Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Happiest Holidays 2015

Happy Holidays to all!

Another year is coming to a close. And there is some exciting dog show news to report. Cookie, now AKC Champion Cookie, aka CH Lukilu's Life Is But A Dream At Kiara, has fulfilled her potential. She has been exhibited beautifully by her breeder/owner Michael McLoughlin. For all who have seen her gaiting the rings can attest to her quality. Just lovely!

CH Cookie is the 99th Kiara Tibetan Terrier AKC Champion. Something to celebrate for the 30+ years of breeding Tibetan Terriers in a small operation. And this beauty is a credit to all those years.

I have to thank many people for this. Certainly Mike and Marie McLoughlin are at the top of that list. But there are many others. Susan Meluzin, Faith Lowell, Kathleen Kelley, Maureen Dwyer, Deb & Jim Griffith, and Pat & Richard Sutton among others deserving to share those thanks.

Pat and Richard Sutton have a new champion as well. Another beauty who has earned her AKC championship.  Champion Khyber's Look Who's Talking otherwise known as Lucy. Cousin Lucy completed her championship during the Philadelphia dog show weekend. Congratulations Pat and Richard, and of course, Lucy.

This puppy. This face. This bundle of fluffy muffin lovelovelove & JOY! Happy 1st birthday, Gracie Lou... our world is a happier place because of YOU!

Hope all is well with momma and babes!!! sending you abundant love, Dennis, along with thanks...EVERY DAY for this fluffy gift that has brought us such great joy since day 1!!

Neva & Joel

Hi there Dennis!

All is well with your Seattle contingent. Percy is enormous (32 lbs!) and is growing into the sweet goofball you knew he would be. Big brother Felix is tolerant of his boisterous brother and has finally decided to lay down the law occasionally--which I think is good for both of them. They spend their weekdays at the dog park with their buddies and are generally loving life.

Coming home to these two is always the highlight of the day. Thank you for sharing them with us! I have included some recent photos and a video of our typical evening :)

Karisa and Nisha

Hi Dennis,

Just wanted to let you know Bodhi has settled in nicely! He is a love bug... Such a snuggler! The girls are so in love with him (of course!), which is great since he just wants to sit in their laps! He had a fun afternoon playing around in the yard when we got him home. I love his little puppy run. Daisy is warming up to him. I think she will be motherly to him.

Thank you!!! Bodhi will be filling our hearts with lots of love and joy!


Hi Dennis,

Just small note to say hello. 
Hard to believe that Tashi is five. She had small accident about 2 months ago while running in the back yard. She is on the mend an doing great. 
Hope all is well with you and you are enjoying your retirement. Looking forward for your Christmas message. 
Be well.


Hi Dennis,  

Hope all is well with you and your pups.  To update you Roxy is doing well.  She was just spayed two weeks ago and has recovered quite well.  She continues to be uber active bright and intelligent.  She brings me the water bowl to fill if it is empty totally on her own.  She does tend to be very willful and wants to dominate Misha who is quite gentle.  However Misha has become more interactive than she ever was.  Roxy now weighs 26 pounds and I believe still growing.  Yikes.   
We are working with a trainer to deal with her skittishness and things are progressing.  Keep in touch and be well.   


P.S.  There is something about her colouring that seems to be a magnet to people who pass us by when we are walking her.  We are constantly stopped and told how beautiful she is.

Hi Dennis,

Just thought I would say "hello." Heard from Kara Rice that they may be getting one of Passion's puppies this fall. That is happy news to hear that Katie's line is continuing.

I have attached a photo of Jack and Willow for you. Somehow they actually decided to pose for me! Mom and her boy are very close these days since Willie passed away.

Hope all is well. Enjoy your updates on facebook.

At least I'm getting a TT-fix!

Take Care,

Hi Dennis--

Wanted to let you know that Ranger has settled in nicely. He and Oliver are getting along fine. He ate all of his dinner tonight and now seems exhausted. Overall, he's doing well. I will send you some pictures in the coming days.

