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Sunday, April 22, 2018

Springtime 2018

SPRING -- 2018

It's been a long time coming this year, but it's finally getting seasonally springtime! After seeing last year's FaceBook post pop up on my newsfeed that I planted cold weather veggies, I got busy and put some in. (Must have been warmer last year!) But there are buds on everything and even some early bloomers are shouting out "spring has arrived!"

The local TT club, Bay Colony Tibetan Terrier Club, held their annual show at the Big E in W. Springfield. It was well attended by exhibitors and fancier-spectators. Though I couldn't show anything myself as I was judging Chows the next day, I enjoyed watching the entry strut their stuff. Got to catch up with folks I don't see a lot and especially enjoyed seeing my very good friends. Sue Meluzin (seen in the following photos) exhibited two of Q-Tips kids: Boo in the bitch classes who needs a major to finish her AKC championship and Reuben in the Specials ring. Just look at that long row of beautifully presented Specials!

Sue and Boo.
The video above is of some of the Specials showing themselves to their best advantage by their very capable handlers. Remarkable to watch!

Boo almost garnered her last points. She went Reserve Winners Bitch to the 5 point major. Well, almost.

Hearing how the little guys that leave here fit into their new lives is always well received. Watching them grow from those lovable --but pesky-- little creatures into great companions helps keep me invested. Thank you for sharing with me. 

Hey Dennis,

Hope all is well. 

Hogan is doing great! He has adjusted to our house quite nicely.

Thanks again,


Hi Dennis

He’s settled in quite nicely.



Charlie and Lula were very cooperative on their daily play date. They even posed for some pictures for you!

Charlie is almost a big a Lula, but Lula is definitely in change.

Hope all is well,



Alecia cc’d me on the photos. The pups are truly adorable. Again, have to thank you for our Lula! (And Charlie, of course.

Came across these pen and watercolors that Nina did of Lula a year or so ago and thought you might enjoy them.


Hi Dennis,

Harley is doing great. She is a good dog and a quick learner. 

She went to the vets today so is up on her shots. She is a little over eight pounds and everyone at the vets loves her.

I’m glad you like the tree. I love mine so I thought you would like it.


Hi Dennis,

I tried to send this last week but not sure if you got it. A little video of Sophia playing with “Sunny”. She is an awesome puppy!!



Doris and Cooper –Therapy Dogs! Best job for these TTs.


Hi Dennis!

Thank goodness, we didn't get much of this wet snow this year.
Hope you are doing well.  Just wanted to give you some updated pics of our girl, Jai Alai! She is festive today!



Zayde is doing very well.


Zayde helps out at Animal Rescue League in Boston's Southend...near where she lives. So happy always that the little ones leave and sometimes share their fortune with others. 

Hi Dennis,

Incredibly, a whole month has flown by since we picked up Dzogi. He is WONDERFUL. He is growing like crazy – I swear, from the time he goes into his crate at night until morning, he comes out bigger. He’s learned a few commands and he is really catching onto the house training. He’s funny, loving, mellow, energetic, really quick to notice things and remember. We couldn’t be happier.
I have one quick question: he’s up to date on all immunizations with just the last lepto-distemper shot to go. Do you recommend the Lyme vaccine? Bailey always got it, but he also got Lymes disease three times. I am not a bit sure how effective the shot is, and I don’t like giving creatures, either to litigate our four-legged, useless pathogens.

Thanks, and below you can see the morning portrait.



Aanandi and Moxie. They have such a wonderful time together! Thank you Dennis! Hope you are well.


Hi Dennis,

I thought you might like to see how Tashi is doing – she just got spayed and bounced back in a day. She is very, very sweet and considers our other dog her mother. They play all the time.

She is quite nervous and has taken months to warm up to us one by one, except she loved my husband nearly right away as you said she might. My daughter is still working on it.

She spends a lot of time sleeping next to the beanbag in the photo, and it is hard to tell them apart. We think this is also like a mother to her!

She is a doll.

Hope you are well,



Wanted to send a brief update--I believe that tomorrow is Tobi's birthday.

She's been great--a stubborn ear canal fungal infection, a GI bug--but otherwise a much-loved addition to the family.

Attaching a recent picture (with Evan), and an Evan essay that we stumbled on while cleaning--probably written when he was in 5th or 6th grade--recalling the day we picked up Ali. (Let us know if you can't open pictures).

Hope all is good with you.


Charley, Cam, Kate, Evan, and Tobi

The following note and photo were from many years ago when Ali went to live with Charles, Cam, Kate, and Evan...when Evan wrote that wonderful essay of when he got his dog. These little ones --like Ali and Tobi-- have helped me forge so many wonderful relationships. 


Hope you are doing well.

We wanted to give you an update on Ali --she's
doing great, is much loved, and may be the 
sweetest dog I've ever met. She certainly has
claimed the number one spot in the kid's

Kind Regards, and thanks again for trusting
that we would be good parents.

Charles, Cam, Kate, and Evan

The celebration of milestones like Tobi's 1st birthday is always balanced off. We celebrate their every antic. I do here myself --their first wobble, their first messy meal, first bark, etc. etc. 

But we also see them to the Rainbow Bridge. They leave us alone for a bit feeling left behind...but in time with memories that they shared with us as our wonderful companions. Hearing about their passings and the lives you shared with them is welcome here. Debbie and I spoke of Truffin's passing over the Rainbow Bridge recently. I hope I can help with a few words of solace. We celebrated Truffin's life. 

