Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Happy 2020!!!

As 2020 turns our focus to a lot of political's good we have some warm furry friends to help lighten our perspectives on things. A new year...and new day....

Happy New Year one and all! May we find some peace and contentment. And if not...perhaps some positive whelping pool experiences...maybe a win to two --or three...or at least some wet licks and kisses from a furry friend.

No puppies here to make me smile first thing in the morning. newspaper to change, no bedding to wash, and sadly no little ones to entertain me while I indulge myself with my morning coffee.

However, the year has started off with a winning bang! Bolt, my boy who ate the rock who had the $$$$$$ surgery who was shaved to the skin in many places, earned his AKC championship at the Greater Lowell Kennel Club show weekend. Now CH Kiara Lightning Does Strike Twice. Bolt now enters the Kiara Tibetan Terrier "Hall Of Fame".

Although he only needed single points to finish, Kiara L Lucy's Lucelina shared the major she won...letting him go Best of Winners. It was a good weekend.

It was a busy show...because the 4 - 6 month old entry, Kiara This Girl Is On Fire, aka "Keys", got to strut her stuff again in the the puppy competition. Willful, engaging, spirited, and a wee bit mischievous...she was fun to show. Both days she placed in the group with competition. 

There was more winning news from Debbie in Florida. Miss KDee did her thing and has been rewarded as well.

KDEE had a great weekend in the AKC agility trials at Bratty Paws in Punta Gorda, Florida. She is now in open standard and jumpers. She had a perfect run in open standard...just a bit slow...but still came in first.


BTW: Snowy turned 5! He is celebrating with his Mom, KDEE

And that wasn't the only good news sent my way!

I always love hearing how the little ones that leave here help make the lives of their loving companions special in many ways. I want to thank all of them...not only those sending photos and messages here...but all that sent cards and holiday wishes...some with their TTs on those cards, useful to make next year's holiday YouTube video. 


Thanks for the TT movie! Here’s the photo of Eli (now almost 9 months old). He’s doing really well, and as usual, a credit to Kiara.

Happy holidays!

Harriet and Stan

Hi Dennis,

We just got your card and took a look at your wonderful photos! Just wanted to send you a note and let you know how our Shackleton is doing. He is so fabulous! He goes just about everywhere with us, he loves to travel and hike. We got a sprinter van last year and have done lots of travel and camping. Shackleton thinks it’s all great. He keeps us laughing and moving.

Hope you had a wonderful holiday season!

Here are a few pictures of Shackleton from this year.


Thank you for your card, Dennis!

We enjoyed watching the video of Maya and her relatives.

Here is her first Christmas picture!

I have a question. She is seven months old now, and about 16.5 pounds. Do you think it’s okay? How big are the other girls in her family, if you remember? 

If we are cooking chicken/steak, she is more than happy to eat it. Otherwise, as somebody else with a TT said, it is as if you had to convince them it is not poisonous. I worried she might be too small. What do you feed them if you are worried about their weight?

Enjoy the holidays!


Happy holidays from Ridley and the rest of the Pollacks!


Hi Dennis,

Just a quick note to let you know how wee Oliver is. He is an amazing soul. I cannot believe how great he is! But he is also a puppy and we are working through all that entails. He is growing up fast and is now at puppy training and socializes with other dogs. He has a strong spirit for sure. He is very determined and is very smart. 

Here are a few photos. I hope they make you smile.

My kitties are coming around slowly... They come out when he is either in his crate or fast asleep on one of the beds around the house. They don't understand that all he wants to do is play and he has been at the wrong end of cat growls, hisses, and claws a few times. All good...and I'm hopeful that one day they'll all cuddle up on the sofa together! And BTW the kitties are not fat...their fur is really thick am fluffy. 

Merry Christmas and all the best wishes for a happy, healthy 2020.


Hey Dennis, Happy New Year,

Oliver had his first professional grooming session today. Just a tickle of a cut around his eyes and toes, a bath, a pedicure, and a new bandana.

And then he promptly came home, had a pee outside and poop on the carpet! Geez!!!

Have a great weekend.


A couple "now...and then" photos. Fun to watch how they started --loved and adored as wee ones-- and how they are loved and adored today!!!

Sugar...then and now.


Maxwell...then and now.


Miles...then and now.

More later...