Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Fall 2017

As the leaves fall and I rake and blow and bag, I'm happy that the temps are unseasonably warm. The last blooms resist against what time tells them..."You are lasting way too long."

One thing I can look forward to, after two years of the magnolia not blooming because of the bitter below zero temps of 2015 --when all the buds just froze up and fell off, is a spring when it is once again covered with hundreds of pinkish blooms. Can't wait!

It was fun seeing many TT enthusiasts at the Bay Colony Tibetan Terrier Club's supported entry held in conjunction with a dog show in Springfield. There was quite an entry as well. Exhibitors came from all over and appeared to enjoy the show. The final line-up was quite beautiful. Congratulations to all the winners! And it was nice to get reacquainted with so many TT folks.

That was a fun event. Another of my dog show judging...has brought me to the Labrador Retriever Specialty that was held in Connecticut. I attended many of the events--as the 100's and 100's of Labs entered over the week had many varied events. I was lucky to be able to attend many in addition to the conformation classes. The agility was especially wonderful to watch!

 As much as I love my breed, Tibetan Terriers, and will never have another breed...being at the Lab Specialty brought me way back to the antics of one of the first dogs I ever shared my life with, Teddy, a Lab. 

*          *          *

Receiving so much wonderful information from so many in the TT family has made the fall season, my favorite season, even more special. As the years peal away, it's nice to know birthday celebrations are not just for the youngest ones...but many remember that date even for their more mature companions.


Our Lulu is one today! Thank you Dennis for providing such loving, happy dogs to so many people. We love our girl and she makes every day special!

Mary Beth

Hi Dennis,

 The first picture was taken on October 7, 2010. Riley turned seven today and we couldn’t love him more!

That's Riley under his Mom, Rain --always such a great Mom.


Happy Birthday to our Little Gracie Lou! Three years old today.
Neva & Joel

Pippi is one-year-old as of yesterday. Thank you Dennis for a great dog !



We thought you may like these pictures taken of Masha’s one-year-old birthday party (10/5/2017). Marsha is a big girl now, we love her, and she loves us. Masha and Amy have become BFFs (best friends forever). They are constantly together, and she follows Amy wherever she goes. Once again, thank you for such a great puppy.


Irene, Tom, and Amy

And besides birthdays notifications, it's always inspiring to hear just how the many Kiara's are fitting into the lives of their human friends. Whether they are doing something exceptional, helping out in the garden, or just showing the trust needed --like Chance-- to let his "Mummy" handle anything so that life can be filled with mutual affection. I am always so grateful that the lives of my TTs are shared with such caring, loving families. I cannot thank them enough for their efforts. --And I love hearing about their feats, whether grand or simple. Please keep on sharing. It's makes my "dog blog" as some of my non-doggie friends refer to this, more interesting and especially enlightening to those new-comers to the breed. 

Hi Dennis,

Chance here, read your latest newsletter with Mummy (and Lark and Bruce) and realized I have not sent you an update for a while. I no longer have any concerns about Mummy touching my feet –as you can see from the photos! I adore my sister Kiara Lark and Bruce and I have come to a brotherly understanding and even play sometimes!


Hi Dennis,

Finally a photo that you can tell what she looks like.

Dalai is so dark It’s hard to see her features. She is 20 months old. She looks black, but in the sunlight, you can see shadings of brindle. You know how much I love that color. Considering her mom is white with the touch of golden brown, and her dad is white with a touch of black, she’s the perfect lesson in genetics. More importantly, she’s 100% Tibetan Terrier. That means she is officially head the household.

She tells me when she wants “up on the bed," or "up with her baby,” and when “she wants to take her baby out.” She knows the name of her babies and gets them when you tell her to. The funniest is when she hides her favorite babies and toys, water bottles, and stolen underwear in the garden. Thanks for a wonderful dog.


Helen & Mel


Maxwell is a big boy! He turned six months old yesterday and just now pushed the dog door open!


Hi Dennis!

Doc wanted me to send you a quick update to tell you that he’s doing great! This past weekend, he put on is Mickey Mouse Halloween costume (which my mother handmade for him) and walked the National Brain Tumor Society Boston Brain Tumor Walk. He was the hit of the day! People couldn’t get enough of patting him and taking his picture. Doc LOVES being in the spotlight. He also got to meet Blades the Bruins’ Bear, who was very excited to see Doc’s Bruins Dog Tag.

Since it’s October, we’ve taken him to a few pet parade costume contests. He’s been to Salem and Abington so far. He didn’t place in Salem, but he did take first prize in the Abington Dog Park Costume Contest. This weekend (10/28)  he will be at the Danvers Pet Parade with some other Dog B.O.N.E.S. therapy dogs! We’re hoping he can take home another costume prize.

We’re still doing both agility and obedience, and over the summer Doc also took an AKC Tricks class –and if I can remember to send in his paperwork, he’ll have earned his intermediate tricks title. We are also working toward the Urban Good Citizen title and I’m hoping Doc will be ready for that test over the winter.

Hope all is well with you!



Hi again!

Hope you had a blast on the Cape this Halloween weekend!

Just wanted to send a quick update to let you know that Doc won “Most Creative” costume at the Danvers Pet Parade this weekend! It was a really fun a few hours of the afternoon. The Perfect Paws Pet Ministry, Dog B.O.N.E.S. of New England, and the other involved organizations did an awesome job!

Attached is a photo of his win. We are so proud of our little pup!



The buddies are getting ready to help rake the leaves. KDee, Snowy, and Kappy (now 12 ½). We enjoy them all. Kappy is still are monk, KDee is the agility imp, and Snowy is noticed where ever we go, simply gorgeous. Hope you and your troops are loving this fall. 



FYI—See attached picture—Just after her first grooming, and now on day seven after spaying (all’s well), and a few hours after our 1st first puppy behavior class.

The class is all positive techniques, lots of fun, and Tobi did AMAZING! She was fascinated by the other puppies, and immediately was best friends with several.

Hope all is good with you. Don’t let Trump ruin your life—the tide will turn.


Charles B and posse

Turkey time is coming...and then shortly after that...the holiday season. Looking forward to putting together the holiday video of some of the photos and cards I have received. 

This parting shot is of the McLoughlin gang: 
Cookie, Bea, and Miss Sugar.

More later...

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