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Thursday, September 28, 2017

Last Days of Summer 2017

These last days of summer here have brought some 80 degree days with sunshine...thanks Jose for pushing off the New England coastline and bringing the warmer temps and sunshine. My favorite flowering vine is blooming. It's little orange trumpets are more profuse this year; last year there was a single bundle. I've waited for years for it to bloom like this. It was worth the wait!

There is some great show news as well. Love this photo of Marie McLoughlin with Cookie and Sugar at a recent show. All eyes on Michael.

Jane Goodell has successfully brought Cooper, CH Kiara Ewok Among Us, into the agility rings. It's so exciting to watch their love of each other as they share the experience. See how they have bonded and how he looks directly at her for direction. It truly a team effort!

And his daughter, Doris, is a new AKC champion! Doris, CH Kiara Promethean Fire At Terpsichorean, has also brought another honor to her Kiara family. In the thirty-five years of breeding TTs in a very small-operation, family-home setting, Doris has met the milestone of being the 100th Kiara homebred AKC champion. You can check out that list of Kiaras in the "Hall of Fame" part of the Kiara website. Big thank you to co-owner/exhibitor Travis Brock --and Doris! Also accolades to Miles Everett and Travis's Mom, Jane, for helping to make this beauty such a wonderful, well-balanced, affectionate companion. I am so proud. 

*          *          *          *

The stories and photos of all the wondrous Kiara kids --whether newbies or those who are in their twilight years are welcome and heartwarming. I always want to know how everyone is doing...whether it's about how house training is progressing or just what's up with the new dietary needs. Recently I had the opportunity to visit with "the oldster" of the family. Luki is going to be seventeen. And he's still in relatively good health. After leaving here as a young adult (I completed his AKC championship), he went off to live with Dave
Luki dressed for a Halloween walk years ago.
Wayland and Jim Sa
rgent. Luki has the soft, cuddly life I hope all my TTs enjoy: loved and catered to! Luki doesn't hear so well anymore, but he certainly knows how to get just what he wants in his food dish. I admonish Dave for feeding him bacon from the breakfast table, but Luki appreciates the small favors granted him like this. He has never forgotten me; and even though he can't really hear the sound I imprint on all the babes that leave here, his smeller still works well. He wakes each summer day with anticipation of his trip to the Provincetown dog one time to engage and play with all the other dogs (who was to know he would be so social!) but now just to meander about all the spots he likes to smell and just enjoy the outing. He has his genes running through one of the youngest here at Kiara, so still is very important to the line. Wishing Luki more.

Hi Dennis,

Hope your summer is going well. Jai Alai has adjusted perfectly and grown into a beautiful pup!Here are some pics...such a face! And she knows it too. I'll be sending more.



Had to send you this one --Tobi spent half an hour fretting over who was looking back at her from the fireplace. Ali was a "worrier" too.




Had to send this one... Every morning Toby sits on the driveway waiting for Evan to catch the bus... then she let's me know she's ready to go upstairs to say good morning to Cam, and if I'm not ready... if looks could kill !

Hope all is good with you.


Hi Dennis,

Here’s a photo of Ferris. She has settled in nicely to our home but is still a little skittish with people. It’s a work in progress but she loves all the dogs she meets on our walks!!


Update on Rudy

Hi Dennis,

Hope this finds you well and enjoying the last few weeks of summer!

Rudy is doing great –still stopping traffic on a daily basis! The vet and her tech just rave about him –he’s wonderful during his visits. He went from 6 to 10 pounds in a month –he can be a bit of a picky eater, but the vet says he’s clearly getting what he needs.

He comes to work with me about 50% of the time. My husband is home with him when he is not traveling, and Maggie has been with him when she is not away ice-skating. Needless to say, Rudy does not want for company! And he loves it, giving everyone a wag and wiggle.

