Monday, October 8, 2018

End Of Summer 2018

End of summer

Summer has come to an end. The veggie patch is whizzening from lack of enough sunshine and from erratic New England temps…and probably even because of the amount of deluge rainfall. But it fed me veggies all summer long. Still have stuff trying to ripen.


The flower gardens too have offered much color. Now the dahlias, the zinnias, and the Mexican sunflowers brighten the side border. And the morning glory vines have produced an abundance of bluish white trumpets at the start of the white garden.

The stock also arrived this summer. We (Linda Milbrath and I) planned a unique breeding –one I have wanted to do for a long time. Her Echo –a handsome male who was out of my Asland– was bred to Miss Lucy. Remarkable because Echo passed over the rainbow bridge years ago and luckily Linda stored some of his semen. It was much anticipated.


On July seventeenth Lucy gave birth to two vigorous golden brindle babes…looking much like their dad’s coloring. Lucy –always the good mom– cared well for her little girl, Tsarina, and her son, Charlie, until I had to take over. Tsarina remains here at Kiara; her brother Charlie went to live with a family who actually had an Echo sister for 16 years!


Always good to hear how the Kiara TTs are doing.

Dennis,Just a note to say she is a real joy. And is in advance to puppy kindergarten but learning new tricks on her own.


Yah!!  We are so excited and thanks for keeping us in the loop. I know I sent you a photo of Bodhi with my daughter but here he is with my son.


Thank you for the most wonderful babies in the world! These boys and girl give us so much joy. Tashi’s coat is soooooo thick and full, it is difficult for me to keep it properly so all go to groomers every two weeks look beautiful for 10 minutes and then out to the yard to run, dig, and look like they have never seen a brush or comb. All okay because we keep coat mat free. I’ll try and send a video of them coming up the ramp. Look forward to seeing you in September when we vacation in Rockport and the baby vacation with you. See you soon. Video will be under separate attachment.


KDEE joining her father who just turned 13. Hard to believe he is that old.

Hi Dennis,

He was born eight years ago today! Riley still makes all of us happy every day — and we thank you!!

I hope you’re doing well.


Hi Dennis,

Hope your summer is going well. We are loving Shackleton. He is such a great friend for both John and I. Happy and joyful! Really we can’t believe how wonderful he is. He loves going to wherever we go, such a good traveler…Good on the boat, good in the car, loves camping!

We had a little sailing and camping trip over the Fourth of July and he had a great fun visiting islands off the coast of Maine. We are starting to leave him off leash and he is doing so well with recall And sticking with us. The islands were great fun because they were small enough he could just run around and we didn’t have to worry about him getting lost are running into anyone. He had more fun than we did! But, I have to say, we have more fun because he is with us. He is funny and keeps us smiling all the time!

Here are a few pics that we took over vacation. I can’t thank you enough for bringing him into the world.

Hope all is well with you!

AnnMarie & John

And saying goodbye is always the hardest thing we have to do...

Hi Dennis,
I wanted to let you know we had to bring Vinny to the rainbow bridge two weeks ago, one week shy of 16 (I believe his birthday was September 27, 2001). He was a fabulous dog and we are so sad to have had to say goodbye. 
Thanks again for bringing him into our lives. 

More later...