Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Happiest Holidays 2015

Happy Holidays to all!

Another year is coming to a close. And there is some exciting dog show news to report. Cookie, now AKC Champion Cookie, aka CH Lukilu's Life Is But A Dream At Kiara, has fulfilled her potential. She has been exhibited beautifully by her breeder/owner Michael McLoughlin. For all who have seen her gaiting the rings can attest to her quality. Just lovely!

CH Cookie is the 99th Kiara Tibetan Terrier AKC Champion. Something to celebrate for the 30+ years of breeding Tibetan Terriers in a small operation. And this beauty is a credit to all those years.

I have to thank many people for this. Certainly Mike and Marie McLoughlin are at the top of that list. But there are many others. Susan Meluzin, Faith Lowell, Kathleen Kelley, Maureen Dwyer, Deb & Jim Griffith, and Pat & Richard Sutton among others deserving to share those thanks.

Pat and Richard Sutton have a new champion as well. Another beauty who has earned her AKC championship.  Champion Khyber's Look Who's Talking otherwise known as Lucy. Cousin Lucy completed her championship during the Philadelphia dog show weekend. Congratulations Pat and Richard, and of course, Lucy.

This puppy. This face. This bundle of fluffy muffin lovelovelove & JOY! Happy 1st birthday, Gracie Lou... our world is a happier place because of YOU!

Hope all is well with momma and babes!!! sending you abundant love, Dennis, along with thanks...EVERY DAY for this fluffy gift that has brought us such great joy since day 1!!

Neva & Joel

Hi there Dennis!

All is well with your Seattle contingent. Percy is enormous (32 lbs!) and is growing into the sweet goofball you knew he would be. Big brother Felix is tolerant of his boisterous brother and has finally decided to lay down the law occasionally--which I think is good for both of them. They spend their weekdays at the dog park with their buddies and are generally loving life.

Coming home to these two is always the highlight of the day. Thank you for sharing them with us! I have included some recent photos and a video of our typical evening :)

Karisa and Nisha

Hi Dennis,

Just wanted to let you know Bodhi has settled in nicely! He is a love bug... Such a snuggler! The girls are so in love with him (of course!), which is great since he just wants to sit in their laps! He had a fun afternoon playing around in the yard when we got him home. I love his little puppy run. Daisy is warming up to him. I think she will be motherly to him.

Thank you!!! Bodhi will be filling our hearts with lots of love and joy!


Hi Dennis,

Just small note to say hello. 
Hard to believe that Tashi is five. She had small accident about 2 months ago while running in the back yard. She is on the mend an doing great. 
Hope all is well with you and you are enjoying your retirement. Looking forward for your Christmas message. 
Be well.


Hi Dennis,  

Hope all is well with you and your pups.  To update you Roxy is doing well.  She was just spayed two weeks ago and has recovered quite well.  She continues to be uber active bright and intelligent.  She brings me the water bowl to fill if it is empty totally on her own.  She does tend to be very willful and wants to dominate Misha who is quite gentle.  However Misha has become more interactive than she ever was.  Roxy now weighs 26 pounds and I believe still growing.  Yikes.   
We are working with a trainer to deal with her skittishness and things are progressing.  Keep in touch and be well.   


P.S.  There is something about her colouring that seems to be a magnet to people who pass us by when we are walking her.  We are constantly stopped and told how beautiful she is.

Hi Dennis,

Just thought I would say "hello." Heard from Kara Rice that they may be getting one of Passion's puppies this fall. That is happy news to hear that Katie's line is continuing.

I have attached a photo of Jack and Willow for you. Somehow they actually decided to pose for me! Mom and her boy are very close these days since Willie passed away.

Hope all is well. Enjoy your updates on facebook.

At least I'm getting a TT-fix!

Take Care,

Hi Dennis--

Wanted to let you know that Ranger has settled in nicely. He and Oliver are getting along fine. He ate all of his dinner tonight and now seems exhausted. Overall, he's doing well. I will send you some pictures in the coming days.

By the way, I checked Ollie's paperwork and his mother is Miss Thing and his father is Tag. So he and Ranger actually are related!

Take care.


Ranger and Bodhi came out of a litter from Dad Cooper, CH Kiara Ewok Among Us, and Mom Passion, CH Kiara All Fired Up. It was a beautiful litter! And it was even more special because of the interest Jane Goodell took in them. You may know Jane from around the Rally and Agility rings. She has done such an exemplary job bringing so much joy to Dad Cooper by involving him in all the activities he loves to share with her. 
Jane sent out this birth announcement.

As they grew into the little TT terrors that brought smiles to everyones faces, Jane and Travis, Dad Cooper's owners, came to visit the little ones. We had a lot of fun playing with them...and of course going over them --that's what breeders do! At that time Travis was smitten with one of the little gems and was looking forward to seeing how she progressed. Being around Halloween, more photos were taken, and Jane shared them again with friends.

Well, as many people know, Travis took his little Doris home soon after. You may have seen her in a number of video presentations on my, Travis's, or Jane's Facebook postings.  

Doris became the face of this year's Christmas card...she and Santa.

A quick successful photo today. Doris is coming along nicely, as you can see. Extremely affectionate and a tough chick.

Here is this years Holiday YouTube video of lovely TTs helping me celebrate the season. I hope you take a moment to view it. It was a pleasure to put together. I hope it brings a gentle smile to your face as it does to mine...and a warm, hot-chocolate-y feeling. LOVE is everything!

You can also see this on the YouTube site. Cut and paste this:


in the YouTube search box or you may be able to find it with it's title "Tibetan Terrier Kiara Holiday Tidings 2015".

Again wishing everyone the merriest, the happiest of your season's holidays. Looking forward to writing more in the new year. Peace.

More later.