Thursday, July 31, 2014

Summer 2014 has arrived

Summer has arrived and is quickly passing –not as fast as it used to, when I was teaching 4th grade—but it is on the move. Around here, the gardens have kept me busy at home: this year incorporating a raised vegetable plot in the sunniest area of the yard with assorted herbs, tomato, zucchini, egg plant, butternut, and pumpkin plants. Took weeks to build with patio blocks (the land was on a significant grading slope so wood wouldn’t do) but it paid off well.

I’m preparing Thai red curry tonight with these yummies!

Asiatic Lilles
The flower gardens are peaking. Because the temps have become so moderate (oh, that global warming!), at times 30 degrees lower than normal for our hottest time of the year, the flowers are loving the English Countryside weather. And the abundance of a few steadily rainy days between long stretches of sunny, warm days with cooling nights has produced strong plants with showy dress. I cannot remember a better year for my gardens.
Bottle Bush over Gooseneck

Yes, there have been some dog shows as well. My favorite time of year to show actually. I’m in a rare minority amongst my TT peers: I love showing my TTs outside where the breezes help show off their beautiful coats. My fellow TT exhibitors can take Springfield’s Big E where their flattened, ironed-down coats neatly lie still, no hair out of place. I’ll enjoy the beauty with which TTs were gifted and do every outdoor show until the season is over.

Vienna, Kiara Tempest, and Mike McLoughlin’s Cookie, Lukilu’s Life Is But A Dream At Kiara, continue their journeys toward the AKC championships. Recently started a new boy, Chivas, Kiara Chivas Regal. Joining them here at Kiara is Madonna, Namaste Causing A Commotion At Kiara.

And she has proved to live up to her name in every way. With no handing class near enough to get to, Madonna’s ring readiness has been challenging. Cute as ever, stubborn beyond belief, she will eventually get the hang of it all –and realize this is really a lot of fun.
Can't you see the "imp" in her even as a baby.

At twelve, Yogi, CH Kiara Harlem Night Of Zin-Pa, came out again to gait the show rings and challenge the youngsters and earn his Grand Championship. This short journey started at the Bay Colony Tibetan Terrier Club Specialty last year and ended during the Mid-Atlantic Regional Specialty weekend this past April. Yogi loves to show and gaits out proudly. Every judge at the Mid-Atlantic Regional Specialty, Peter Green, Kathleen Ronald, and Bev Drake all had very complimentary things to say about him. Co-breeder, Sue Meluzin, and I are very proud of the old boy.

Great getting news and in this age of social media it's beginning to come in from all's just great hearing from you. It always makes me feel so contented that the little ones who took that first day's journey with you have brought you so much as well. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Hi Dennis,

Sending you this picture of Misha.  She was just groomed by Valerie who says she  just saw you at a show.  I have been letting Misha's hair grow the last few years.   


HI Dennis - This is Pippa. I got her from you 5 years ago (we just celebrated her birthday 3 days ago). Just checking in to say hello and tell you how wonderful a dog she truly is. Thank you for introducing us.

Haha! She loves working at the store. Proverbial kid in a candy shop!


Miles at 7 months… Glam shot!!


Well, Dennis, you had a busy weekend helping to deliver Vinnie’s younger brothers and sisters .  I hope the babies are all doing well.  I can’t believe Vinnie is a year old!  He is so adorable and affectionate…I know I have said this  before, I did not think I could love another dog and I really do.
We had him neutered 3 weeks ago…The surgery was uneventful and he was completely unbothered by it and did not even require a cone.  Since then he has been so fresh!  What is up with that? I read an article that said the testosterone races through their bodies for 30 days that may be it.
Wait until you see how handsome he is. He is good about being brushed so we can keep him in coat a little longer. We also took him off puppy food this week. Want to keep him trim.   
Be well and have a Happy 4th of July Dennis!     


