Saturday, April 25, 2020

Trials and Tribulations Spring 2020

We are living in troubling times. 2020 has brought us all to the greatest test of our life times; unfortunately we live each day in a way we could never have imagined living. And yet...we do! 

I hope this News & Reviews finds you well and doing your best to stay healthy and safe. What we want is to get to the end of this. But from all that has been's going to be a long road before what was once "normal". 

So we will enjoy what we can. Me? My garden will help fill some hours each day --when it doesn't rain!!! The spring colors liven the brown earth in places where new green sprouts offer a background.  And walking through the empty streets of my neighborhood there are lots of flowering trees. The magnolia at the front of my house has burst into pink. When the sky is blue, it's something to see! 

And itching to get started I have already put in the first plants in my raised veggie garden: lettuce and broccoli don't mind the near nightly freezing temperatures and are not only surviving --but thriving! 

My TTs have never been so well groomed! With hours and hours (much of it like everybody ...spent in front of a screen) I have plenty of time and have someone in the sink or on a table getting the hair all clean and neat and pretty. They all know the drill...and for the most part are compliant. That makes it all the more enjoyable. Ear buds in...playlist on...brush in hand.

And though there may not be any dog shows for a long time...they will be ready to strut their stuff in the rings again when the time comes.

And the most fortunate occurrence that has helped fill my days and bring out my smile was Doris giving birth. Always something I enjoy...helping to bring new little ones into the world...the clear sound of their first clear cries...squirming with life in the palm of my hand as I help clean them off, weigh them, and give them back to Momma. 

Each day that they thrive brings a little more joy to this existence. It helps fill a few more hours -- especially now that they have become wee in the biggest pool...because they are on the move!

 These little ones will probably be photographed a lot...what else is there to do with extra time on my hands?

Luckily at night...though I can't go out and enjoy some camaraderie with my friends, we get together on-line with the help of  Zoom and play a few fun rounds of Fibbage. Laugh, lie, and try to guess the truth can fill an hour and break the lonely isolation.

Always so happy to receive up-dates on how all the family is doing. And I post as much of it as I can remember. I try to do it right away when I receive it. When I am thoughtful, it gets printed. Hopefully I haven't omitted any.



Personified? Maybe 😉 Don’t worry... he’s loved ❤️


Hi Dennis,

Here is Dzogi at two years and two months. He is Madonna’s winter solstice puppy from 2017. Boy, do we love him! He is the center of our lives – so intuitive and so funny. Thought you would like to see him as a bigger guy.

All the best and even a Valentine hug,


Hi Dennis,

I hope you are well.

I can’t find my paperwork for Phoenix since my move. Could you please let me know when his birthday is. I am thinking it was last Wednesday, February 12.

He’s doing great! And he continues to be a very smart and sweet boy. He makes me laugh every day. So blessed to have him.


Hi Dennis, 

I hope you are doing well!

I attach some pictures of Koji (a “then” and “now”, as well as another nice picture of him.) He is doing very well! A happy and healthy boy. He loves running in the backyard, walking downtown Newburyport, and playing with his neighborhood friends, Rudy and Loki.

I wanted to reach out to ask if you were having another new litter in May or June or in the near future? I am graduating with my PhD from UMass Amherst and will be moving to New York later this summer to work at Syracuse University.

I need to put more thought into when the right timing will be to get my own dog, but finding out availability and when you expect to have litters will be helpful.

I look forward to hearing from you.



My work home home-office mate, Jai Alai, just handed me Jai-lighter. Why thank you sweet girl! Bobby and I are glad to shelter in place with such a resourceful pup!


I am including her 3rd birthday photos that were posted on FaceBook a few days ago. A "then" and "now" Jai Alai comparison. So easy to see how the beauty of 10 weeks stays forever. Happy B'Day!


I hope this finds you well hunkering down with your dogs. Thank you for the Christmas card. Elska adds much joy and personality to our lives. She loves the snow and helping the kids with their lessons.

Take care and be safe.


And another birthday more ways than one!  Here's hoping for more, Tristan. Happy B'Day!

Hi Dennis,

I hope you’re well. I am sending both of the pictures I took of Tristan; you can pick whichever one you like for the news and reviews. Thank you for adding him. 

The vet said he would be dead last December without radiation and chemotherapy. We opted to find a holistic vet and changed his diet and added Chinese medicine and other vitamins. He’s been doing great! I can’t believe he’s 14. 

It seems like yesterday when we picked him up at your house. He's the love of my life! 



Went for a walk in the neighborhood and met a lady who said Riley looked just like her dog. Somehow we connected ourselves to you! This is Riley and her Prince.

Apparently the parents are Q-tip and Madonna. Do they have a relationship?

Hope you’re doing well.


It's with sadness I receive some news. When one passes over the Rainbow Bridge, I share in the sorrow of saying I shared in the joy of bringing each of them into this world. 

Good morning Dennis,

I hope all is well with you in this crazy time. I write you with great sorrow as I recently lost our beautiful Tibetan, Brandy. We adopted her from you in 2007, and this year she just celebrated her 13th birthday. She was born on Valentine’s Day in 2007. With our kids now older and in and out of the house, we always knew that this day would come and we would miss the sunshine and excitement Brandy brought to our home.

I write you today to inquire as to what upcoming litters you might have scheduled. Our very good friends lost their Tibetan, Barclay, the day we got the call from you in 2007 telling us the litter was born and they have set out to replace him, ironically, their Tibetan was actually related to Brandy. He was one of her great grand uncles. They might be interested in acquiring another today as well.

Please let me know about your upcoming litters. Also I have attached a few pictures and the video of Brandy!!

Thank you,

Again, wishing that you stay healthy and safe for when we return to the lives we knew.

More later...