Monday, July 31, 2017

Summertime 2017

As July turns into August, summer rolls on...

Besides the vegetable garden, the flower gardens are enjoying a warm summer --with plenty of rain this year. For some reason the chipmunk families that had decimated the early growth of the eggplant, broccoli, and green bean plants and every coleus plant they could find have disappeared. There may be eggplants --if they plants grow back; they've started. Too hot for the broccoli plants to come back. I replanted the green beans in pots --too high for the little critters to get at. And the coleus plants have grown back full and lush. Maybe the chipmunks just have found as better food supply...or maybe mother nature's law of the jungle helped out.

Some good show news to report as well. Cannoli, Zin-Pa Truly Scrumptious, is one point away from earning her AKC championship. Cannoli was co-bred with Sue Meluzin of Zin-Pa Tibetan Terriers.  

Other good news comes from from many TT owners. I love getting caught up with the TTs that have already made themselves great companions...and also the newest additions to people's lives. It is rewarding to know they are loved and that they are making their human families happy with their amazing temperaments.  

Hi Dennis,  

I hope you're doing well and enjoying summer vacation (if not already, then soon)! 

I was wondering if you might have a recommendation for a good groomer in the area. We've been maintaining pretty well but need a reliable professional option. 

Here's Henry by the way. He's such a joy - equal parts smart, sensitive, and goofball. We just love him. 

Thanks in advance,


Hi Dennis,

Aanandi just saying hi!
What a lovely pup she is!
Thank you. I hope all is well in Danvers. 



Jai alai is being the perfect pup! Thank you for raising her so well!



Thank you so much for our wonderful puppy! We had a relatively (she wouldn't stop drooling and threw up) uneventful trip home. Once we took her out of the crate and held her, it all stopped.

Tashi thinks we got her for him. There are wonderful together. 

Vet gave her a clean bill of health. 

We have a fenced in acre and she keeps up with Tashi running the entire acre...up and back...up and back. 

Better pics to follow soon. Again, thank you. You breed wonderful, confident dogs.


It's a Boy! (Well, we knew that.) Maxwell has come home.


Pool party--with his 11 year old neighbor. They are already great buddies!


Hi Dennis, 

Just a quick note too let you know that Rudy is doing great and settling in nicely. He is doing well with his crate training, and did pretty well with the thunder and lightning last night. He has had just a handful of accidents --and never in his crate. Everyone is amazed at how calm he is --takes a lot to shake this boy up! 

Do you see the blue striped blanket in the photo? That is his home base (outside the crate) and he keeps all his toys there. If we toss them off, he runs to get them and brings them right back --it is so cute and clever! 

He is heading to the vets tomorrow for his new puppy visit. I would appreciate any training tips or books you may recommend. Thank you for your dedication to the breed and creating a legacy of amazing TTs! 



Having a great time--she is awesome, and has bonded with all of us. Loves the pool. Very much a central part of our daily emotional status!

Has gained about 3 lbs., to around 9.

Hope all is good with you. 


Closing with a great photo of Echo taken by one who loved him a lot, 
Linda Milbrath, his owner. 
He was a most titled TT: Champion Metshag Little Sir Echo RA AX AXJ AXP OJP. 
He was one of my Asland's sons. 
Proud of all the Asland kids but Echo truly was amazing. 
Bred by Winnie Wuesthoff and Catherine Shearer. 
Echo had a long life sharing his joy with the family who loved him. 
And it shows!

More later...