Thursday, November 30, 2017

Happy Holidays!

As the holidays approach and Thanksgiving just passed --and the first pups have left for their new homes, I can't help but think of all the things I am thankful for. I am certainly thankful for the wonderful families that adopt the littlest of the Kiaras. Watching their eyes light up when they first see how much growth has occurred, how the angelic wee one they saw at four or five weeks has turned into a playful, animated, adoring doggie. Always makes me smile. 

Of course thankful for the friends that help me share the things I love to do: they are the cream! My family has a special place as well...they are the ones who certainly have the longest history with me and shared these holidays with me in our traditional way.

So as the calendar turns from Thanksgiving to Christmas and New Year's, I am smiling with contentment because of all the things I have without worrying about any other things I may want. I already have a lot.

Jean sent a couple Daisy videos. Love to see the little ones in action! But always so rewarding to see those older sharing their lives in many ways...whether fun, awarding, or just taking a walk.

There have been a few notes and emails. It's always a pleasure hearing how the Kiara TT family is doing. And it's especially gratifying to know when they accomplish doggie feats.

Hey Dennis,

Proud family!

Just because you complete your first semester doesn't mean you get to sit in the people chair...

Hope all is good with you and your posse.

Charley, Cam, Kate, Evan. and GRADUATE Tobi

Jane also has good "Cooper" news. This guy is always earning some award...and I am forever grateful for the love Cooper and Jane share that makes this team so outstanding!

Hi Dennis,
I hope this finds you well. Tashi and Trouble are doing fantastic. Trouble has grown up so fast. I think she is seven months now! She is a confident girl with a marvelous disposition and has not lived up to her name in the least. We all adore them so much. My mom and dad can't be without them. Unfortunately this means that Dan (my fiancé) and I find ourselves missing them all too often. So with careful consideration Dan and I agreed we would like to have a TT that will reside with us full-time. If you would let me know when you are expecting a litter we will put a deposit down. Looking forward to hearing from you.

Hi Dennis,
Hope 2017 has been good for you (so far)!
It will be one year ago tomorrow that we brought Deets home!...and it's been such a great year! He's just the sweetest, funniest, most charming little guy -- and so smart! I just can't thank you enough.

Since 2008 I have prepared a YouTube video of photos I have received from all the wonderful TT families who have made a loving home for a Kiara Tibetan Terrier. I saved them all, scan the holiday cards, and try to include most of them. This year is no exception. I hope you take a moment to view the YouTube video to help celebrate the Holiday Season and this exceptional breed.

If it's Christmas for you...then let it be merry
if it's Chanakah...let it happy; Kwanza...joyous
However you celebrate, whatever you celebrate, 
have the Happiest Holidays ever!

More later...

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