Sunday, February 28, 2016

Winter 2016

AKC's Meet The Breeds

It is always fun to go to Westminster Dog Show. During the weekend events --doggie and otherwise-- I had the opportunity to attend the AKC Meet The Breeds for the first time.

It was hugely attended: so crowded at 10:30 AM it was difficult to get around. Once I realized the breeds were alphabetically stationed, I zoomed in on the Tibetan Terrier. It was especially enjoyable because I got to see two Kiara bred TTs in action as ambassadors to the public. Travis Brock and his Mom, Jane Goodell, brought Cooper and his new daughter, Doris.Cooper is such a character! He never forgets me, and wags and looks on in anticipation of a pat, a smile, acknowledgement. Doris is growing up beautifully. She is happiest wrapped in Daddy's arms. But watching her gait forward and then away was a pretty picture. Can't wait to she her exhibited under Travis's experienced hands. 

I enjoyed the experience and kudos to Travis and Jane for helping out and for all the others responsible for making it possible to introduce TTs to the public.

There are some birthdays to celebrate since the last N&R. Some near the beginning of their journeys and some much further along. Special recognition for some of the oldsters like Simon who lives in NYC and Lilah!


Simon and I wish to extend greetings for the new year, and to tell you that we will be celebrating Simon's  sixteenth birthday!!!  on Sunday.
Simon is quite well, and enjoying his life--especially now that he prances around with cute boots when he goes out walking, to protect his easily scraped pads.
I hope all is well with you. Best wishes,  



I  just had to show you Lilah in action- still hiding her favorite toy!


Lilah's official 16th birthday photo


Here's a day-before-birthday picture of the family princess--Ali.

It's hard to believe it's been...9 years?--since we first met her in the little pen in your front room. We will never forget that day.  Overall she has done very well.

One question: where did she get her amazing coat? Have met many Tibetans over the years and they all seem to have coarse hair. Others who meet her are also impressed by the beautiful coat.

Hope all is well with you. Best,

Charles and family

Hi Dennis 
Lucy was one of the Valentine's Day 2000 puppies. She's doing wonderfully. We love her very much. She loves ice cubes, squeaky toys, and our son Luke. Hope all is well. 

Mike Reinemann


Here is Sparky with his moose! This was taken just a couple months ago... He is 13 now! OMG


Hope you get lots of chocolate on Valentine's Day!

PS: I'm 6 today but don't see any chocolate cake in the kitchen...just chicken treats :) which are not bad. It sure is cold up here in Maine. 

Mike McLoughlin shared a memory on FaceBook today. It was the Cookie birth. As she started out...

I have a lot of Cookie photos and looked for one I hadn't used before of the little Cookie --you know, once we knew she was "special" and wasn't going anywhere.

Cookie turns three!

Love all the up-dates, emails, photos, cards, and notes! I love sharing the stories of all the little ones who leave here to make their new homes TT Special. I get to follow them through life this way. Sharing these with everyone tells a remarkable story. Thank you, everyone who takes the time to let me know how they are doing, how you celebrate their birthdays, and every other day...there never needs to be a unusual or special event to keep me posted.


Jean sent me an up-date on Miss Daisy...doing well and enjoying snow in Kentucky! 

Karissa and Nisha texted me about Percy's news. He was at the age to neuter. Now he's the perfect companion for brother Felix. They live in Washington State get tagged "the muddy buddies". 

Hi Dennis,  

We wanted to let you know how much we love Rosie and how quickly she has become a member of our family. She has the sweetest disposition and is eager to meet people and other dogs. She is incredibly loving and playful with our family. And of course, she is beautiful. We frequently get comments when we are out and about with her about what a beautiful and sweet dog she is.  She is growing quickly, and she weighed 16.4 pounds at her four-month visit.  

We hope all is well with you. Best wishes for a wonderful 2016. We will keep you updated on Rosie's progress.

