (CH Namaste GoodGolly Miss Molly)....another bunch of happy, healthy pups are here!

Yes, Molly & Tag have done it again! What a beautiful new family!!! They produce beautiful pups together. From their first coupling, Maureen kept the beautiful Esha . . . she is being exhibited now and needs a major to finish her AKC championship. Check with Maureen if you are looking for an exceptional little one.

One of the pups in Sue Meluzin’s litter out of her Paris and Lightning has made a home there. Little Fergie, Zin-Pa’s Too Hot To Handle, is a beauty. She is a remarkable addition with so much potential. At her very first show --still at the tender age of 6 months-- she went reserve to her aunty Sadie (Pat and Richard Sutton's Sadie).

At the same show weekend, Sue's Gabby went winners' bitch one day to add to her wins. She's a small package -- but what a package!

And from Mike McLoughlin’s recent litter (Sadie’s second family out of Pat Sutton’s Josh) little Miss Bee, Lukilu's Little Song of Mine, has made waves to remain part of his endeavors. She says, “hey, ain’t I the cutest thing you’ve ever seen!” And her brother , Robbie, Lukilu's Boy Wonder, is a real stand-out pup. And my all time favorite Lola, Lukilu's Summer Song of Kiara. Can't wait to see them doing their thing in the TT ring.

There‘s some show news to report as well. Out strutting her stuff is Miss Rosy. She is out of Sadie’s first litter. At our most recent show weekend, here in Topsfield, Rosie took a major win. Lounging outside between competitions, she's in top form…gorgeous coat and spirited. Rosy and Mike make a good team and take a beautiful picture!

Sue Meluzin has also had some fun out showing her Elvira; and Lucinda and I also made our way around the ring. The weekend in Topsfield has become a reunion occasion and it’s always a great time!

And here at home we have some good show news as well. Rain, now Champion Kiara Pitter Patter, and newest puppy on the circuit, Bodhi, now Champion Kiara Bodhi, have joined the illustrious list of in the Kiara family.

More later . . .