Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Merry, Merry, Merry 2016

It's that time year again. The time we set aside to enjoy our family, our friends, and our furry friends too! Concerts, plays, parties, shopping, festival celebrations with tree lightings and carolers fill up the calendar days counting down to total exhaustion. Hopefully throughout all of that you find some moments to just reflect, get inspired, and find personal peace in all the holiday happenings.

Great show news from Travis Brock --Doris (Kiara Promethean Fire At Terpsichorean) has earned a major at the Albany Kennel Club show. And what a beauty she is! Thank you Travis, Miles, and Jane for raising such a wonderful girl who greets everyone she meets with wags and licks and shows herself off so artfully.

And she has more credits to her name now. Jane reports that she's earned her Canine Good Citizen award.

Doris (previously known as Little Fat Girl - currently referred to as Little Missy) received her Canine Good Citizen AKC title yesterday 11/25/16 at the Holyoke Kennel Club Dog Show. She is a lovable, lively little girl who bring a smile to my face and joy to my heart. Thank you Dennis Gunsher for breeding happy dogs and Travis Brock for letting me play with her.


It's always good to hear how everyone is doing. Catching up and knowing how the wee Kiara's that have left here are doing is always heart-warming and appreciated. Whether a quick up-date, simply a photo or a card, I enjoy hearing about them. I especially love to hear that birthdays get celebrated.

Happy 8th birthday Mallomar!! Best dog ever!!


Happy third birthday to Miles Davis! Our little love brings us joy every day! ❤️❤️

Patricia & Tim

Happy 3rd birthday to Lark and her brother Miles Davis Gartland.


Looks like brothers met up in class together. Triscuit and Baxter have fun and catch up. Nice to see the bros maturing.

Thought you would want to know that Baxter and Triscuit were in the obedience class, and thoroughly enjoyed being together! Baxter is in the left, Triscuit on the right, both only willing to sit for a picture after being exhausted from class!(and looking a tad disheveled!)
Hope all is well!

Happy Thanksgiving, Uncle Dennis!

Imagine…I am 13 1/2 years young…feeling fit and full of hugs and licks! 

Bob, Lisa, & Om

Hi Dennis!  
Mel has settled in beautifully and clearly feels right at home in the mountains...must be getting back to her ancestral roots :  )  She's an unbelievable trail dog...literally ran circles around us at 13,000 feet. We're so in love!  Thank you for gracing us with this amazing dog.  She helped ease the transition to our new home and is such a sweet part of our family.  
Please fee free to use this picture for your website...and we have lots more if you'd like.  She's my new obsession.
Wishing you a wonderful Thanksgiving.  Know that you have made our family richer.
Regina et al

This is one stunning photo of Mel taken by Regina. It should make a calendar or something. I can hear John Denver..."Rocky Mountain high..."
Mel surveying all that reminds her of Tibet.

And another excellent photo clicked by the talented 
--and probably very lucky-- Mike McLoughlin 
of Sadie in the leaves.
The beautiful Sadie (CH Kiara Harlem Song ) 
sunning herself on a beautiful --unseasonably warm-- November day.

From high up in the Rockies to the Florida coast...  Debbie and Jim take the crew on a sunset cruise. They won't be seeing any New England weather in this Florida setting. We in the chilling Northeast are envious.

Anxiously waiting for their sunset cruise!


And even in this season of merriment, I want to help say good-bye to a wonderful companion. The Burlile's made a wonderful home for one of the wee ones that left here many years ago. I have dozens of photos throughout the years showing the love showered on this special package of love. Ali, you will be missed...but the wonderful memories will help soothe the pain of loosing you. 

It's such a compassionate act to see her to the rainbow bridge. Thank you.

We put our pup down this afternoon.  I was very proud of my brood--they all insisted on being present... as I'm  sure you know,  there's little that's harder to do than say goodbye to a family member who still woke up at 5 every morning,  pain and all,  and went to sniff the kids' bedroom doors to see if they were there...cancer sucks ...but what joy she brought us,  and hopefully,  we to her. 
Are you still breeding?  Once this sorrow abates, well, who knows... 
Thanks for sending Ali to us. 
Charles Burlile,  et al

For several years now I have put together a YouTube video celebrating the Tibetan Terrier. Thanking everyone who has sent in the many inspiring photos throughout the year. I only wish all of them could be used. Just watching it makes me smile. I hope you find it warming and celebratory as well.

You can also see this on the YouTube site. Cut and paste this:

in the YouTube search box or you may be able to find it with it's title "Tibetan Terrier Kiara Holiday Tidings 2016".

Again, wishing everyone 
the merriest...the happiest
...the peacefullest Holiday Season...
and the happiest New Year!

Open the card!

More later...