Hi Dennis,
Today Cooper is five. We, once again, honored him by not leaving him alone for the entire day. Had so much fun with him today, took a long walk at the reservoir in the morning, had a little bit of egg whites for breakfast, he had a nice relaxing bath and grooming session (listening to Hindi chanting), we spent time in the back yard together and then a nice dinner time walk.  He is now sleeping on my bed.  He is such a great dog. He was so happy all day, just smiling at everything and everyone.

Just think five years ago today you welcomed him into the world and gave him a wonderful start.

We have three TTs in our playgroup where I work and there are two in the neighborhood, I think the word is spreading.  None are as special as Cooper – he is quite a character, very animated.

Warm thoughts…


Rain and Bodhi’s pups made good transitions to their new homes. The six boys, Max, Buddy, Doc, Koji, Puccini, and Bodhi Jr. are impressing folks up and down the Altlantic coast from Maine to Florida. I haven’t done it in so years now: send a pup on his way alone on a plane. But when great former owners of a Kiara TT contact me for a new pup, it’s very hard not to make their wishes a reality. I checked around and found a priority air service –non-stop—between here and Miami. We all rose early in the A.M. to ready for a 5:45 departure (you have to be there at least an hour and a half before departure). Little Puccini and I drove to Logan, I settled him in, and then had to tear myself away to get home and wait to hear from his new family. Finally Roxana sent me a phone text and photo:

I just got him, he's gorgeous! In the car, right after picking him up.
Thank you sooo much.
Regards, Peter and Roxana

It seems they brought him out at the airport as if I had traveled with him and not where they were to pick him up –across the Miami’s extensive airport. Roxana was personally driven across the airport‘s tarmac by the a Priority Parcel staff member to collect little Puccini. He was happy with tail wagging, and the rest of us, relieved.  

Hi Dennis,

Just wanted to touch base. Koji is all settled in and happy in his new home. We just had our first vet visit - it went well and we're going to continue to bring him to Mike at the Veterinary Clinic.

I'm wondering if you have any suggestions for the type of food to feed Koji. Do you typically feed your dogs Eucanuba throughout their life, or just when they are puppies? We transferred Koji to Grandma Mae's Country Naturals. What do you feed your adult dogs?


Hi Dennis,

Bodhi's doing great. Eating well and playful and lots of fun. Today he made it up to the top of my uncarpeted slippery oak stairs - a full flight! He can't figure out how to get down them yet but i'm sure he will soon. He's quite a jumper and climber and VERY determined!

Those first 2 nights he had a separation anxiety. Even with the crate beside my bed, he not only whimpered, cried and whined, he actually howled! So - now he sleeps in the bed with me! And he's much happier all around. We use the crate during the day when I am not here or can't watch him like a hawk, but he just hates sleeping alone. I talked to a woman who said she had the same problem with her puppy (a poodle) until her friend came to visit for a week with her dog. The two pups slept together in one crate and ever since then hers has been fine in his own crate at night. Interesting, right?

He definitely gets the concept of the crate being his safe, snug little home though. Any time I give him a cookie or a toy, he trots right over to his crate to eat or play with it inside. Any time he hears a scary noise and I am not right next to him, he'll run to the crate and get in. So that part's good. He still cries and whines whenever he realizes the door is closed and he can't get out, but he'll gradually settle down if I wait.  But not at night! Which is fine.

We will start puppy training class next Monday - should be fun.

I sent a couple of pictures in a separate email. Everyone who meets him just melts and it's love at first sight! That's probably true for all of the TT pups, but I am just amazed at people's reaction to Bodhi.

That's all for now - I'll send you updates from time to time.

PS We're thinking of registering him as The Grand Budapest Bodhisattva. Partly because we decided on a TT over dinner after seeing the Grand Budapest Hotel (even tho there's no other connection to the movie).

I’m always surprised how we make impressions on individuals we’ve never ever met. In the case of dog breeders, it's through the many ambassadors of the breed we entrust to loving families. These ambassadors bring to all they meet and greet in their worlds only what we have taken the years of time and planning and selecting to put into them. If they are pleasant and playful, affectionate and respectful, we've done our job. Unfortunately creating good temperaments isn't always the case...and in those cases, they are not good ambassadors. 

