Monday, October 27, 2014

Autumn/Happy Halloween

Autumn/Happy Halloween

Hard to believe it’s the end of October.  Here in the Northeast we’ve usually had a killing frost by now…and for the past couple years our first snow. But this week we’re preparing for a return to the 70s. The zinna hedge, though blown over by the northeaster we had last week that brought over three inches of rain (thank goodness it wasn’t cold enough for snow), is still very colorful, dalias are still blooming, and even some grape tomatoes are ripening on what’s left of their vines in the gardens. It has been a strange Autumn so far.

The indoor shows have started. So now it’s Springfield, Springfield, Springfield. Believe it or not, you could attend a dog show at the Big E in Springfield every weekend this time of year. Michael and Marie McLoughlin were there recently with their beautiful Cookie, Lukilu’s Life Is But A Dream At Kiara, and Sadie, CH Kiara Harlem Song. Cookie is working toward her AKC championship. She recently earned her first major and now is working on her second. And Miss Sadie is shy a couple points to her Grand Championship. But so ladylike and gorgeous as they just relax waiting to do their thing!

Sue Meluzin completed Reuben’s AKC championship while down in Maryland. Way to go Sue and Reuben! Dad, Q-Tip, CH Kiara A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes, sends his congratulations to his handsome son.
CH Zin-Pa Steppin' Out In Kinky Boots

New Champion Kiara Tempest

Here at Kiara, Vienna, Madonna, Lucy, and Chivas have been keeping me busy at the show rings. Happily we can announce that it’s now Champion Vienna! Well actually it’s CH Kiara Tempest.  She earned her last points at the show where it all started a year ago.

That happened during the Long Island show weekend: Suffolk County and Westbury. The weather was perfect for these outdoor shows. The grounds were picturesque. And the TT exhibitors gathered together under the grooming tent and enjoyed each other's company. It made for a fun time.  

Beside Vienna completing her AKC championship, cousin Cookie earned WB and BWs ribbons at this show weekend and auntie Sadie garnered several grand championship points.  

And at home we have a little star keeping the household on its toes. Those singleton pups!!! Little Bella (named by her new owners) is a little beauty. Here she is with her big orange ball.

Love to hear from the many wonderful TT owners. Felix and his family has moved from the Northeast to the Northwest. Stay dry.

Dear Dennis,

Felix has settled nicely in WA and has discovered a love of hiking. He is as wonderful as ever. Thank you so much for trusting us to be his parents!

Here are a few recent photos.

We hope you are well,

Karisa and Nisha

Cooper, CH Kiara Ewok Among Us, continues to amaze me. Or I should say Cooper and Jane continue to amaze me. Besides conformation, they do Rally and now preparing to do Agility. Can’t wait to watch. I got this photo and the little video to wet my anticipation.

Hello Dennis,

We start agility classes on Monday.  Isn’t he so cute the way he is looking at me.  And so happy.

Jane Goodell

Cooper learning agility.  He is a crazy man in class, he gets so
excited.  So much fun.

Many notes and photos come in from new little ones making inroads into hearts. Always great to know they are doing well and making their new families happy.

Hi Dennis,
I’m sending along a couple more pics of our baby Bodhi, who is such a love and such a great little doggie! He’s been attending a puppy day school one day a week here (Dances with Dogs in South Portland) where he’s actually the teacher’s pet!! She loves him because he’s so well-behaved and responsive, and yet he also runs with the bigger wilder pups and generally has a great time. These two pics show him with his buddy Baxter, a Cairn Terrier, but he’s also BFFs with a Bernese Mountain Dog, and a Golden Doodle. We’ve also been through a 6-week puppy training course (clicker training), where he did very well. He seems to like to ‘work’ this way.

We have him on a raw diet now, which he LOVES and which seems to agree with him. He’s growing like a weed! These pics are from a couple of weeks ago and he’s already grown a lot in that time. I don’t want to fill up your mail box, but can send more pics later if you like. These are dense photos because they were taken by the puppy school teacher who is also a professional photographer.

I think you told me that one of his brothers was going to live in or near Portland as well, or at least some place in Maine, right? I feel like Bodhi is his own ad campaign for TTs because everywhere we go, everyone comments on how cute he is and wants to know what breed, how big he’ll get, what his temperament is like, etc. etc. And almost nobody has heard of TTs before!  If I had your business cards to hand out, people would be knocking down your door!! Bodhi Jr is definitely a celebrity in this neighborhood!

All the best,

Hi Dennis, 

Just wanted to touch base. Koji is all settled in and happy in his new home. We just had our first vet visit - it went well and we're going to continue to bring him to Newburyport Veterinary Clinic. Koji is now eating Holistic Select small & mini breed puppy kibbles and Wellness Petite chicken casserole. He loves it!

He is doing well & he is so much fun. He recently finished puppy school and is such a good dog!!

Do you have plans to have another litter any time soon / next summer? Please keep me updated! We may be interested in a second Tibetan Terrier.


Hello Dennis,

I am sorry I have not written sooner.  One forgets how much time puppies take.  All is well here.  Sashi was not happy at first, but after 2 hours the dogs were outside playing and they have been getting along very well.  No problems at all...eating, sleeping through the night, housebreaking, etc. are all going well.  Puppy wellness visit OK and 2nd appointment tomorrow.  Tsundue is a very well-behaved little guy, and quite a snuggler.  We are all very happy.  Thank you.


Miles at 10 months. He has been to eight states already in his young life.. Some multiple times. Tim and I are headed to Quebec for our 25th! First time without our boy.. Already sad. He's staying with his trainer.. She's promised a well behaved TT.. Hmmmpf.. He's got a mind of his own!! Cheers!
Patricia and Tim

Hi Dennis,

Ozzy is adjusting so well! I was looking for your FB page but couldn't find it. Would love to post some pics.

-       Courtney

Hi Dennis,

Gretzky is adjusting nicely !!   He wasn't interested in his food like you said, and not really his water....but I'm sure he's just getting use to it all !!
He has been great!  He has such a sweet temperament and the kids absolutely adore him. He was whiny the first night, and when I took him out to go to the bathroom at 3:30am he wasn't interested- just wanted to play!  Hopefully tonight will go smoother.  We have our vet visit tomorrow which I'm sure will go well. All in all, he is doing great!

He seems drawn to my youngest- bosom buddies!


Our little girl is 4 today


Had some of my teacher friends over for a little get-together. And as always there has to be some doggie-time. They especially loved meeting the new pups.

Thanks Dennis for the lovely dinner party. I wish I'd taken more pictures that evening. Melissa saw Joe with the puppy and asked," Are we getting a puppy?" Lol. Xxoo

So grateful to have such good friends!

Well it's time for Trick 'O Treating. Dress up and have some fun.

More later....