Saturday, December 6, 2014

Happy Holidays Everyone and Best Wishes for a great 2015!

My TTs and I wish everyone wonderful holidays.

It's that time of year again. We've had our first snow. Everything is blanketed with white.The TTs are loving it.

Just a little show news. Chivas, aka Kiara Chivas Regal, went to one of the Christmas Eastern Dog Shows in Springfield. He did me proud and went Winners Dog and then went on to earn the Best of Winners ribbon as well. The show leads, tables and carrier kennels are away now until after the New Year. We are on hiatus for a while...a much needed rest from the dog show scene. 

It is good to hear from everyone...from the most recently homed to those acquired many yeas ago.

The girls at Lukilu looking forward to welcoming in the invited guests arriving for holiday festivities. Looking out the door from front to back are Rosie, Bea, Cookie, Sugar, and facing her team in the back is Miss Sadie. Thanks Mike for posting photos of these beauties.

Miss Bella has made a great transition into her new home. Yes, older brother, Buddy, has helped. Buddy is from the Lucy/Samye litter and helped inspire his family to bring another little Kiara pup into the family. It is easy to see how Buddy and Bella get plenty of love.

Thanks Dennis!

Bella is doing wonderful.  She is so sweet.  She is exhausted after a full day attention and play.  No accidents in the house yet.  She is amazing!

Buddy is enjoying her. It was fun to watch them get to know each other.

I'll send some pictures tomorrow. 


Hi Dennis! 

I have been meaning to send you an e-mail for weeks now to let you know how good Doc is doing!

We absolutely love the little furball. He is an amazingly good dog and is almost too smart!. One of his favorite games is for us to hide his bone somewhere in the house and then he has to go find it. Sometimes he needs a little point in the right direction, but he always ends up finding it.

Doc in the office: he has come
to work with me a few times.
and I think he's trying to take
over my job!

Doc completed puppy kindergarten and Elementary 1 and is currently enrolled in Elementary 2. He is excellent in class (he stays better than any of the other dogs), except he hates to lay down on command. He'll do it fine at home, but for some reason in class he always puts up a fight. He loves other dogs and is making friends everywhere he goes.

He also loves to climb on the rocks at the State Park behind our house and take walks in the woods. He is excited for Halloween and has a pirate costume. Doc has been in a couple of Halloween Costume Contests and even came in 2nd at one (he got a very nice yellow ribbon!).

I've attached a few photos of the little cutie doing some of his favorite things.

A Doc on the Rocks! I often joke that he's part mountain goat!
Hope that everything is good with you!
Jill Higgins

 Hi Dennis,

 I wanted to give you an update on Buddy.  He is doing great and is an awesome dog.


Richard Klein’s son, Max, celebrated his bar mitzvah.

Mazel Tov!! Max

Richard is holding Riley who's getting ready for his bark mitzvah.

Lark and Ming have helped welcome a new addition into their home.

Ming and Lark welcomed a new brother - Bruce - over the weekend. Bruce's old family had some changes and he joined us via the Tibetan Terrier Rescue Association. He is still settling in but doing remarkably well in just a few days.


Lark is turning one! Devil or angel remains to be seen!


And so has Miles!
Little Miles when he arrived.

One year later! Miles Davis Gartland!

Oh holy Cooper! That's some costume you have donned.

Hi Dennis,

Sorry we haven't written in 7 (!) years, but thought you might like to see our girl Brandy, aka Puppy.  This is the original picture you sent us with her brother Brady who I think was adopted by a family in Florida.  My husband and I are empty nesters this year for the first time and she is providing much needed comfort to us both.  She is finally the center of our attention!  She is very well behaved and easily trainable -- even now. 
Are you still breeding, and if so, any pups on the way?  Hope all is well.

Sally and Stephen

Pat and Richard Sutton brought Lucy, Khyber's Look Who's Talking, onto CH 11's News Show. 
Dr. Hammond of Falls Road Animal Hospital has a segment concerning pet questions 
and they were guests discussing the TT. Lucy wants to anchor the show now!

Since 2008 I have created a YouTube holiday video of the fantastic photos many have sent me throughout the year. I've appreciated the wealth of images to help celebrate the Tibetan Terrier. I hope you take a moment to enjoy your holiday season by viewing it. Happy Holidays all!

Best wishes again to all!
My oldsters and I enjoying one of the last mild days out back.
The snows came over the next few days.

More later....