By the way, I checked Ollie's paperwork and his mother is Miss Thing and his father is Tag. So he and Ranger actually are related!

Take care.


Ranger and Bodhi came out of a litter from Dad Cooper, CH Kiara Ewok Among Us, and Mom Passion, CH Kiara All Fired Up. It was a beautiful litter! And it was even more special because of the interest Jane Goodell took in them. You may know Jane from around the Rally and Agility rings. She has done such an exemplary job bringing so much joy to Dad Cooper by involving him in all the activities he loves to share with her. 
Jane sent out this birth announcement.

As they grew into the little TT terrors that brought smiles to everyones faces, Jane and Travis, Dad Cooper's owners, came to visit the little ones. We had a lot of fun playing with them...and of course going over them --that's what breeders do! At that time Travis was smitten with one of the little gems and was looking forward to seeing how she progressed. Being around Halloween, more photos were taken, and Jane shared them again with friends.

Well, as many people know, Travis took his little Doris home soon after. You may have seen her in a number of video presentations on my, Travis's, or Jane's Facebook postings.  

Doris became the face of this year's Christmas card...she and Santa.

A quick successful photo today. Doris is coming along nicely, as you can see. Extremely affectionate and a tough chick.

Here is this years Holiday YouTube video of lovely TTs helping me celebrate the season. I hope you take a moment to view it. It was a pleasure to put together. I hope it brings a gentle smile to your face as it does to mine...and a warm, hot-chocolate-y feeling. LOVE is everything!

You can also see this on the YouTube site. Cut and paste this:


in the YouTube search box or you may be able to find it with it's title "Tibetan Terrier Kiara Holiday Tidings 2015".

Again wishing everyone the merriest, the happiest of your season's holidays. Looking forward to writing more in the new year. Peace.

More later.

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Summer 2015

End of Summer

As the end of summer approaches, there are lots of great stories to report on and plenty of news. Love receiving all the notes and letters –and especially those with photos attached.

I talk Tibetan Terriers to lots of encouraged new enthusiasts of the breed. Some have TTs; some are looking for a new TT; and then there are those that are just interested or complimentary of this website. It is mostly because of your comments that get posted right here in the News & Reviews. I am very grateful and know that your insights and experiences are helpful. 

Best in Show ring at the last show in Maine.

There is some show news. It's been a very active summer in the rings. Most recently Michael and Marie McLoughlin's Cookie, Lukilu's Life Is But A Dream At Kiara, earned her second major. Cookie is a single point away from her AKC Championship title. Way to go team Cookie. This exquisite photo was taken a few weeks earlier after going Winners at the Brookhaven KC Show. Soon she will join her cousins, Jose, Lucy, and Madonna who have all recently earned their last points and are now CH Jose, CH Lucy, and CH Madonna. 

CH Namaste Causin' A Commotion At Kiara
CH Kiara L Dharma's Doll

CH Kiara Jose Cuervo

And just starting out at the most recent shows is Midnight, Kiara Harlem Rhythm Of The Night. She is co-owned with Debbie and Sophia Smith. Sophia has Midnight entered in Jrs as well as in the breed ring in the 6 - 9 month old puppy class.

There are other titles that are just as honorable to earn. This little guy is in the spotlight in this News & Reviews because he's earned his Canine Good Citizen's Certificate. Sometimes trying to be the perfectly behaved dog is attainable and this little guy proves it!

Congratulations, Doc, for earning your
Canine Good Citizens Certificate.

Hi Dennis!

I just wanted to send you a long overdue update on Doc!

He is doing great and is a wonderful, well-behaved, perfect dog. We can't get over how quick he learns new skills and commands (he'll be starting agility only class in August).

Right now he is in the Advanced On/Off Leash class at Canine College. They work on obedience but are also starting to add in some agility (he does awesome on the dogwalk, but is a little hesitant on the tunnel), scent work and playtime. He absolutely loves it. All we have to say is "Canine College" and he gets all excited and starts "talking" and dancing around. 

