Thursday, September 10, 2015

Summer 2015

End of Summer

As the end of summer approaches, there are lots of great stories to report on and plenty of news. Love receiving all the notes and letters –and especially those with photos attached.

I talk Tibetan Terriers to lots of encouraged new enthusiasts of the breed. Some have TTs; some are looking for a new TT; and then there are those that are just interested or complimentary of this website. It is mostly because of your comments that get posted right here in the News & Reviews. I am very grateful and know that your insights and experiences are helpful. 

Best in Show ring at the last show in Maine.

There is some show news. It's been a very active summer in the rings. Most recently Michael and Marie McLoughlin's Cookie, Lukilu's Life Is But A Dream At Kiara, earned her second major. Cookie is a single point away from her AKC Championship title. Way to go team Cookie. This exquisite photo was taken a few weeks earlier after going Winners at the Brookhaven KC Show. Soon she will join her cousins, Jose, Lucy, and Madonna who have all recently earned their last points and are now CH Jose, CH Lucy, and CH Madonna. 

CH Namaste Causin' A Commotion At Kiara
CH Kiara L Dharma's Doll

CH Kiara Jose Cuervo

And just starting out at the most recent shows is Midnight, Kiara Harlem Rhythm Of The Night. She is co-owned with Debbie and Sophia Smith. Sophia has Midnight entered in Jrs as well as in the breed ring in the 6 - 9 month old puppy class.

There are other titles that are just as honorable to earn. This little guy is in the spotlight in this News & Reviews because he's earned his Canine Good Citizen's Certificate. Sometimes trying to be the perfectly behaved dog is attainable and this little guy proves it!

Congratulations, Doc, for earning your
Canine Good Citizens Certificate.

Hi Dennis!

I just wanted to send you a long overdue update on Doc!

He is doing great and is a wonderful, well-behaved, perfect dog. We can't get over how quick he learns new skills and commands (he'll be starting agility only class in August).

Right now he is in the Advanced On/Off Leash class at Canine College. They work on obedience but are also starting to add in some agility (he does awesome on the dogwalk, but is a little hesitant on the tunnel), scent work and playtime. He absolutely loves it. All we have to say is "Canine College" and he gets all excited and starts "talking" and dancing around. 

My parents were happy to see you at the Tibetan Terrier Specialty show last month. They mentioned that you had told them what the pattern of Doc's coat (the white with a few black spots) is called. By the time they got home they forgot what you had called it - can you refresh our memory? They had a great time watching the Rally and Obedience and think that with a little bit more training Doc might be good at that too. Doc loves to be busy and we are looking for more activities to get him into.

I've attached a photo collage of Doc from the past few months! Hope you like it!


Hi Dennis,

No worries! Thanks so much for getting back to me!

Also, just wanted to let you know that Doc got his Canine Good Citizen certificate in the mail yesterday. We are very proud of him!

Hope you had a great vacation down the Cape! It's been a few years since I've actually spent much time down there (I used to work in Hyannis during the summer for a few years!). The closest I've gotten this year was the Water Wizz waterpark in Wareham.

Doc is very excited that he might be featured in the next blog! I know we've told you this a few times, but he is the BEST dog that we have ever had. His personality is amazing and he's so smart and excited to learn! We've started work towards doing some rally with him and his agility class starts in 2 weeks. He's a very busy boy!


There are more good stories to highlight. I love receiving them. Knowing that a Kiara Tibetan Terrier has found a loving, happy home and gets to share his life with wonderful companions makes me feel my avocation has merit.

Hi Dennis,

I'd like to share a compliment I received yesterday about our Kailash.  On Fridays he attends a socializing day (Joan's day off) with a group of about 25 other fancy pups.  

Casey(the trainer) told me that they consider that Kailash is their most congenial attendee.  Everybody wants to be his friend.  

I must agree that he portrays happiness and love.


PS: hope all is well at Kiara.

A shot of Lark and Miles Davis 
at TT social today in Rowley


Thought you'd get a kick out of this! 


I hope you know how grateful we are to YOU, 
‪Dennis, for allowing us to have Gracie in our 
lives. she is PURE love, light and joy, and a 
perfect playmate for our precious boys, 
Robbie and the BoBo!

Hey Dennis,

Have another Danvers vet apt on Sat, June 20 at 2:30 if you happen to be around.  Tinley is a big boy now.  His favorite game is fetch-n-launch -- he races back with the ball and launches himself from three feet out into your arms, or simply happily rams into you if you're not paying attention.  We gotta good one!

MichaelHey Dennis,

Thanks for letting me and Brendon drop by unannounced last weekend. Here's a shot of Tinley monkeying around.



Hi Dennis. 

   Sorry I haven't kept in touch, after my frantic call about Roxy's' evening behavior.  We have been extraordinarily busy as I am sure you know. All is good now. Thank you for your thoughts and direction. She has settled into our routine. When she gets a little hyper we redirect her energy to doing something else. It works!

   She has really grown into a beauty. She now weighs 20 lbs --as much as Misha. She will probably be a bigger TT. She is very sweet but very shy. We are trying to socialize her more and more. Having Misha helps.  Hope all is well with you.  


Hi Dennis,
Just wanted to send you a quick picture, we are all having fun with Rocco!



Hi Dennis,

I hope your summer is going well! We are having lots of fun with Rocco. He is a great dog and is even starting to like swimming in Lake Sunapee! Anna and Mikey say hi.

Thanks so much,

The McGurks

Hi Dennis,

Just wanted to let you know that Charlie is doing great!! He is the most amazing dog and we are so lucky he is in our lives. He is so friendly with friends and family (and even random kids that come up and pet him). Thank you for trusting us with one of your babies! He is loved more than you can ever imagine!

Pam, Jason, Emily, Jordan, and Charlie

I have been attending --just as a spectator so far-- a local agility class that one of the Kiara TTs, Tashi is her name, is in. It is fascinating to watch. TTs are really made for it. First of all, they're fast. And as there are varied feats to be attained, they are always engaged in a "new" endeavor --so they do not get bored. I applaud Tashi's owners, Tom and Jess, for giving her this fun experience.  Hopefully I will find a TT in my future to share agility with. 

Here at Kiara we have newbies in the whelping pool! These babes are out of Travis and Jane's Cooper, CH Kiara Ewok Among Us, and Passion, CH Kiara All Fired Up. These are babes in the Kiara "Fire" Line. Making this kind of announcement is always a good place to end these News & Reviews as it always is a new step into the future.

More later.