Saturday, July 23, 2016

Summer 2016

It's become a long, hot, dry summer here on the coast of Massachusetts. Still have to water the gardens so that there are blooms in the flower borders and fruit in the veggie patch. It's done in the darker hours and can only be done by hand. The grass is going brown...but on the brighter side, needs to be mowed less frequently. So dry here that the rabbits and chipmunks have to gnaw down many well established annuals to their thick stems to get the only liquid H2O they can find.  My favorite, the orange lilies, are starting their blooming season. And tonight there will be red cabbage served and a cooling cucumber salad. Life is good.

In putting together some material for the TTCA Journal/Yearbook, I got a little reflective. Thought backward about where it all began for Kiara Tibetan Terriers. There are many pleasant memories to reminisce about. And lots of physical material to help. This piece of artwork by Judy Docherty became significant in the exercise.

The newest group of little Kiara guys have made their ways into their loving homes. It's always great to get the first photos with little stories of how they are fitting in and making life more remarkable. These babies don't wear diapers but with a little consistency and positive reinforcement make great strides. Always so happy to help with questions and sharing whatever I can to make these transitions as positive as possible.

Melrose with her new family.


They gave me a good bed, a nice place to hang out and a reluctant sister but we are all working on life together .

I think I miss you and mom but folks here are nice.



Hi Dennis, 

Just want to say that Triscuit is doing very well and so easy. Eats well, sleeps well, follows routines, she’s the best! 


Cover boy, Miles, makes his mark in media. Just want to celebrate this little guy's moment of celebrity. He makes us all proud at home here.

Miles cover shot.....we couldn't be more proud!!!! Our little angel!

Relaxing post photo shoot.
AUGUST COVER REVEAL! Meet Miles Davis, the winner of our 2016 Cover Dog Search. When this adorable two and a half year old Tibetan Terrier plopped himself down on our photo set and grinned for the camera, we knew he was something special! One of our easiest shots of the day, his totally cute pose, unique markings and happy-go-lucky smile just won our hearts. Michelle Conner Photographer captured his cover shot in front of the new wings mural in The Gulch, created by Kelsey Montague Art. His beautiful markings inspired our very first black-and-white themed cover, and we couldn’t love it more. After all, he is a total angel! Learn all about him.”
Reaching for a cold one in celebration!

Patricia Gartland

Not everyone becomes a cover-boy star like Miles, but they twinkle plenty for the people who love them and for all the people they meet. I am always amazed that many of these little guys out there create such positive images that the people who meet them call asking for more information about the breed and in some cases become new owners of a Kiara TT. 

Hi Dennis. Nimbus is on his first road trip, to Toronto, and he's taking to it instantly. About 12 pounds now and has all his shots. Really an amazing creature!  I'm photographing at drive-in movie theaters for a series of paintings and he charms the kids before the films begin. Here's happy puppy at one last night.
Steve and Alicia

Hi Dennis,
   Just wanted to drop a note and let you know Shelby is doing great.   We are all loving having her as part of our family.   Here are a couple pics of her first trip on the boat and beach.  One pic showing her being a bit skeptical about the ocean.   The second showing the end result.

She's been great.



 I realized I had not sent any updates on Prince. He is doing great and getting big. Here is a pic from a recent lunch outing. Hope you are well!

Susie Lazerow

Hey Dennis,

Here we are.  

You wanted photos.  Mel caught me and Dalai on the  bench the other day. Dalai is officially 4 months old. I am trying to hold her still so we can take pics.  She only wants to lick my face.  

She's very big on gardening, mostly trampling and digging.
She also does a mean dog paddle in the shallow end of the pool.

(Yes, Mel & I still call her Tibby every so often.)

Dear Dennis,

I tried to send this to you earlier in the week, but don't seem to have any message to you in my sent file. Just wanted to thank you again for coming to our aid by having Aanandi at summer camp for a week at chez Kiara :-)

What a smart, sweet pup!  Thanks.


Accomplishment also takes the face of hard work and Doc who's already proven his merit if you scan back in previous News & Reviews. He's not alone in the pursuit of the "brainy" awards of his kin, but he certainly applies all his spirit and spunk into achieving the best that anyone could wish for. Applause for Doc!

Hi Dennis!

Hope all is well. Just wanted to let you know that Doc is doing great! He is such a good dog.  Attached are a couple of photos from one of his recent agility classes. He really seems to enjoy the work - when I can get him to focus on me and not keep smelling the grass. I think he might be part bloodhound sometimes!

Enjoy your summer!

Our veteran, Cooper, had his birthday today.  LET THE PARTY BEGIN!
Great thought goes into honoring him today. Treats? - gets them all the time and is watching his weight. Toys ?- resource guarder - would not see him all day. His perfect gift - on Sunday he will have someone with him all day.
And today on his birthday, Cooper did his 100th pet therapy visit. Now I just have to get all the documentation together for his new title!


Congratulations Cooper! And Jane for making it all possible. His other enthusiast, Daddy Travis, posted:

Cooper, CH Kiara Ewok Among Us REA GCG, Therapy Dog, agility training in progress ,scent work, developing and cuddlier advanced master level turns 7 today. Cooper received his AKC conformation championship after 67 shows in 7 states with me as his novice handler. This allowed me to meet most of my Facebook friends and started my passion for showing dogs. I look forward to presenting him as a veteran this year. He is the sire of three litters producing amazing pets and show dogs. Thank you Cooper for all you give us.

We celebrated Lilah's sweet sixteenth not too long ago in a News & Reviews. It is always a joy to help commemorate the oldsters as they meet life's milestones. Very recently we had to say goodbye to her, one of the fairest of them all, as she crossed over the rainbow bridge. Wishing soft and joyful memories of such a wonderful companion to her owners.

Lilah Marcus

A beloved and loving Tibetian Terrier from New York. A sister and companion to all she met.
A calm, caring and smart dog. One of a kind not to be forgotten!

Leaving with a snap shot of this year's photo for our Kiara Tibetan Terrier ad in the Journal/Yearbook. This is the handsome Baxter.

More later....