My parents were happy to see you at the Tibetan Terrier Specialty show last month. They mentioned that you had told them what the pattern of Doc's coat (the white with a few black spots) is called. By the time they got home they forgot what you had called it - can you refresh our memory? They had a great time watching the Rally and Obedience and think that with a little bit more training Doc might be good at that too. Doc loves to be busy and we are looking for more activities to get him into.

I've attached a photo collage of Doc from the past few months! Hope you like it!


Hi Dennis,

No worries! Thanks so much for getting back to me!

Also, just wanted to let you know that Doc got his Canine Good Citizen certificate in the mail yesterday. We are very proud of him!

Hope you had a great vacation down the Cape! It's been a few years since I've actually spent much time down there (I used to work in Hyannis during the summer for a few years!). The closest I've gotten this year was the Water Wizz waterpark in Wareham.

Doc is very excited that he might be featured in the next blog! I know we've told you this a few times, but he is the BEST dog that we have ever had. His personality is amazing and he's so smart and excited to learn! We've started work towards doing some rally with him and his agility class starts in 2 weeks. He's a very busy boy!


There are more good stories to highlight. I love receiving them. Knowing that a Kiara Tibetan Terrier has found a loving, happy home and gets to share his life with wonderful companions makes me feel my avocation has merit.

Hi Dennis,

I'd like to share a compliment I received yesterday about our Kailash.  On Fridays he attends a socializing day (Joan's day off) with a group of about 25 other fancy pups.  

Casey(the trainer) told me that they consider that Kailash is their most congenial attendee.  Everybody wants to be his friend.  

I must agree that he portrays happiness and love.


PS: hope all is well at Kiara.

A shot of Lark and Miles Davis 
at TT social today in Rowley


Thought you'd get a kick out of this! 


I hope you know how grateful we are to YOU, 
‪Dennis, for allowing us to have Gracie in our 
lives. she is PURE love, light and joy, and a 
perfect playmate for our precious boys, 
Robbie and the BoBo!

Hey Dennis,

Have another Danvers vet apt on Sat, June 20 at 2:30 if you happen to be around.  Tinley is a big boy now.  His favorite game is fetch-n-launch -- he races back with the ball and launches himself from three feet out into your arms, or simply happily rams into you if you're not paying attention.  We gotta good one!

MichaelHey Dennis,

Thanks for letting me and Brendon drop by unannounced last weekend. Here's a shot of Tinley monkeying around.



Hi Dennis. 

   Sorry I haven't kept in touch, after my frantic call about Roxy's' evening behavior.  We have been extraordinarily busy as I am sure you know. All is good now. Thank you for your thoughts and direction. She has settled into our routine. When she gets a little hyper we redirect her energy to doing something else. It works!

   She has really grown into a beauty. She now weighs 20 lbs --as much as Misha. She will probably be a bigger TT. She is very sweet but very shy. We are trying to socialize her more and more. Having Misha helps.  Hope all is well with you.  


Hi Dennis,
Just wanted to send you a quick picture, we are all having fun with Rocco!



Hi Dennis,

I hope your summer is going well! We are having lots of fun with Rocco. He is a great dog and is even starting to like swimming in Lake Sunapee! Anna and Mikey say hi.

Thanks so much,

The McGurks

Hi Dennis,

Just wanted to let you know that Charlie is doing great!! He is the most amazing dog and we are so lucky he is in our lives. He is so friendly with friends and family (and even random kids that come up and pet him). Thank you for trusting us with one of your babies! He is loved more than you can ever imagine!

Pam, Jason, Emily, Jordan, and Charlie

I have been attending --just as a spectator so far-- a local agility class that one of the Kiara TTs, Tashi is her name, is in. It is fascinating to watch. TTs are really made for it. First of all, they're fast. And as there are varied feats to be attained, they are always engaged in a "new" endeavor --so they do not get bored. I applaud Tashi's owners, Tom and Jess, for giving her this fun experience.  Hopefully I will find a TT in my future to share agility with. 