Most of the families contacting me have or have met a Kiara TT that has impressed them with the temperament that make a great companion...and ambassador. I am truly grateful.

Hi Dennis,

You haven't met me, but about 20 years ago our family got a male TT puppy from Joyce Borman. His AKC name was Specter's Apparition O'Thyme. He was a co-bred with one of your males. Specter was a great dog and I have been a fan of the breed since. I currently have a Mini Schnauzer, which is a whole different story....

I own a store in Newburyport called Just Dogs. I have sent a few customers of mine to you and as a result we have a couple of TT's that I will be able to watch grow up. Tashi is the first one, I spoke to her mom Jessica when she and her husband were thinking about getting another Keeshond. I guess I convinced her about the breed since she got one shortly after our conversation. I just has a pleasant surprise from another customer, Carol, who was a Westie fan. She just showed me the cutest photo of her new addition that she picked up yesterday. What a good looking boy he is.

I just wanted to introduce myself and let you know I am, and will be watching the development of at least two of your puppies.

If you are ever in Newburyport, please stop by and introduce yourself. I also will be attending the Northshore Kennel Club show on Sunday morning. I have a customer showing their Brittany. I didn't know if you would be there as well.

Looking forward to meeting you soon.



I love "families" of TTs within the greater family. At Kiara I have been very fortunate over the years to witness many such as this familial group. Currently in-house are couple. Granny Asia, CH Kiara I Want To Be Bad, her son, Daddy Naldo, CH Kiara Hollywood Bad Boy, who's baby Madonna, Namaste Causin' A Commotion At Kiara has become the newest member of the household. From the names it's easy to see they descend from the "Ain't Misbehaving line". There have been many others in the past.

The most recent family line is of males. All very much alive and well. Cuervo, CH Kiara Black Medallion, father to Bodhi, CH Kiara Bodhi, father to Q, CH Kiara A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes, and he is father to Reuben, Zin-Pa Steppin' Out In Kinky Boots.



When I hear of one of the oldsters who passes over The Rainbow Bridge, I need to honor their memories...and thank their families for gifting them with a loving home.

Hi Dennis:

I don't know if you remember Spencer.  He was the son of Kate.  He was 11 and we loved him so very much.  He was a great dog to kids as they grew up and was a month shy of being a groomsman in our sons wedding.  (Not our choice)!!!   He recently passed, but we try not to be sad, but to remember what a good boy he was.  We thank you for all of the happiness he brought us.  Not ready to jump back in yet, its been 6 months, but I am missing the wagging tail when we come home and the kisses and walks. 

When it's time, are you still breeding these great dogs?

Maureen and Michael

Celebrating new life is so fulfilling. Q-Tip's sister, Louise, CH Kiara Give Me A Kiss To Build A Dream On, brought fireworks into the house on the Fourth of July. She is such a contented mom! Today they are four weeks old and enjoying their first meal.

I had the opportunity to get away and visit my friend Faith in Vermont. I also wanted to see the second litter of pups out of my Q-Tip. Faith had reported gold pups in the litter, so I had to see for myself. Indeed, two were gold.

We had chance to catch up, eat well, and yes, imbibe alittle. We also did some sightseeing in the greenest state imaginable. We went to the Texas Falls in the Green Mountains. So serene, so beautiful. Almost a serene as being in my own back yard.

BOB: GCH Arkeden N Kiskades Havin' A Ball

I had the honer to be invited to judge the Bay Colony Tibetan Terrier's Fifteenth Annual Specialty this past June. There were a few class exhibits, but the true beauty of the breed was present in the many Specials I had the opportunity to share the ring with. I am very grateful to the BCTTC for asking me and to all those who brought their TTs.
Select Bitch: CH Arkeden Sunsi's Relentless

More later.