Thursday, June 6, 2019

Spring Has Sprung! 2019

Spring has sprung here in eastern Massachusetts. 

Finally! And we have seen lots of rain, rain, rain. Far from April showers bring May flowers...there is an abundance of GREEN. 

It has been a hopeful thing when a bit of color springs forth in the green vegetation.

Most recently, it was fun seeing everyone at the TTCA's National Specialty celebrated here in Boxborough Massachusetts. It was a week-long of activities. 

The Jamboree kicked off the week-long events.  It was well attended. And the weather cooperated. 

The Invitational Evening of Champions once again was a highlight. Seeing the cream of winners from the previous year is always a well anticipated, exciting exhibition. They are all winners!

And here they are entering the ring for an exciting evening!

I did not get to exhibit at the Specialty. (My planned TT to take, Bolt, was the one who ate the rock, who had the abdominal surgery, who got his belly shaved down, who was not in coated condition yet.) I did enjoy being a spectator. In fact, because I was there as a spectator, I got put to work helping Judges Education.

The other bookend of this week-long event was the Bay Colony Tibetan Terrier's annual Specialty held in conjunction with Ladies Dog Club show. 

A perfect day for an outdoor show. The sun was shining and the breeze had a cooling affect for those exhibiting and spectating.

I'm always impressed with hearing how the little ones fit into the loving homes they find themselves enjoying. I am so grateful to all of you who make them an important part of your families. Thank you. And thank you for sharing...

Hey Dennis,
Kooper was eight years old yesterday and every day we are grateful having him in our lives. Since he comes to work with me he has met and interacted with hundreds of people and is responsible for a mini explosion of Tibetans in our area including two from Kiara. Jeff 

Hi Dennis, 

Wanted to send you greetings from THE Best dog ever. Murphy has such a chill and slightly lazy disposition. He loves his crate, treats, and playing with other dogs. The kids are in love and so are we! Thanks again! We haven’t gotten him neutered yet. Hope all is well in your home and with your babies. 

Caroline and Declan 

Rocco the Rockstar!

See how much he’s grown, Dennis. He is such a wonderful addition to our family. Thank you so much.

Hi Dennis, 

I hope you’re well and enjoying the first signs of spring. Babo is now six months old. She is the sharpest, funniest, and sweetest dog we could imagine –a very special puppy. We’re so grateful for the spirit she brings into our home. I thought you might enjoy seeing her “true colors” coming through in the photos attached. The first just a few days after we brought her home in October, the second is several weeks ago, and the third picture is after her first haircut very recently. I couldn’t believe it when I came to pick her up from the groomers –no longer a black puppy at all! 

Happy spring, 


The newspaper thing is genius. She has peed every single time exactly where she was suppose to!!!


Cheers from the north Maine woods. Elska Wynn has blended in like she has always been here part of our family. Theo’s mellow temperament has not been shaken by Elska’s antics. An old lady now, Theo mostly sleeps in her chair by the fire. I am using the crate for mealtime. What a good eater! She needs it for all the running, hopping and sliding she does. She was not impressed by the snow yesterday morning. I agreed wholeheartedly: enough. I have been putting her in the baby slang I wore Oscar in years ago. She fall fast asleep. Everyone loves her. Thank you again for making another Tibetan Terrier possible for us.




Django has settled in and everybody’s getting
along great. He’s a real smart pup too. I gave him a very small piece of spruce (soft and no toxins/allergens) when I caught him trying to chew some exotic wood in my shop.

Thank you again, we’re over the moon.



Just a quick update with a few recent photos. Arlo is adapting marvelously each each day brings new experiences
and adventures!
 He loves walks in the woods, sniffing around the backyard, riding in the car, and telling his toys what for. And he sleeps very well at night! He had his first puppy play class this morning and he was not shy at all –jumping right into the fray and having a good romp with the other pups. 

With good wishes, 


Hi Dennis!

I thought you might like to know how much we are completely in love with Winston. He is frolicking in the
snow, attending a few days at daycare for socializing, and I am in the process of trying to get him trained to be a therapy dog. He's been coming to the elementary school with me and the kids love him!

What a gift he has been to our family. Thank you so much for bringing him to us.We love him!

The Hazards

Always proud of the accomplishments earned and enjoyed! Celebrating some of this was Ring Brook KDee and her happy partner, Debbie.

Novice titles in Standard Agility and Novice Tricks at the National Tibetan Terrier 2019 Specialty. We had a wonderful time. Thanks to everyone who made it possible.

Deborah Kelly Griffiths

A parting we all look forward to summer. Yofie Moo wants to know when the pool opens for the season.

More later....

Saturday, February 16, 2019

A 2019 Happy New Year!

A last “Happy New Year” for you!

That's Jane Goodell happily sharing the the throngs of spectators at Meet The Breeds.

Although saddened because I did not get to attend, I loved receiving comments and photos from friends at the Meet The Breeds that was held in conjunction with The Westminster KC Show. Especially great to see a few Kiaras –Cooper, Doris, and Gracie-- there greeting the public and making all see what great temperaments are in the breed. It doesn’t hurt that they have therapy dog titles…making the meet and greet just part of their everyday lives. Made me proud!