Here at Kiara we have newbies in the whelping pool! These babes are out of Travis and Jane's Cooper, CH Kiara Ewok Among Us, and Passion, CH Kiara All Fired Up. These are babes in the Kiara "Fire" Line. Making this kind of announcement is always a good place to end these News & Reviews as it always is a new step into the future.

More later.

Sunday, May 10, 2015


SPRING of 2015

Spring has finally sprung here. And the first display in the white garden is all over the lawn. White violets have spilled over from the borders and spread across the green carpet. I enjoy it until they pass, then allowing me to mow. Anything to put off extra garden work.

It's good to see the feet of snow gone from our Northeast unprecedented winter. And although things are sprouting later than usual, they have made themselves known. I especially celebrate the beautiful magnolia. This year no rain dampened it's beautiful display...however now it's all over the ground. Very good for the compost heap.

The Show season has started up again. Bay Colony Tibetan Terrier Club held their annual Specialty in conduction with an all breed club in Springfield. The beautiful Cookie, aka Lukilu Life Is But A Dream At Kiara, was in attendance with her special man, Mike McLoughlin. They did well in the Bred-By Exhibitor Class.

Some good show news has happened at Kiara I am glad to report. The handsome Chivas is now New AKC CH Kiara Chivas Regal.

His cousins, Madonna, Namaste Causin' A Commotion At Kiara, and Lucy, Kiara L Dharma's Doll, have also been major pointed. And their beautiful Pennsylvania cousin, Lucy, Khyber's Look Who's Talking, is almost at the finish line as well. Here she's pictured with owner/breeder Pat Sutton celebrating a major win. Congrats Pat & Richard...and of course Lucy!

And another cousin made her way to the CH finish line. Carol Adam's Gracie earned her AKC championship at this year's Mid-Atlantic Regional Specialty show the Wilmington Kennel Club's 75th annual dog show in Delware. Gracie was lovingly and expertly shown by Travis Brock who co-owns dad, Cooper, aka CH Kiara Ewok Among Us.  Congratulations Carol, Travis, and especially New Champion Gamine Goodnight Gracie.

 Loved getting all the news and photos. TTs really love enjoying the winter season as you can see from their happy photos.   

Micha, She loves the snow.

Sent from Jolanta's phone

Hi Dennis,

Just wanted to say hello and send a Koji update (see pictures below). He is enjoying winter. He loves walking/running through the snowy trails at Maudslay State Park with me.

Are you expecting another litter any time soon? I’m interested in getting a second tibetan terrier this summer. June/July is an ideal time for me, as I have the summers off from teaching. Please keep me updated!


Hi Dennis,
I hope this email finds you and yours well.

We have escaped the snows of Boston and are up in Maine. Panda is delighted to spend his fifth birthday here. You might note that he is wearing a reflective collar. We found these at LLBean’s. It’s a slip on collar that allows us to keep track of him while hiking.  Niki, our black lab, turns 13 on April 19 and is doing remarkably well. Hopefully we will age as graciously as he has!

With best wishes,

Judy and Bob Stephan

Hey Dennis, Today is my 5th birthday! What a bundle of love. 

Hi Dennis,

Snowy is getting so big that we had to send you an update. He is the only family member who has loved the snow this winter. I started taking him on my daily run this week and he more than keeps up with me, which is great. He is incredibly food motivated which made training him fairly easy. He'll do almost anything as long as there is a treat involved! He still doesn't love being brushed and handled a lot, so we have been working on that and we are making progress. We are taking him to the groomer for the first time next week for a little trim in a few spots, so it will be interesting to see how that goes. We hope you and your pups are all doing well!



Hi Dennis,

Our handsome little man was groomed for the first time today.  He was exceptionally well behaved and looks amazing!  We are so proud of him. I was nervous about it, but all went as well as possible. He is wonderful.