He is a sleepy boy most days, but loves to romp in the yard, chasing moths and fireflies in the evening. He’s not too sure about the pool, so we haven’t pushed it with him. He is starting to be quite the guard dog, not only warning us of people, but also when the washing machine hits the spin cycle, etc…you get the gist! He does not like to leave the yard though. I literally have to carry him out of the driveway to take a walk –and then he always just wants to turn around and go back home—it’s all about his backyard!

A few people have asked me if you are planning any litters in the near future. I have pointed them towards your website, so we will see if they are serious and have reached out. One woman in particular has been researching the breed extensively, convinced this is her next dog!

Thank you again –Rudy is such a treat!


Hi Dennis,

I wanted to write and give you an update on adorable Chaplin, he has really been a fantastic addition to our home. Chaplin is good-natured, even-keeled, and quite a clown –waking up each day to such an adorable puppy is such a joy.

This house training has been going well (it’s been a week since he has had an accident in the house, knock on wood). He really loves playing with Zelda and has quickly adjusted to city living.

We also feel very lucky, in that Chaplin has not shown any of the less enjoyable breed characteristics we have read about --such as separation anxiety, allergies or shyness and we seem to have gotten through his primary fear period without any issues or surprises (yah!) Thank you for providing us with such a wonderful companion.

Hope you’ve been enjoying the summer and your other pups are doing well.

All the best,

Angela and Eric

Hello again Dennis,

I’m unsure if you received my last email but I wanted to share a few photos of Chaplin, now 4 ½ months. He’s a great little pup and has been wonderful to have in our home.

His house training was fairly easy, and just last week he has finally started asking to be taken out (yah!)

All the best,

Angela and Eric

Hey Dennis,

Hope this note finds you well. Our gift from Heaven turned seven today. Every day she makes it brighter and gives us a good laugh. She has to be one of the most loved dogs in the world.

Thank you for bringing her into our lives,

Bob and Lisa


Look who is helping us in the garden!

We had a lot of fun with her on the Cape. She loved the leftover crab legs on the beach. Too bad she doesn’t enjoy the water very much!

Lula and the Yee Family

Hi Dennis,

We just adore our babies!

Can’t thank you enough for such wonderful dogs. Here is the baby after a good and satisfying dig.

Danny, Amy and Vic

Hi Dennis,

Hope you had a wonderful summer!

We celebrated Bodhi’s second birthday on the ninth by serving up a feast for him and Daisy! They were very happy pups.

Both are doing great, and as I’ve said before, bring so much joy to our family. Bodhi loves doing his job every morning. He greets and wakes everyone in his cheerful way. There’s no better way to start the day! He is a great companion –always by our sides. He is happiest when he has a ball to toss around. Such a great little guy! He is keeping Daisy active and she still enjoys playing with him, even at her age (now 13 ½). As you can see in the pictures, they enjoy their naps too. We’re so lucky to have such wonderful pups!
Happy fall!

The Rices

*          *          *          *

I want to thank everyone who has sent in up-dates, stories, birthday notices, and photos...and being able to have a few visits. Bringing a little love and joy in the form a furry bundle of anticipation is my greatest endeavor. Besides the above, know that I do follow the many photos and stories posted on FaceBook. Thanking everyone for the love they offer these little ones when they accept them into their lives. 

Here at home we are waiting with anticipation for the stork to arrive. Little fatso here is on her final days. It was warm enough today to get a little haircut and bath to be ready for the kind of care and diligence she loves to shower on her new babes. The making of a fortifying, nutrient-filled chicken stock is boiling on the stove to enrich her diet for her first week of mothering. A sleepless night --or two-- for me. 


That's not all. Proudly I can announce: from the litter Sue Meluzin and I co-bred between our lovely Gabby and Sally Birgl's Bocce, we each have finished the AKC championships on her Cannoli and my Henry. These two charmers will both add to our lines in the future. 

New Champion Zin-Pa Simply Scrumptious                                                                              New Champion Kiara Here I Am Zin-Pa


More later... 