Hi Dennis.  

Sorry for being such a mess on the phone.  I thought I was ready to call you and say it out loud, but I guess not.  I think by the summer I will be ready to welcome a new addition to our family.  We would be looking for a female puppy.  Please put me on your list.

Thank you again for 15 very happy years with my beautiful Truffin.


In closing this News & Reviews: I attended a TT Meet-Up yesterday. I recommend joining one in the future if you can. It was so much fun.

This meet-up was held at World's End in Hingham, MA. What a magnificent site! Trails leading over hilly terrain in salt water marshland with the Boston skyline visible over the harbor made for spectacular vistas. 

But what made it very special were the TT friends who met up and enjoyed it all with their Tibetan Terriers. The two hours flew by and we were all well exercised; me, ready for a nap.

Jane Goodell helps arrange these meet-ups in New England. One of the next ones is going to be in Newburyport. Can't wait.

This last photo is of Mr. Cooper with me. Thanks for including me in such a wonderful day. Site, weather, couldn't have been more perfect. 

More later...

Friday, February 16, 2018

It's A New Year!

It's "Happy New Year" News and Reviews as it's the first in 2018. Not a delay! With the holidays behind us, I like to wait until Westminster KC so that if there is anything to highlight, I have an opportunity.

I go each year to continue with Judges' education. This year I was able to continue with some of the Toy Breeds and also with the low entry, rarer, Non-Sporting breeds. Spent the Friday, Saturday, and Sunday at the Hotel Pennsylvania where the Progressive Dog Club and Specialties take place. I was lucky to connect with some very knowledgeable mentors. It was an invaluable opportunity I met up with a Norwegian Lundehund breed mentor with his Lundie to understand this breed better.

It's always a joy to watch the TTs strut their stuff at Westminster. This video of each entering the ring tells it all.

Travis Brock and Holly did a great job. Carol Adams, co-breeder co-owner, can be very proud!

NYC --this time of year-- not only offers an opportunity to grow in my personal pursuit, but also offers lots of "fun stuff" and I'm a big believer in mixing business with pleasure when I travel. Got to go out, enjoy dinners and drinks, and even got to see Hamilton!

It was --all totaled up-- a rewarding, entertaining, worth-while 6 days in NYC. Already looking forward to the next time. 

There were so many well-wishers over the holidays with notes, pictures, emails, and stories. I can't thank them enough for keeping me up-dated. I enjoy hearing how they fit in, how they grow-up, how they make better the lives of their human companions. I am going to share a few:

Hey Dennis,

Jack’s first shopping trip! He helped me pick out poinsettias. Hope all is well with you!



Hi Dennis,

Just wanted to let you know that Alfie is doing great with us and settling right into our family routine. He is a very sweet puppy, and we are learning his ways!

Thanks and will send more pictures as he starts to grow.


Hi Dennis,

Shackleton is doing great! He is the sweetest little guy. He did so well in the car, he does have a good appetite, and he has gone outside every single time!! Even without the little piece of newspaper you sent with us. He warmed up pretty quick, he is a smuggler and he plays very well. He slept very well last night, woke us up and we took him outside and he went right away. He seems to like the little bit of snow we have up here too!

We are so excited to have him. What a great job you have done, he is so sweet. Thanks so much!


Just wanted to send you a note and let you know that Shackleton is doing so well. We love him bunches and he is really just a great puppy. We can’t get over how good he is. Of course he is going through a lot of biting at this age right now, but he is great at chewing on all his toys and not the furniture! He loves the snow and it is more and more adventurous.

He just had his first grooming (bath and a little trim) and I understand he howled through the entire thing -- but cooperated He seems to think that the brush is some sort of torture device!

I have even had a little time to do a little sketching of him. I am thinking of maybe doing a little book about him. Thought you might like to see some of his recent pics. Hope all is well with you.


Dear Dennis,

Thank you for your wonderful Christmas card! I love hearing from you and your TTs –I hope you will have a happy new year and a healthy one, perhaps with more little Tibetans. Thought you would like to see Anandi, who seems to be at home in the snow! I thought she would be cold!

Stay warm and inside the next few days!


Hi Dennis,

I keep meaning to write you. Goba is doing great. I call him the perfect puppy. He goes out to pee and poop, has slept in this crate since day one. Just a great mellow guy. He and Pippa my Papillion enjoy playing and hanging out. They’re good for each other.

Thanks so much for him.



Here’s a picture of Tucker born 5/7/17



Nurse Tobi with sock – assisting with Evan’s recovery from a chest cold…


Hi Dennis,

After a woeful ride to Fairfield, Pocomo is settling into her new home. She ate almost all of her dinner and although she hasn’t gone to the bathroom outside yet, we’re still hopeful.

We are falling completely in love with her. Just wanted to give you a post. Thank you!!



Jane Goodell does it again with one of our Kiara TTs. Doris (CH Kiara Promethean Fire At Terpsichorean CGC) completed her training, testing, and visits required to achieve a Therapy Dog Novice Title. All of her visits were done through a school-based reading program designed to encourage confidence in children’s struggling with reading. Doris patiently and quietly calms the student as they read aloud to Jane every Tuesday morning. She works with six different students during her visit and is adored. 


It's wonderful to hear about the endeavors --like Jane and Doris's-- that help others become happier, more accomplished in their lives. TTs are great!

And in closing, a couple photos from the larger Kiara TT family that I copied from various places over the holiday season that made me smile.

More later...