Hope you are well!!

Kristin, Ezra, Hattie and Kenny

Ozzie is that true TT companion...other beings --not only the two legged kind-- make their lives more fulfilled. Here sharing his resting place with his feline furry friend.

 And the new babes that have found their new loving homes with respectful, responsible owners who cherish them for who they are, I am especially grateful for that.

Hi Dennis
Just a quick update - we are all in love with Charlie. He did amazing on the car ride home. 3 1/2 hr on my lap with no accidents. He is eating like a champion!  He did great sleeping in the crate next to us. No accidents throughout the whole night and he went outside every 2 hrs or so (the newspaper you gave us works great). He did pee on my kitchen floor but I will take the blame for that! Thank you for such a beautiful dog!  He will be very well loved!

Pam, Jason, Jordan and Emily

Hi Dennis,

 The ride home went well. Here is a picture of Samantha, Snickers, Sophia, and Midnight. Introductions went very well!

Thank you so much for everything!
We will keep in touch!


Hi Dennis!

Percy is settling in well. No accidents for 2 days now and Felix has played with him nicely most of the day today! Crate training is going ok... He whimpers a few minutes before falling asleep (while whimpering) and sleeps about 2-2.5 hours between potty breaks. Had him to the vet yesterday and he has a clean bill of health with no worms!

He is an adorable little guy and we're so happy to have him here!

Here are a couple photos of of little munchkin.

Enjoy your vacation!
Karisa and Nisha

Sadly, as life has a joyous beginning, it also has an ending. Knowing that these little guys are loved to that point and mourned over, is also something I am grateful for. Fifteen years ago Clancy went to live in his new home. He had the very best life any TT could wish for. We celebrate that life and send our special thoughts to his family who miss him...and remember him. Thank you for sharing this wonderful testimonial.

Hi Dennis,

Back in 2002, we adopted our beloved little guy "Fluffy" Clancy from you.  It is with a very heavy heart that I am writing to tell you Clancy has passed away.

We want to thank you, as we were so fortunate to have been blessed with him.  Clancy was a very special dog... truly a kind, gentle soul and everyone who met him remarked on this.  He was our best bud.  He would follow me around all day - just wanting to be by my side - a true companion.  After Clancy came into our lives, we adopted another TT, Daisy (Willow's littermate), from Kathleen Kelley.  They were great friends for each other.   They loved to run laps around the house and yard together, and would wrestle like polar bears every night.  We also now have 2 daughters, ages 9 and 10.  Clancy was always there for them as well.  When the girls were toddlers and would melt down, if we were unable to console them, Clancy could... he always knew to just lay down next to them and provide comfort.  One of my daughters just remarked on how Clancy would have been a great helping dog.  My reply to her was that he was a great helping dog - he helped each of us every day with his compassionate way.  He had a wonderful, sweet nature about him.  But, he was certainly a goofball as well.  Clancy loved to play, and would try to play fetch with Dan for hours.  He was also known to try to sneak a stuffed animal for himself from one of the girls!  Not to mention, he was able to nab a few waffles from them in his day!  My brother described him as "happy go lucky" and that is a wonderful way to remember him.  Some of our fun nicknames for him are: Fluffy (which I believe you called him that as a puppy); Handsome; Little Man; Mr. Waffles; Buddy; Budster, and Clanceman.  He brought us such joy... thank you!!
Obviously we have been giving lots of extra love and attention to Daisy, but it is clear that she misses him.  If you have any advice on how we can help Daisy through this, we would love to hear it.  Clancy was such a great little guy...we are all heartbroken and he will be so dearly missed by all of us.  I keep looking for him under my feet.

I enjoyed looking through your website at all the adorable TT pictures.  They made me smile! 

Hope all is well with you. 