Monday, July 31, 2017

Summertime 2017

As July turns into August, summer rolls on...

Besides the vegetable garden, the flower gardens are enjoying a warm summer --with plenty of rain this year. For some reason the chipmunk families that had decimated the early growth of the eggplant, broccoli, and green bean plants and every coleus plant they could find have disappeared. There may be eggplants --if they plants grow back; they've started. Too hot for the broccoli plants to come back. I replanted the green beans in pots --too high for the little critters to get at. And the coleus plants have grown back full and lush. Maybe the chipmunks just have found as better food supply...or maybe mother nature's law of the jungle helped out.

Some good show news to report as well. Cannoli, Zin-Pa Truly Scrumptious, is one point away from earning her AKC championship. Cannoli was co-bred with Sue Meluzin of Zin-Pa Tibetan Terriers.  

Other good news comes from from many TT owners. I love getting caught up with the TTs that have already made themselves great companions...and also the newest additions to people's lives. It is rewarding to know they are loved and that they are making their human families happy with their amazing temperaments.  

Hi Dennis,  

I hope you're doing well and enjoying summer vacation (if not already, then soon)! 

I was wondering if you might have a recommendation for a good groomer in the area. We've been maintaining pretty well but need a reliable professional option. 

Here's Henry by the way. He's such a joy - equal parts smart, sensitive, and goofball. We just love him. 

Thanks in advance,


Hi Dennis,

Aanandi just saying hi!
What a lovely pup she is!
Thank you. I hope all is well in Danvers. 



Jai alai is being the perfect pup! Thank you for raising her so well!



Thank you so much for our wonderful puppy! We had a relatively (she wouldn't stop drooling and threw up) uneventful trip home. Once we took her out of the crate and held her, it all stopped.

Tashi thinks we got her for him. There are wonderful together. 

Vet gave her a clean bill of health. 

We have a fenced in acre and she keeps up with Tashi running the entire acre...up and back...up and back. 

Better pics to follow soon. Again, thank you. You breed wonderful, confident dogs.


It's a Boy! (Well, we knew that.) Maxwell has come home.


Pool party--with his 11 year old neighbor. They are already great buddies!


Hi Dennis, 

Just a quick note too let you know that Rudy is doing great and settling in nicely. He is doing well with his crate training, and did pretty well with the thunder and lightning last night. He has had just a handful of accidents --and never in his crate. Everyone is amazed at how calm he is --takes a lot to shake this boy up! 

Do you see the blue striped blanket in the photo? That is his home base (outside the crate) and he keeps all his toys there. If we toss them off, he runs to get them and brings them right back --it is so cute and clever! 

He is heading to the vets tomorrow for his new puppy visit. I would appreciate any training tips or books you may recommend. Thank you for your dedication to the breed and creating a legacy of amazing TTs! 



Having a great time--she is awesome, and has bonded with all of us. Loves the pool. Very much a central part of our daily emotional status!

Has gained about 3 lbs., to around 9.

Hope all is good with you. 


Closing with a great photo of Echo taken by one who loved him a lot, 
Linda Milbrath, his owner. 
He was a most titled TT: Champion Metshag Little Sir Echo RA AX AXJ AXP OJP. 
He was one of my Asland's sons. 
Proud of all the Asland kids but Echo truly was amazing. 
Bred by Winnie Wuesthoff and Catherine Shearer. 
Echo had a long life sharing his joy with the family who loved him. 
And it shows!

More later...

Friday, May 12, 2017

Spring 2017 Has Arrived

Spring has arrived here in the Northeast. I've been busy keeping everyone up...with either hair groomings or hair cuts. But more to my liking this time of year: planting stuff! I have put in some early cool loving lettuces and broccoli and planted bush bean seeds...and as the nurseries have them outside (and hoping that frosts stay away) I've filled up the pots with flowers. Hopefully we're safe!

