Monday, December 1, 2008

Christmas 2008

Photos and tales of TTs are always welcome.

Ain’t motherhood a grand thing to witness. Love this picture of Pat & Richard Sutton’s Buffy taking care of business in the backyard. Doesn’t she have a grateful brood! And the little star that emerged from the group is a daughter clone: Katie, Khyber’s Heart of My Heart.

Mike McLoughlin also sends a picture of his little star, Rosie, Lukilu Everything’s Coming up Roses at Kiara, from his litter this past summer. Here she is sitting pretty with a pumpkin.

And Sue Meluzin found a keeper in her litter too. Little Gabby, Zin-Pa's Gossip Girl, has already grown from this stacked photo of ten weeks.

No, that’s not a TT. The TTs are there, in the background, thinking where did dad go wrong with that breeding…it’s the biggest, ugliest TT ever. No, it’s Oscar, the Boxer. They had the opportunity to engage Oscar in TT play while his owners were vacationing. He was glad when his owners returned…and only they can love such a face.

Ethel lost Merm this past year. Hoping for a new spirited pup, her dreams came true. One of the little Miss Thing pups is living up to all expectations and help fill her life with new joy, love, and companionship. Oh yes, she is a handful . . . but so worth it. And worth the wait as well, as little Iris is a Merm great-granddaughter.

And Ken sends news. Sunny has a new friend. But he says it best:

Sunny has a new friend, five month old "Ri Lee’s Diamond Of Hope" So it's also time to change the name of this e-mail list to "Hope and Sunshine's Friends"

I knew Hope would be the perfect companion for Sunny.

Well,the peace only lasted about five minutes! After Hope let Sunny chase her for a few minutes she decided to test Sunny. What seemed like a meek female TT turned out to be a real firecracker. Their first week together poor Sunny was pretty much terrorized. Sunny wondered if Hope is ever going to let him alone. The minute he would try to move Hope would run over and start nipping and force him back into the corner

Now an interesting thing has happened. Sunny finally decided to fight back. From that point they have become best friends. Now they run from one end of the house to the other then lay together in Hope's bed totally exhausted.

Sugar is the most photogenic pretty girl! Groomed and stylized, she relaxes at the feet of her beloved owners.

Up in Vermont, Sugar's brother Beau has piled all his toys at his feet. Where else should they be!

Sunny, Sugar, and Beau are three wonderful Asland kids. Even Cheryl Zahradka gets wonderful updates from the companions of her Asland/Flame brood. She's very grateful that her litter of eight all have wonderful temperaments -- all confirmed by their owners. And usually the comments come in with this one.

Here at home we have two new additions. A repeat breeding of Miss Thing and Tag produced two robust little ones, a little Miss and a little Mister. They will bring a lot of joy here for the holidays.

Best Holiday Wishes to all. Please view this YouTube production to bring your some Holiday Spirit. It’s magic!


More later.