Best wishes,
Kara, Dan, Abby & Audrey Rice

*            *            *

When little ones are born, their little noses can be completely pink. They gradually pigment. I've taken these photos of Gracie off her Mom's FaceBook page to illustrate that over time the color comes in. From 8 weeks old to 6 months old, the metamorphosis  sometimes takes time.
#1...8 weeks old


tah-dah #6...6 months old


Always finding interesting and insightful advice. This offering gives good reasons why crate training is important. Your dog may never require crating once trained to his new environment, but there are many reasons why feeling comfortable in his own space will give him and you peace of mind.

A crucial aspect of managing dangerous or unwanted behavior is the ability to confine the dog during times of high risk.
When I am called in to work with a dog who has threatened or bitten visitors, one of the first things I suggest is crating or otherwise confining the dog during times that the owner cannot give the dog 100% of their attention, like appliance repair calls or kids' birthday parties.
Too often, these dogs are unable to be confined away from the owner without significant stress for all involved. Incessant barking, howling, and clawing at crates and doors makes life miserable for both dogs and humans. A recent visit had me very concerned that the dog was going to break down the sliding glass door trying to get inside!
And so, instead of starting the desensitization and counter-conditioning program right away, we have to devote part of our lessons to acclimating the dog to some form of confinement. Dog owners could save time and money by teaching their dog this one skill.
Even if your dog is great with visitors and perfectly behaved inside the house all day when you're at work, there are still plenty of reasons to teach this important life skill.
Your dog may need surgery that requires them to be quiet and still for large periods of time.
You may move to a new house and need a safe place for your dog while doors are open and boxes are being carried in/out.
Your perfectly friendly dog may take a strong disliking to a new friend, making it difficult to talk over all the barking.
You may start a new relationship with a partner who has another dog or even a cat, requiring a careful and gradual integration.
You may pick up a loose dog and need to keep your dog separated until you can find the owner or determine the dog is healthy and friendly.
Whatever the reason, you can't know what the future holds for you and your dog. It is better to do a little training now and never need it, than to add it to the list of things that need to be done during a house remodel or move.
How do you do it? Start out small. If your dog will safely respect a baby gate, you can put him on one side while you sit on the other, rewarding all good behavior. Start with 15 rewards, then release your dog while he is calm and quiet.
In future training sessions, you can build distance and duration. For example, give your dog a frozen Kong stuffed with canned dog food while he's behind the gate and you sit and relax within his sight. As long as he's focused on his Kong and not whining, clawing, or barking, he can stay there until the Kong is empty.
The Kong delivers a continuous stream of reinforcement for calm behavior and creates a more positive association to the confinement area.
Repeat this when you a) do the dishes, b) fold laundry, c) watch a tv show, d) sit with a friend or family member and eat dinner, etc. The idea being that your dog learns that there will be times he can't have full access to you or other areas of the house, but he will get good things in exchange.
I also recommend the ideas in the DVD Crate Games, by Susan Garrett, which teach dogs to LOVE getting into crates, but the same ideas could be used for baby gates, too. 

We all want our dogs to be with us as often as possible, but sometimes, temporary separation is necessary. Preparing them for that possibility makes your life easier, and reduces their stress, which is one of the greatest gifts we can give them.

Lastly --a little bragging-- of something that happened many many years ago. I can be proud of the only time, as an owner/handler, I escorted my beautiful Ella to a Group First Placement. It was at the very well attended 50th Annual Wilmington Kennel Club Dog Show. I placed this ad in the catalog of the 75th Annual Wilmington Kennel Club Show in celebration of their event and a fond memory I might savor.

A Fond Memory
of the WKC’s 50th Annual Show 
and this impressive win

Breeder of Tibetan Terriers for over 30 years. 
Proud of the heritage and the many generations 
of success celebrated because of this gorgeous 
Tibetan Terrier:
CH Kiara Harlem Butterfly

Dennis Gunsher ~ Kiara Tibetan Terriers ~ gunsher@comcast.net ~ 978-777-2632

The Tibetan Terrier Club of America is holding their National Specialty in Massachusetts. It'll be a fun event to go to. Can't wait to see all the star attractions.

More later.