Love celebrating oldsters birthdays. This one is especially sweet: she made it to celebrate her 13th birthday, but passed thereafter. Loved showing this little girl for Paul and Kathleen Kelley. Willow made her mark in so many ways. Willow is great-grandma to the week-old little ones nettled under their mom in my kitchen right now.


CH Kiara My Heart's On Fire

Hey Dennis,

At 13
This is Miss Willow:
At 3 weeks
CH Kiara My Heart's on Fire,
Thirteen years old today, February the 4th!
Remember well the night she was born!
Happy that you were the midwife!


More up-dates come from many others. Love when TTs excel in a variety of ways. Having good temperaments is one of my many goals...and I guess that helps when they achieve more admirable expectations. Doris and Doc are two such TTs I can be extremely proud of. Congratulations and keep up all your good work!

Doris and I passed our Intermountain Therapy Animals evaluation today. I am so proud of this sweet Tibetan Terrier. I believe that Doris's personality is perfect for therapy work. She is a confident, happy little girl who likes people. She excells at cuddling. I look forward to introducing her to the world. Thank you Dennis J Gunsher for breeding loving companion dogs, Travis Brock and Miles Everett for being terrific puppy raisers and Tails of Joy for assisting me in the process.


Hello Dennis,

Brian and I picked up Linus just before Christmas this year and we have been falling in love ever since! He loves the snow-- see the attached photos.

    Justine and Brian

Hi Dennis,

I have been meaning to send you an update on Doc for a while! 

Near the end of 2016 Doc completed Therapy Dog training and has been going on visits. The attached photo was at a local college that was having a finals de-stress event. I am amazed at how quickly Doc took to this kind of work. He knows exactly what to do - even getting up and greeting each new person as they entered the group. He loves being the center of attention!
Doc has also been coming to work with me at the National Brain Tumor Society a couple days a week. It's great to have a dog in the office! He is there for all of my co-workers when they need a few minutes to get away from it all and play with or pet him. Occasionally he tries to take a job! See the photo of him sitting at my desk working on the jerseys for the Boston Brain Tumor Ride.

We love holiday celebrations, so Doc made sure that he had his St. Patrick's Day hat this past weekend!

Hope all is well with you!

Jill Higgins & Doc

Everyday we are surprised by how good this dog is! Doc has the best personality (he does have his quirks!) of any dog we've ever had.

He is a star at my office. We have one woman who doesn't like dogs and is in LOVE with him. Her kids have wanted a dog for years and she's always said no, but after meeting Doc she's reconsidering. My boss’s boss will come over, scoop Doc up and take him to meetings with her. She wants to trade in her yellow lab for Doc! 

We have put a lot of time and effort into training him (he starts obedience and agility this weekend after taking the winter off), but are still awed by what an amazing personality was bred into this dog!




Wanted to show you a few pictures from Tashi's 1st Birthday.  We had cake hats and of course lots of presents for our boy.  I have more pictures and will send them on.  We really thank you for giving us the chance to have this precious boy in our lives.  He makes even tough days turn into good ones.  We love him more than anyone will ever know. Thank you again for your advice and most of all our 1st TT!
Amy, Denny & Victor

A few months after Kathleen sent me Willow's 13th birthday announcement, she, Paul, and TT son Jack had to say good-bye as she passed over the Rainbow Bridge. Willow's loss will be felt for a while as her home feels empty without her.

Miss watching TV with my little girl. It's already been two weeks without her. 
Jack is still sad as well--hoping every time I come back home from doing errands that I have Willow with me.

Oh well —for a happier thought— enjoy Spring and Happy Easter! —Kathleen
Sharing two photos--one of Willow watching "Outlander" (oops don't know how to correct position) and the other taken not too long ago.

Love this photo I received from MaryBeth with her Lulu.

Closing with something that always makes me happy to be a Tibetan Terrier breeder: a mom with her new babes! And Willow can be proud that these little ones are part of the legacy she has left us.

More later . . .