Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Spring 2016 has Sprung!

Spring has come to the Northeast. And it came with a flurry of activity. Puppies kept me busy at home at first. I was away from home doing some judges education on breeds I am working on. Then came the Tibetan Terrier Club of America National Specialty in Delaware. I came home to judge TTs, Pembroke Welsh Corgis, and babies at a show. And though it seems too early to do so here for fear of frost, planting like crazy in the gardens.

It was fun to attend the TTCA National Specialty in Bear, Delaware at the Lums Pond State Park. Michael McLoughlin and I traveled down to enjoy the company of those peers who celebrate the breed in the same ways we do. And we went with TTs --that made it even more enjoyable. Traveling along with us were Rosie (CH Lukilu Everything's Coming Up Roses At Kiara), Vienna (CH Kiara Tempest), and Henry (Kiara Here I Am Zin-Pa). And even though it was soggy, cool, and breezy most of the time, Rosie, Vienna, and Henry had fun. Michael and I did too.

The event was in a big circus-like tent this year --that made it kind of special. There was plenty of room for exhibitors to spread out and do their brushing, many instances...ironing their TT into beauty while we listened to the constant droning noise generators create. The whole weekend TTs enjoyed this well protected, completely tented ring that helped them stay dry.

Rosie, Vienna, and Henry enjoyed watching all the confusion that surrounded them. Very proud of their attention to the reason Mike and I brought them along. Henry strutted his stuff in the first puppy class and placed. Vienna was shown in the Specials class. And Rosie was the Veteran --and Rosie came away with the prize of the three going Best Veteran In Specialty. Big congrats to Rosie and Mike!

CH Lukilu Everything's Coming Up Roses At Kiara


Top Twenty Invitational

It was also fun to attend the Top Twenty Invitational Evening. It's always a special event. Watching the TTs that have garnered the greatest appreciation from many judges during the year is a treat. And this year, those putting the event together, carried through the circus theme making it even more of an event to enjoy.

*    *    *    *    *

Hot of the presses is great news from the Gartlands. Miles has become a model! Well, besides being a model canine citizen, he is now a cover-boy! I'm so proud of him because of all that he stands all around great companion to a wonderful loving family who have made him all that he can be.

And the winner of our 2016 Nashville Paw Magazine Cover Dog Search is.... Miles Davis!
When this adorable two and a half year old Tibetan Terrier plopped himself down on our photo set and grinned for the camera, we knew he was something special! One of our easiest shots of the day, his totally cute pose, unique markings and happy-go-lucky smile just won our hearts. Miles Davis loves to run free at the dog park and is just a happy boy who loves life. His mom, Patricia Gartland, is pretty proud!
Look for this cutie to grace our August issue cover, and learn all about him in a special feature. Congrats to Miles and his family!

Great  hearing how everyone's doing: how little ones fit into their new lives, how others are growing up, and just how they are making their companions' lives more special. Keep those emails, cards, and letters coming. And sometimes I find them on FaceBook.

Auggie and his brother, Dawson, made it to Atlanta, Georgia. Love the photos of how they are fitting into their new lives.


Nicer pics to come. This was taken on my phone today. We just like it because it has both our babes in it.


Hey Dennis,

Last bath before leaving Florida for NH. We expect to leave Saturday. Yesterday we had a play day with Snowy's brother  and they had a blast. Hope the Nationals went well for you.



We are so in love with our new pup. The girls named him Prince Laz. He's doing great although not eating much of his lunch (dry kibble)- he clearly prefers the meat and yogurt mixed in at breakfast and dinner. He definitely whines for attention and it's hard not to give in because he's so cute!! We are trying:). Hope you had a good visit to Baltimore. Btw the painting in the photo below is of newberry street from when we lived in Boston!
Thanks for our adorable little boy!


Hi Dennis,

We're overdue for a catch-up with our pup Tinley.  He's growing into a fine, very goofy boy!  We'll stop by at our next appointment at Danvers Animal Hospital in June, if not before.

Someone in my office building brought by a lovely old children's story about at TT living in a Tibetan monastery called Little Dog Moon -- wanted to pass it along in case you didn't know about it. 

Nice tip for parents of little ones who end up with one of your puppies.  


Michael Christ


Luna is 7 months old! People on the streets of NYC stop us everyday top ask about her!!

Thank you again Dennis!!



I spy a fluffalicious pup that can (sorta/kinda) fly...


Hi Dennis-

Just a quick photo update that Nimbus has settled in beautifully here. He was flawless on the drive to Brooklyn, decidedly cautious and reserved the first twenty-four hours or so here, but since then he’s really been blossoming. He loves his backyard, and is running around like crazy. Great check-up by his new vet, and we’re looking forward to our first longish car trip in June, camping in western parts of New York on the way to Toronto. What a great dog!

These two pictures will have you thinking that all he does is sleep, but it’s more that Alicia was moved to snap these when the little guy was at rest.

Thank you for this beautiful being! We’ll send better pics at some point in the future, with stories about how he’s doing.


Dear Dennis,

Your puppy, now my puppy, is such a cuddle bunny.  She is confident, or at least not fearful of strangers and strange places and has gotten stronger day by day, frolicking outside, trying to play with the cats, running around the yard with us and a young neighbor.  Such a sweet pup.  I will send you more pictures soon.

Thank you.



11 months old- I bought a grooming table - Best Buy ever! She gets a lot of comments on how pretty she is. :)
Happy May!


And there is a little to brag about here at home. Henry, Kiara Here I Am Zin-Pa, went Best Puppy In Match --and there was lots of competition. Love my Henry!

And also during the Long Island, Ladies Association/Westbury shows weekend Henry's sister  Cannoli, Zin-Pa Truly Scrumptious, took a Best of Breed over Specials earning a first major from the puppy class. Way to go Sue and Cannoli!

And very proud of the Q-Tip daughter Boo, Zin-Pa Bibbity Bobbity Boo, who went Winner's Bitch to Best of Winners two days earning points of her own.

Sometimes I like to reflect back on TTs that helped make this family tree so special. One TT that is behind many of the TTs featured in this New & Reviews --and certainly in many of the other News & Reviews is Asland, CH Tsering Shamtsang Mingma. He traveled over the Atlantic from the Tsering Kennel in England in a May 20 years ago. You can read more about Asland: go the the Archives in the Kiara website and he was featured once "In The Spotlight".

And he is a great-great grandparent to the little ones nestled in under Momma Loui-zzz pictured here on whelping day. They are two weeks old now!

And closing out this News & Reviews in another --an older Loui-zzz boy, Ozzie...sharing his sleeping spot with his best friend. I love TTs!

More later...