Warmly, Andrew, Dan, Isaac, and Julia

Happy New Year, Dennis,
Teddy has enjoyed the holidays. Santa was very good to him. One thing he wished for…that Santa couldn't find…was another of the squeaky toys you sent him home with. It's a small green soft swishy squeaky circle with a funny face on it. Can you remember where you got it?  Hope your doing well. I've given you're name out to lots of people!  They all love teddy!

Hi Dennis, 

Hope all is well with you and the TTs! Thought I would share a few pictures of Bodhi - he is such a handsome little guy! He loves running around in the snow. He is a real sweetheart and keeps us smiling. We are having so much fun with him!

Take care,

Luna is 5 months!! When we walk down the NYC streets it takes double the time because so many people stop us to say how beautiful she is!!

Lark is checking out her snowy Buddha.

Rocco with his family waiting for vet's visit. Think he's loved!?

Hi Dennis!

Thought you would appreciate this photo of Doc in the most recent issue of Dogster Magazine... He's famous!

Since the last time I updated you, Doc has also earned is Advanced Canine Good Citizen ribbon and certificate. He's also completed a few agility and rally classes. Which he loves! His "school" is also starting a canine drill team that he is going to be a part of. He's a busy boy!

Hope all is well with you!


We share the lives of these wonderful companions. Some leave us too early; some live lives longer than we ever expected; and some are taken from us unexpectedly. I am happy to share two memorials I received. Jazzy and Ming made superior companions and also made their marks in the show ring and in the whelping box. I celebrate their lives here as I offer my thoughts as well in their passing.


CH Kiara Misty Morning Jazz

October 22, 2000  -  October 28, 2015

We are sad to announce that our beloved Jazzy passed away on October 28, 2015, after months of declining health.

She was smart, clever, independent and intuitive -- more like a teenage human than a pet! She earned our love and respect.

Mother of many including our precious Piper and Sam.

Her legacy lives through her off-spring and their wonderful owners.

Jazzy is missed.


Ming (CH Kiara Miss Thing) December 10, 2003 – February 7, 2016

Kiara Miss Thing was born in Danvers, Massachusetts on December 10, 2003, daughter of CH Tsering Shamsang Mingma (Asland) and CH Kiara M’Heart B’longs to Daddy. Miss Thing enjoyed a successful show career under the expert coaching of her human guardian, Dennis Gunsher. Once she attained her AKC Championship in 2007, she retired to start her own family. After launching her children – several of whom have also had successful show careers, Miss Thing bravely set out for a new life. She joined her older half brother, Kiara Jeff, in Ipswich, Massachusetts to offer companionship after the loss of their mutual half sister Kiara Frankie.
As part of her new life Miss Thing changed her name to Ming. She attended school at Fit ‘N Trim Dog Academy where she successfully completed the “Come When Called” Program. After graduation, she enjoyed many off-leash adventures with her brother Jeffie along the trails at Appleton Farms and other scenic Ipswich locations.
Like many older Americans, Ming raised her grandchild. Kiara Lark, joined her in 2014. Ming found great pleasure in playing with Lark and teaching her good manners. After the death of her brother Jeff, Ming graciously welcomed Bruce into her home as he had sadly fallen out of favor with his previous family.
Ming bravely fought bladder cancer for 18 months, graciously undergoing a number of different chemotherapies. One treatment resulted in the loss of much of her white hair – but even looking like a Chinese Crested for several months could not daunt her dignity and beauty. Throughout her illness she continued to referee wrestling matches between Lark and Bruce, sleep every night in the big bed, greet houseguests with enthusiasm, take leisurely walks with her family and enjoy special snacks and cuddling.

Ming will be joyously welcomed by her friends and relatives at Rainbow Bridge and is sorely missed by her human and dog friends and family on earth. Please give your own pet a big hug and a special goodie and consider donating to a pet health and/or welfare charity. Thank you to Dennis for sharing this very special girl with our family.
Ming as the pick pup in her litter.


...more later.