Also very proud that one of them made it into the breed ring. Miss Doris, CH Kiara Promethean Fire At Terpsichorean, strutted her stuff happily at the side exhibitor/handler/Daddy, Travis Brock. I got a close-up ring-side view sitting at my computer watching the live feed --smiling. She’s a treasure! And so grateful that Travis prepared her so beautifully for the event!

I want to thank everyone who sent cards and messages over the holidays…that included up-dates on the lives of your furry companions. I always love hearing how they are doing…and especially just what they might be up to. In the 35+ years I have been doing this, I still hear and see some of the most unique things imaginable; and always comforted hearing about or seeing a photo of something one of their relatives did right here at Kiara.

This Lightning photo popped up on my FaceBook memory feed…a photo taken in a snowstorm eight years ago. It was always one of my favorite photos. And it typifies the TT love for the snowy outdoors…a spirit that must transcend from their collective ancient memory. Haven’t had one of these storms yet here in Eastern Massachusetts…but the little snow that has fallen and melted away has been celebrated by the furry residences.

Looking forward to the up-coming Tibetan Terrier Club of America’s National Specialty. It’ll be fun connecting with other TT enthusiasts I enjoy seeing and who I seldom get to visit with. Accompanying this year’s National will be The Bay Colony Tibetan Terrier Club’s annual Specialty. Three big shows in a row! A little disheartened because the TT I planned of bringing, Bolt, is also the guy that ate the stone, that had the surgery, that lost his coat --either shaved in part for that surgery or lost because of the anesthesia! But Michael McLoughlin is keeping his three girls in beautiful condition. Hopefully Cookie, or Bea, or Sugar will exhibited. 

Sometimes it doesn't have to be a big event to celebrate an accomplishment. Graduating from Advanced Puppy Kindergarten is a laudable achievement...especially for a little TT girl who enjoys life. Miss Zayde can be proud of herself. I know I am as I know her companion, Gerald, is.

Hey Dennis,  

Hope all is well. Happy birthday to Hogan and the rest of his brothers and sisters!
Sorry we didn’t send you any pictures or videos for your montage… we will be much better next year…
Can’t begin to tell you how much we love Hogan! He is the best thing to happen to our family!
Happy holidays!
Dave, Deb, Grace, and Paige

Hi Dennis,
I can’t believe another year has flown by! We’ve been living in Europe these last few months and Chaplin has been having a blast! We took him and his sister, Zelda, hiking in Chamonix and more recently have been enjoying the warm Spanish weather. Chaplin has been a wonderful addition to our family and continues to bring smiles to our faces every day.
I hope you’ve been well and we look forward to visiting with you someday.
Warmest Holiday Wishes and a Happy New Year,
Angela and Eric

Merry Christmas from Sam, Dennis,

Happy New year also!

So adorable. Thank you so much – you made our Christmas! This little fella is all moved in and does one of the family.

Carol, Fred, and Sam

Hi Dennis,

I wanted to touch base and tell you we are absolutely loving Murphy. His temperament is fitting in with our families so well. He is so patient and easy-going.

He still naps a ton but is such a happy little sweet pup. I call him my Sweet Murphy.

I also want to say how impressed with you and how you breed these beauties. I have told everyone how wonderful you are and prepared. You have found your niche for sure!

Here are some pictures of the O’Carroll’s.

Happy New Year!


Babo here before she left.

Hi Dennis,

Happy New Year!

I wanted to send you an update: Babo is doing great and brings us so much happiness –and laughter! She’s so great, affectionate, and seems to have a sense of humor already. She also walked perfectly on the leash from day one –wonderful—so get the lot of time outside.
I know you were curious about her coloring, so I’ve attached a few pictures. She gets more and more color every day. I’ll keep you updated! I also finally remembered to register her with the AKC today.

Babo lightening up considerably.

Best wishes,


Hi Dennis!

I thought you might like to know how much we are completely in love with Winston. He is frolicking in the snow, attending a few days of daycare for socialization, and I am in the process of trying to get him trained to be a therapy dog. He’s been coming to the elementary school with me and the kids love him! What a gift he has been to our family. Thank you so much for bringing him to us. We love him!

The Hazards


Hello Dennis,

We hope you had a wonderful Christmas… I was incredibly special with the new addition to our family. It took us all day, a we have picked the name all agree on and it fits this little tough guy. His name is Rocco.

Thank you again for everything and we wish you all the best for a Happy New Year!

Joe and Carol

Dear Dennis,

Thank you for the Christmas card. We have Masha for two years now, and we love her. What a kind and loving dog! Are 10-year-old daughter loves Masha and they are constantly together. She is a great companion for us all. Attached is a recent photo of her.

Thank you for bringing her into our lives.

Merry Christmas,

Irene, Tom, and Amy

A closing photo of Cooper...doing what he likes doing best....

More later....